Biopgrahy of Lewis S. Barrows of Morris, Illinois

Barrows, Lewis S. (deceased) – No man can live out his life without having a strong influence over his associates, and fortunate indeed for the community is it when this power over the destinies of others is a good one. The late Lewis S. Barrows was a man who sought to better his associates, although he never tried to force his opinions upon them. He was born at Newark, Kendall County, Ill., April 21, 1848, son of Hiram and Maria (Sears) Barrows. Until he was eighteen years old he remained in his native place, and was educated in the local schools. At that time he came to Morris and followed the trade of a tinner until 1876. A year later, on March 1, 1877, he passed away, firm in the faith of the Presbyterian Church.

On December 25, 1872, Mr. Barrows was married to Anna Hamilton, daughter of Samuel and Ann (McNown) Hamilton. Mrs. Barrows was born in Orustown, Canada, April 23, 1850, and came to Grundy County when fifteen years old. The parents died in Canada, but of their fifteen children, four died in Canada, and eleven came to Grundy County, and eight are still living. One sister, Mrs. Thomas Hischliffe, lives near the Centre School, on Sabin street, Morris. Mrs. Barrows has one son, Lewis S., born in Morris, July 29, 1876. He is bookkeeper for the Morris Grain Company. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Mary Pattison, died August 18, 1905, aged twenty-nine years. She was a daughter of Joseph Pattison. Her remains are laid to rest in Evergreen Cemetery. Mrs. Barrows is survived by her husband and their one child, Josephine, born June 20, 1905, now a student in the public schools. She and her father live with his mother. At the time of his death Mr. Barrows was a member of the Morris Volunteer Fire Company, and at that period they still had the old hand pump engine. He belonged to the Odd Fellows, and had passed all the chairs. An earnest, hard-working man, he made and retained his friends, and his loss was deeply felt in the community that had been in his home.


History of Grundy County, Illinois. Chicago, IL, USA: Munsell Publishing, 1914, p. 759.

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