Biography of Jonas Bartlett of Saratoga Township, Illinois

Bartlett, Jonas (deceased) – With the passing of some of the representative men of Grundy County comes the realization that there are but few of its early settlers left, the majority having been gathered to their fathers in the land which needs no pioneers. The late Jonas Bartlett, who passed away in Wauponsee Township on October 9, 1912, was a man who for years commanded universal respect, and in earlier days was associated with many of the leading men of Grundy County. He was born at Chesterfield, N. H., September 4, 1832, so was eighty years old at the time of his demise. Until the early fifties he was content with life as he found it in his native place, but then sought his fortune in Illinois. In 1857 he came to Morris, Ill., but soon thereafter went to Saratoga Township and ten years later settled on the farm which was to continue to be his home the remainder of his life, located in Wauponsee Township. Not alone, however, was Mr. Bartlett connected with agricultural matters for he was possessed of more than average ability, and was carefully educated, so that it was but natural that he should spend the winter months instructing the young people of his neighborhood, and is affectionately remembered by many who went out into the world and achieved distinction, as their beloved teacher. He was an efficient assessor of the township and census enumerator of the government. Before the Civil War, he had charge of the Gen. James A. Wadsworth estate, at Rochester, N. Y., who was an officer in the Civil War.

On April 9, 1854, Mr. Bartlett married Amanda Cryder, who died the following year, leaving a son, Rufus, who developed into a physician of note, but died some five years ago in Chicago. On March 6, 1857, Mr. Bartlett was married to Miss Luna Wilkins at Bloomington, Ill. She survived him three months. Their four sons were: William, who lives in Wauponsee Township; Walter P., who is the editor of a paper in Fond du Lac, Wis.; Burton J., who resides at Rockford; and Herman, who is also of Wauponsee Township. Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1907, which enjoyable event is remembered with pleasure by those who attended. Mr. Bartlett was the uncle of the late Jessie Bartlett Davis, the world-famous singer, to whom he was tenderly attached. Living during the epoch-making times of the Civil War and the days preceding it, he was personally acquainted with Mr. Lincoln and never tired of relating events relative to him. The funeral services of Mr. Bartlett were conducted on October 10, 1912, and interment was made in the Sample Cemetery.


History of Grundy County, Illinois. Chicago, IL, USA: Munsell Publishing, 1914, pp. 760-761.

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