Aux Sable Cemetery G – P Surnames

Aux Sable Cemetery is located on Brown Road in Aux Sable Township, Morris, Grundy County, Illinois.

[Brackets indicate additional information obtained from burial records located at the Morris Library]

Aux Sable Cemetery Sign

Aux Sable Cemetery Sign. Notice the misspelling of the word cemetery as cemetary.

Surnames: A – F * G – P * R – Y

SurnameFirst NameDOBDODInscriptionPhotoSectionAdd'l
GlennCarl O19191969lot 182 East
GlennCatherine G19001900lot 112 East
GlennCharles O18991941fatherlot 128 East
GlennClayton O18841954fatherlot 162 East
GlennEdna L18871947motherlot 162 East
GlennEliza18421928motherlot 53 East
GlennElizabeth H18831885dau of JM & EH Glennlot 53 East
GlennErwin M19041956lot 112 East
GlennHarold19101910lot 112 East
GlennHazle___ 30, 1890 or 1893aged 5 ys 5 ms 11 dslot 54 East
GlennInfant Son18741874
GlennJamesDec 29, 1883aged 86 yslot 54 East
GlennJamesno stonelot 5 West
GlennJames Henry19341935son of Charles & Bertha Glennlot 9 East
GlennJames M18771910son of JM & EH Glennlot 53 East
GlennJohn M18411889fatherlot 53 East
GlennMary18141901wife of Robert Glennlot 54 East
GlennMary E18741878dau of JM & EH Glennlot 53 East
GlennR Jrlot 72 West
GlennRobertFeb 27, 1887aged 83 yslot 54 East
GlennRobert18351918lot 72 West
GlennRobert J18751958fatherlot 112 East
GlennRobert M18871942lot 112 East
GlennRose C18791880lot 72 West
GlennSadie E Dix18781953motherlot 112 East
GoodeLillian A18811966photo
GoodeWalter I18811943photo
GoostreyWm B18361917photo
GrieffAlvin VFeb 28, 1932Aug 7, 1995married Mar 19, 1953photo
GrieffJaqueline LeeOct 30, 1997photo
GrieffThomas R19541999photo
GrieffVirginia MMar 26, 1934_____photo
GrieffWanda JeanDec 27, 1954June 1, 1973photo
GruettEstherDec 5, 1833Oct 13, 1916wife of Wm W Gruettphoto
GruettWm WJune 17, 1829Nov 18, 1918photo
HaagArthur Randall1930photo
HaagDorothy Jean19281937photo
HagueIra Z18771951photo
HagueKatherine A18551925photo
HalkyardDella R18951974wifephoto
HalkyardEdna MJuly 30, 1886Feb 26, 1981photo
HalkyardJohn R18901966husbandphoto
HalkyardWilliam LDec 15, 1893Mar 5, 1957photo
HallArtelista L18631948photo
HallCharles A18631921photo
HallGeorgeApr 25, 1831Jan 24, 1906photo
HallHerbert D18921945sonphoto
HallMaryFeb 11, 1896aged 62 yrs; wife of George Hallphoto
HampsonAda18581874photo; photo; photo
HampsonGeorgeJan 1, 1800Dec 30, 1887photo
HampsonJames18261873photo; photo; photo
HampsonMariaApr 13, 1803Oct 8, 1867wife of George Hampsonphoto
HampsonMary18281917wife of Jamesphoto; photo; photo
HargasAnna Marie19061996Mammyphoto
HarlenHazel I19001929photo
HarringtonJeanne Louise19591970daughterphoto
HaskinBeatrice F18571914motherphoto
HaskinInfantFeb 20, 1905son of Berton & Annette Haskinphoto
HawnMary K "Kate"18871965motherphoto
HeapAbelFeb 27, 1841May 22, 1917photo; photo
HeapAlbert C18751919photo
HeapAlice L18741938photo
HeapArthur R18791956photo
HeapBarbara LorraineFeb 15, 1920Mar 1, 1929photo
HeapEliza AnnSept 22, 1844Mar 13, 1915wife of Ralph, motherphoto; photo
HeapElizabethMay 1, 1848May 28, 1922photo
HeapElla R18701961motherphoto
HeapFlorene E18991959daughterphoto
HeapGerald A19051960photo
HeapHelen L19091910photo
HeapJ Claude18921957photo
HeapJ Edwin18651915fatherphoto; photo
HeapJessieMar 21, 1887Jan 9, 1889dau of R & EA Heapphoto; photo
HeapLucille N19061990photo
HeapMildred B19111970photo
HeapNellie B18841967photo
HeapRalphJuly 24, 1837Apr 18, 1917fatherphoto; photo
HeapRalph19081965photo; photo
HeapWilliam J18661935photo; photo
HellingErwinJan 23, 1905Mar 27, 1989PFC US Army, WWIIphoto
HellingL FrancesJune 9, 1907Jan 9, 1993photo
HendersonEbenezer7th Feb 1805July 8, 1884photo; photo; photo
HendersonHCCo D 113 ILL INFphoto
HendersonMary Riggs19th Jan 1817Sept 18, 1901wife of Ebenezer Hendersonphoto; photo; photo
HendersonSusan MApr 27, 1838July 7, 1890photo
HendersonThomas WMch 18, 1837May 29, 1904photo
HenryAlice MFeb 5, 1869Aug 16, 1894wife of EE Henryphoto
HenryCathleen M3/12/134/3/98photo
HenryEarl F18891928photo
HenryEverette H12/7/142/11/98photo
HenryGladys L18951982photo
HenryJean LFeb 6, 1925Aug 29, 1926photo
HextellAudrey F19131979photo
HextellLeslie R19071973photo
HodgsonJessieOct 11, 1825Jan 9, 1907photo
HodgsonMaryJan 2, 1839June 3, 1876photo; photo 2
HodgsonRobertFeb 19, 1832Apr 1909photo; photo
HodgsonSNov 14, 1826Dec 31, 1889photo; photo
HolmesElenor BradwellNov 4, 1777Jan 29, 1871wife of B Holmesphotosubmitted by Lea Sharp
HubbardDean LesterJune 10, 1894aged 2 mosphoto
HuntAlice M18761946photo
HuntAlma I18931984photo
HuntBetsey18021879photo; photo
HuntChester A18831954photo
HuntFrances A18461930photo
HuntFrank H18421921photo; photo
HuntHannah18251885wife of Gershom Huntphoto
HuntMary E19311931photo
HuntMillie W18721956photo
HuntWilliam E182918631st SGT Co G 36th REGT IL VOLS, buried near Cowan Station TNphotoIL State Archives CW database: died July 17, 1863 of disease
HuntWilliam F17981866photo
HutchinsonLettie Bly18741958mother; wife of Daytonphoto
JacobsLloyd W18911953photo
JacobsLola E18911991photo
JohnsonHoward DFeb 3, 1936June 29, 1997photo
JordanJoyce IApril 23, 1942_____photo
KangleyElizabeth Tabler18741936wifephoto
KayGrant WadeSept 22, 1914Dec 20, 1998sonphoto
KayHowardMar 6, 1910June 1, 1992sonphoto
KayJames W18611931photo
KayL Stanley19021970photo
KayLida HJune 16, 1880Aug 14, 1962photo
KayMadalineJuly 20, 1900April 16, 1901dau of JL Kayphoto
KelloggSarah JMar 15, 1851aged 6 years & 6 days; dau of A & Ephoto
KetchumWill18761956photo; photo
KinneyRichardMay 4, 1855July 24, 1918photo; photo
KinneySarah SApr 13, 1872Oct 22, 1895photo
KlineEffie WebsterOct 10, 1893May 11, 1974photo
LambAlbert C18601924photo
LambSusan G18671936photo
LamsonGail C18961979photo
LamsonVirginia M18981975photo
LaneSadie M18601925photo
LarsenHelen L19071995photo
LarsenLouis F19041985photo
LeachAlice L19081919photo
LeachBertha E18711950photo
LeachClarance E18991901photo
LeachEdith A190419__photo; photo
LeachEdward T18621941photo
LeachFred18901977photo; photo
LeachGerald E19211927photo
LeachGloria J19251928photo
LeachJohn W19191936photo
LeachLois V19101991photo
LeachMarcelle18951977photo; photo
LeachRollie M19071983photo
LeggattMinnieApr 27, 1851Oct 9, 1906auntphoto
LidamoreHarry18721904husbandphoto; photoCemetery Records: In vault Feb 10, 1904, buried early Apr 1904, died of consumption in Aux Sable
LidamoreKenneth T18991914sonphoto
LongacreEdward F18611947photo; photo
LongacreGertrude B18711963photo; photo
LongworthEdgarJan 14, 1852aged 16 ys 2 ms 23 ds; son of R & M Longworthphoto
LongworthGGAug 22, 1852son of R & M Longworthphoto
LongworthMary EAug 29, 1853aged 14 yrs 11 ms 9 ds; dau of R & M Longworthphoto
LongworthWilliamApr 5, 1845aged 24 yrs _ ms 10 ds; son of R & M Longworthphoto
LordAlice CoopMay 28, 1830Aug 10, 1912wife of Robert Lordphoto
LordRobertSep 6, 1826July 19, 1868photo
LowmanAmy LSept 13, 1926Sept 12, 2005photo
LowmanWilliam TSept 13, 1923Sept 6, 1984WWIIphoto
LutesDiana J Collins19441999daughterphoto
LutzowMinnie MDec 5, 1878May 19, 1969photo
LutzowWilliam SFeb 4, 1876Sept 1, 1970photo; photo
MantheiEmil H18871960photo
MattesonAnnie B CollinsDec 28, 1852Apr 3, 1886wife of Elwin J Mattesonphoto; photo
MattesonCythera WMar 29, 1890aged 71 yrs 3 ms 7 ds; motherphoto; photo
MattesonEarl ESep 2, 1891aged 47 yrs 7 ms 11 dsphoto; photo
MattesonEarl T18991953photo; photo
MattesonElwin JDec 7, 1847Nov 27, 1924fatherphoto; photo
MattesonEugene W18751944photo
MattesonFannie F18741956motherphoto
MattesonHazel L18861976wifephoto
MattesonInfant SonJune 17, 1881photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
MattesonLucille M19101986photo
MattesonMay W18731904photo
MattesonRalph E19001963photo
MattesonRobert L19341942photo
MattesonRussell C18931964husbandphoto
MattesonStory H18391913fatherphoto
MattesonStory J18711954fatherphoto
MattesonTompkinsNov 9, 1887aged 71 yrs; fatherphoto; photo
MattesonWilliam E18681937photo; photo
McCallHarriet Blyage 95 yrsphoto
McCloudJonathan R18331920photo
McCloudMabelJuly 9, 1879Aug 5, 1881photo; photo
McCloudMargaret W18551940wife of Jonathan Rphoto
McCloudMartha AJune 9, 1842Feb 7, 1907wife of Platt McCloudphoto; photo
McCloudPlattAug 12, 1837Dec 17, 1915aged 78 yrsphotoobit
McKannaAlbert LFeb 9, 1891Nov 9, 1914photo
McKannaDorothy MNov 1, 1903Feb 11, 1904photo
McKannaElla G19071993motherphoto
McKannaFrancis KJan 14, 1909Sept 27, 1995husband, dadphoto
McKannaJohnJune 18, 1827Nov 7, 1904photo
McKannaJohn W18971963father; WWIphoto
McKannaMary A18681920photo
McKannaNola F19141944motherphoto
McKannaSusan HDec 3, 1843Mar 29, 1902wife of Johnphoto
McKannaViolet BJuly 28, 1889Mar 26, 1890photo
McKannaViolet I19051926photo
McKannaWinfield S18671950photo
McLaughlinElizabeth StuartNov 5, 1822July 24, 1908photo; photo
McLaughlinLeanderMar 30, 1812May 20, 1867photo; photo
McLeanCatherine C18671947photo
McNealyMary KinneyJan 21, 1895Nov 19, 1935photo
MeagherEdith AOct 24, 1904May 12, 1992photo
MendenhallGary LeeOct 23, 1947photo
MendenhallHarold Laverne19161990sonphoto
MendenhallMarion W18941946dadphoto; photo
MendenhallOlive V18941970photo
MennieOrma Blyage 96 yrsphoto
MickelsonGlaida B19141976photo
MorganJohn ENov 11, 1951Sept 9, 1969photo
MurleyClarence J18791919photo
MurleyLena Mae BlyFeb 2, 1877Apr 5, 1904wife of Clarence Murleyphoto
MurleyMary A1853Dec 1, 1906wife of Charles Murleyphotoobit
MurleyMayme Brayton18861977photo
MurleyThomas JOct 8, 1834Dec 28, 1881photo
MurpheyFrancelia Mphoto
MurpheyJacob H18301923photo; photo
MurpheyMary V18381875photo
MurphyMargaret B19251990photo
NadenHannah E18651907motherphoto
NadenMatthew W18531937fatherphoto
NeimannEmma K19051990photo
NewmanAdaladeFeb 2, 1856June 28, 1863children of H & RM Newmanphoto; photo
NewmanArthur WAug 12, 1897Aug 3, 1984photo
NewmanClara WOct 29, 1898Aug 1, 1987photo
NewmanEffie G18881947photo
NewmanFannie N BorchertNov 22, 1869Mar 22, 1939wifephoto
NewmanGordon AOct 22, 1916Oct 18, 1999photo
NewmanHenryDec 4, 1862Mar 14, 1911husbandphoto; photobio
NewmanHenry MAug 26, 1918Feb 14, 1923children of Arthur & Claraphoto
NewmanHenry O18951981photo
NewmanHenry SrJan 6, 1825Dec 17, 1902photo: photobio; obit
NewmanInfant DaughterNov 23, 1938children of Arthur & Claraphoto
NewmanJohnnieDec 8, 1864Mar 13, 1869children of H & RM Newmanphoto; photo
NewmanMaxine LDec 4, 1919Dec 16, 1992photo
NewmanRoseanna MNov 18, 1827Mar 27, 1922wife of H Newmanphoto; photo
NewsamAbieJan 15, 1839Oct 20, 1919photo
NewsamGeorgeSept 7, 1827Jan 23, 1908photo
NewsamJohnJune 6, 1889aged 63 yrsphoto
NewsamLorinda Bwife of John B Newsamphoto
NolandOlive M18751947wife of Rev DE Noland, daughterphoto
O'BrienGrace M18911953photo
OdellEphriam EDec 11, 1866May 29, 1953fatherphoto; photo
OdellFernSept 5, 1899Jan 25, 1939daughterphoto
OdellJames RApr 13, 1876Nov 11, 1954brotherphoto
OdellMollie EMar 10, 1876Mar 22, 1969motherphoto
OwenMinnie Todd PatekMay 3, 1914Dec 10, 1994dau of Flora Elvira Desdemona Todd & William Goostrey Rushtonphoto; photo
PalmerCharles M18851897son of RT & MA Palmerphoto
PalmerMary A18601926
PalmerSusanNov 23, 1883aged 87 yrsphoto
PatekDavid Rushton3 May 1943_____husband; son of Minnie Todd Rushton & Richard Shroder Patekphoto; photo
PatekMerrilee Grayce23 June 194416 January 2001dau of John Merle Black & Virginia Grayce Neumannphoto; photo
PaulJames M, XIV19621980photo
PerkinsCharles E18571920fatherphoto
PerkinsElizabeth AMar 6, 1895wife of WH, aged 78 yrsphoto; photo
PerkinsVandalfsenOct 1, 1863SERGT Co E 100 REGT IL VOL INF aged 25 yrs 7 msphotoIL State Archives Civil War database: Sep 30, 1863 of wounds at Chickamauga GA
PerkinsWHJun 16, 1887aged 77 yrsphoto; photoobit
PetersonFlorence R18921971photo
PetersonGertrudeJune 30, 1886aged 57 yrs 1 mo 9 ds; ____ of Nels Petersonphoto
PetersonHenry P18911957photo
PhelpsEdna CryderFeb 2, 1894 Plainfield ILFeb 29, 1980photo
PhelpsH HowardDec 11, 1892 Monomiee MichFeb 24, 1957photo
PhillipsHattie B18801969photo
PhillipsJohn L18761951photo
PlattCatherine CollinsOct 29, 1823Mar 10, 1846photosubmitted by Lea Sharp
PowellMadeline H18991977photo
PowellStanley N18911977photo
PyattDonald M18861970photo
PyattMaude C18871981photo

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