Biography of Martin Anderson

The farmer of today faces many problems. While the price paid for farm products has increased, the cost of labor has risen, and the difficulty of marketing multiplied. The agriculturalist is not now content to trust to luck in his operations, for they cost too much, and upon them depend not only his own welfare, but the prosperity of the country, for as are the crops, so is national advancement. One of the men who have spent the better portion of their lives in making Grundy County one of the leading agricultural sections of the State is Martin Anderson, owner of eighty acres of rich farming land in Maine Township. On it he carries on general farming with well merited success. Mr. Anderson is a native of Denmark, born in that country in 1857, a son of Simon and Johanna M. (Grader) Anderson. The father spent his life in Denmark, dying after a useful life as farmer and butcher, in 1907. The mother survives him, making her home in her native place. There were fifteen children born these parents, and eight of States, locating first at Racine, Wisconsin, where he worked as a laborer. In 1887 he returned to Denmark, married, and coming back went to Gardner, Ill., where he worked as a farm hand until 1899, when he bought his present property.

In 1887 Mr. Anderson married Mary Peterson, and they have become the parents of six children: Emma Holm, Clara Sorensen, Anna, Julia, Martha and Bertha, the latter being deceased. His religious affiliations are with the Danish Lutheran Church. Politically he is a Republican, having served as School Director three years and Justice of the Peace four years. A hard-working man, he is proud of his county and township, and can be depended upon to do all he can to advance their interests.

Source: History of Grundy County, Illinois. Chicago, IL, USA: Munsell Publishing, 1914, p. 755.

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