Biography of Herman S. Bartlett of Wauponsee Township, Illinois

Bartlett, Herman S. – Grundy County is admirably suited for farming and stock raising, not only on account of climatic conditions and the fertility of the soil, but also because of its location with regard to the second largest city in the country. Farmers can find a ready market for their produce, and this is a very important factor in determining the selection of agriculture as a life work. One of the substantial men of Grundy County who has achieved desirable results from his farm is Herman S. Bartlett of Wauponsee Township. He was born at Ox Bow, this same township, December 15, 1872, a son of Jonas and Luna (Wilkins) Bartlett.

Growing up on the homestead of his father, Herman S. Bartlett attended the schools of his neighborhood, and learned farming from the bottom up. Having a natural inclination for the work it was natural that he should devote himself to it, and he now owns a fine farm in Wauponsee Township, just west of the old homestead, on which he lives at present, and carries on general farming and stock raising on all the land. His property is a desirable one and he takes a pride in keeping everything up to standard. On December 28, 1895 Mr. Bartlett was married to Flora Ayrsman, born in McLean County, Ill., September 14, 1877, a daughter of Christian and Barbara Ayrsman. Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett have three children: Clarence, born June 14, 1897; Myron, born March 19, 1899; and Gladys, born July 15, 1904. He is a Baptist in religious faith, and contributes generously towards the support of his church. A Republican in politics, he has served capably and conscientiously as highway commissioner for two terms, and as township collector for the same period. A man of energy, he is recognized as one of the leading factors in the development of his community.


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