Evergreen Cemetery Block 1, Grundy County, IL

Sue Ader of the Morris Cemetery Association is transcribing the Evergreen Cemetery burial records. I received the first batch of records for Block 1 and matched them to the photos I took. I have been able to identify many photos that were not posted online until now. I will continue to try to fill in the blanks with photos, burial information, and/or obits.

[] indicates marker

Lot OwnerDate of BurialAgeSurnameGivenPhotoDate of BirthDate of DeathInscriptionMilitary
Robert S. Jones - Lot Owner
Louisa Jones9/6/18543JonesLouisastoneSep 5, 1854dau of RS & SE Jones
Robert S. Jones5/15/185529JonesRobert SstoneMay 11, 1855
Mary Philips5/17/186464PhillipsMarystone
Betsey Jones4/27/187177JonesBetseystoneJan 3, 1871consort of John B Jones in her 78th year
Albert H. Bishop & Genevieve B. Stone - Lot Ownersmonument
Fred A. Bishop9/3/18579 moBishopFred AstoneDec 7, 1856Sep 2, 1857son of Albert H & Mary Louisa; stone
Albert H. Bishop3/24/186237BishopAlbert HstoneMar 9, 1825Mar 22, 1862father
Leonard Earl Johnson8/21/18751 mono stone found
S.D. Barnes8/3/187726BarnesSimeon DeWittstoneAug 28, 1877aged 26 ys 6 ms 26 ds
Althea Barnett10/9/189139BarnesAltheastoneJan 11, 1852Oct 5, 1891wife of Simeon DeWitt Barnes stone
Mrs. M.L. Bishop12/4/191589BishopMary LouisastoneJan 10, 18262-Dec-15mother
Henry Stone6/1/193339StoneHarrystoneFeb 15, 189425-May-33
Genevieve Bishop Stone-8/8/1959 - Lot Owner
Genevieve B. Stone6/2/197586StoneGenevieve Bstone18891975
Lewis P. Lott - Lot Owner
Henry Terry Lott8/6/185411 moLottHarry Terrystone18531854HTL
Lewis Lott9/6/18582LottLewis Porterstone18551858LPL
Frank Clark Lott5/10/186013LottFrank Clarkstone18471860FCL
L.P. Lott4/24/188571LPL
Mrs. Delia L. Lott11/15/190685DLL
Edw. L. Lott4/30/192074ELL
Augustus Hand - Lot Ownermonument
Frederick Clark Hand1/24/18572 moHandstone1859aged 2 months
Hattie Hand10/28/1862still.no stone found
A.F. Hand M.D.6/17/189073HandAugustus FstoneJuly 11, 1816June 15, 1890born Shoreham, VT, graduated ILL College, 1845,
settled in Morris 1847, where he practised his profession more than 40 years,
aged 73 yrs 11 mos 4 dys, obit
Truman A. Hand1/10/189238HandstoneNov 29, 1853Jan 8, 1892marker
Sarah E. Hand1/30/190073HandSarah Eduella ClarkstoneMar 17, 182728-Jan-00
(two markers say "mother" & "father")
Seneca C. Bliss - Lot Owner
Harriet Bliss10/2/185_1 dayno stone found
Mariett Bliss10/16/185514 daysno stone found
Seneca C. Bliss10/24/189976BlissSenecastone18231899
Mrs. B.L. Bliss10/28/190175BlissBetsy Lstone18261901
Alida Bliss11/21/191668BlissAlida Cstone18471916
Sarah S. Davidson - Lot Ownermonument
Edward E. Vance2/20/190229HandRev EEstoneJuly 23, 187217-Feb-02
John B. Davidson - Lot Ownermonument
Catherine Vance8/11/189047VanceCatherinestoneSept 1842Aug 1890marker
S.E. Vance3/5/190165VanceRev SEstoneJuly 1835Mar-15marker
Kate W. Butler10/23/18689 mo
Sarah Davidson5/14/191370DavidsonSarah FramestoneMar 8, 183411-May-13marker
John B. Davidson4/15/189175DavidsonJohn BstoneJuly 28, 1815Apr 13, 1891marker
Catharine J. Davidson4/13/185828DavidsonCatharinestoneApr 2, 1830Apr 13, 1858marker
Abel Longworth - Lot Owner
Kate Anna Longworth10/21/18586 mo
Nathan H. Longworth4/28/18655
Nancy Longworth8/27/186585LongworthNancystoneDec 20, 1781Aug 26, 1865Mother
Thomas Alford9/12/187070AlfordThomasstone18001870burial #850, M, W, died of diabetes in Morris
(one stone unreadable)
David LeRoy - Lot Owner
Marion LeRoy2/15/185673LeroyMarionstoneFeb 14, 1856wife of David Leroy, aged 73 ys, photo courtesy Lea Sharp
Wm. Henry LeRoy11/7/185858
Mary Catherine LeRoy1/10/18593Leroystoneunreadable; children of David & Lydia Ann Leroy
Lydia Ann LeRoy4/21/186036LeroystoneApr 19, 1860wife of David Leroy, aged 36 ys 9 ms 4 ds
(one stone partially buried)
Joel C. Ellis - Lot Owner
Joel C. Ellis7/11/185439Ellisstone1854
Mary A. Ellis5/5/18541EllisstoneApr 29, 1851dau of JC & Mary Ellis, aged 1 yr 11 mo 7 d; moved from Peacock's
Charles Ellis5/5/18541EllisAug 21, 1852moved from Peacock's
(stone unreadable)no stone found
Mattie W. Hopkins2/25/18591no stone found
Mary Hopkins8/15/18602 mono stone found
Emma Hopkins9/3/18696 mono stone found
Mrs. Mary Ellis10/18/190085EllisMarystone1900
W.B. Burwell - Lot Owner
Alice Jane Burwell10/21/18542 mo
Freddy Burwell8/13/18668
Frederick W. Turnbull6/15/18741
George Burwell6/15/18746
Jane Falor & Sereta D. Wilson - Lot Owners
Elizabeth Edwards9/8/185557
son of C.C. Jones9/21/1856stillborn
Mary Jane Jones1/24/185830
Joseph Young4/9/18581
George Smead7/17/185848
Frederick Arthur Young9/18/18594 mo
Ellen Jane Wilson10/13/186015WilsonEllen JstoneOct 13, 1860aged 15 yrs 1 mo 3 days
William J. Wilson12/17/186136
Charles Marshall10/20/18621 day
Mrs. Jane Falor6/6/188480FalorJanestoneMay 28, 1884aged 80 yrs
Mrs. Morgan Button3/12/190780
(two stones unreadable)
P.A. Armstrong - Lot Ownermonument
Tideline H. Armstrong1/10/18542ArmstrongFidelius HstoneSep 23, 1851burial #10, M, W, died of hydracephalus in
Morris, remarks: removed from Olivers Farm and reburied here
Mary J. Armstrong9/5/186239ArmstrongMary Jstoneburial #451, F, W, died of consumption in Morris
child of P.A. Armstrong9/25/1865burial #610, W, died in Morris
Elsie Armstrong6/1/187183ArmstrongElsie StrawnstoneNov 21, 1789May 31, 1871DAR plaque; burial #883, F,
W, died of cancer in Morris
CD. Armstrong1/1/190049burial #2423, M, W, killed from fall in Boston MA
Perry A. Armstrong12/26/190481ArmstrongPerry Austinstone18231904burial #2795, M, W, died of cancer in Morris
Frank N. Armstrong3/15/190539burial #2815, M, W, died of apoplexy in Morris
Malina J. Armstrong2/14/190663ArmstrongMalina Janestone18431906burial #2876, in vault Feb 14, 1906, F, W, died
of heart disease in Chicago
(one stone unreadable)
John Peacock - Lot Ownerplot
infant of John Peacock4/5/1854stillbornmoved from Peacock farm
infant of John Peacock4/5/1854stillbornmoved from Peacock farm
infant of John Peacock4/5/1854stillbornmoved from Peacock farm
Wm. T. Peacock4/4/185411 moPeacockWilliam FstoneSep 19, 1847moved from Peacock farm; aged 11 mos 20 ds, son of J & R Peacock, photo
courtesy of Lea Sharp
Taylor Peacock4/4/18541moved from Peacock farm
John Peacock11/22/187067PeacockstoneDec 28, 1802Nov 20, 1870Father
Margarette B. Peacock2/8/18876 moPeacockstone18861886
(one stone reads Joel T.-son-J&R Peacock)PeacockstoneMar 21, 1850aged 1 yr 7 ms 15 dys, photo courtesy Lea Sharp
Mary Peacock - Lot Ownermonument
Andrew Peacock7/2/189038PeacockAndrewstone1851July 5, 1890aged 39 yrs 18 ds; monument;
Mary Peacock10/31/192975PeacockMary J Noblestone185428-Oct-29aged 75 yrs 4 mos 11 ds; ashes
Winfield Brainerd10/31/196496Brainerdstone18861962ashes
Helen M. Brainerd10/30/186480Brainerdstone18831964ashes
William B. Schmidt11/14/200679Schmidtstone19132006ashes
Mary H. Schmidt11/14/200687SchmidtMary Helen Brainerdstone19192006ashes
James Jackson6/23/185725JacksonstoneDec 27, 1846of St Reme, Canada, aged 24 years, husband of Margaret Stuart, moved from Peacock farm
James Albert Jackson6/23/18575 moJacksonJames AlbertstoneAug 1846aged 9 mos, son of James M & Margaret Stuart Jackson, moved from Peacock farm
S.C. Hinsdall - Lot Owner
Henry M. Hinsdall10/4/18554moved to Kewanee
Mary E. Edgerton4/28/186546
(one stone partially buried)
Geo. Selleck - Lot Owner
Jenny Eliz. Selleck5/17/18645
George Selleck5/4/186641SelleckGeorgestoneNov 3, 1866aged 41 yrs, photo courtesy Lea Sharp
Julia A. Selleck9/4/189438
Margaret Selleck6/23/190548
Betsy K. Selleck3/15/191785ashes
Reuben P. Taylor - Lot Owner
Milton E. Taylor11/18/186418TaylorMilton EstoneNov 16, 1864aged 18 yrs; son of Reuben P & Susan H Taylor; photo
courtesy Lea Sharp
Civil War: PVT Co G 134 ILL INF
Eliza P. Baldwin - Lot Ownermonument
Asa Baldwin6/3/186662BaldwinAsastoneFeb 29, 1804June 2, 1866born Fitchburg, Mass; died Morris ILL
monument has Eliza PrestonBaldwinEliza PrestonstoneAug 6, 1803Sep 16, 1888born Ashford, Conn; died Webster City, Iowa; no record of burial-DOD-9/16/1888
Mary (Andrew) Peacock - Lot Owner
Alexander Peacock1/16/185544PeacockstoneJan 15, 1855aged 48 yrs 4 ms 13 ds
John Peacock6/23/18572 momoved from Peacock's
Isabella E. Peacock6/23/18579 momoved from Peacock's
David Peacock9/29/186928PeacockstoneMarch 18, 1842Sept 27, 1869aged 27 yrs 6 ms 9 dsCo D 91 ILL INF
Mrs. Mary Peacock4/16/189980PeacockstoneApr 13, 1899aged 80 yrs 3 ms 10? ds; wife of Alexander R Peacock
stone for James Jackson & James Albert Jacksonrecords show buried in Lot 15
Mary C. Peacock - Lot Owner
Robert Peacock4/5/185451PeacockstoneApr 14, 1798July 26, 1851moved from Peacock's farm
Cena Peacock4/5/185439moved from Peacock's farm
Margaret Peacock4/5/18541moved from Peacock's farm
(one stone partially buried)Peacockstone [photo courtesy Lea Sharp]Jan 28, 1850aged 39 yrs 10 ms 17 ds, wife of Robert Peacock, 2006 photo
Mrs. Ann & Pike Porter - Lot Ownermonument
John Porter1/10/185456Porterstone17941850
Lilly Pike5/2/18623Pikestone18591862
Hannah Porter9/9/186673Porterstone17931866
Marshall Pike2/22/191288Pikestone18341912
Ann Pike7/13/189566Pikestone18291895
Booz M. Atherton - Lot Ownermonument
Oliver E. Parmelee1/10/185431ParmeleeOliverstone1850moved from Oliver's farm
Chloe H. Atherton4/7/186376AthertonstoneJuly 13, 1786April 5, 1863burial #478, F, W, died of paralysis in Morris
Booz M. Atherton12/27/186780AthertonstoneSep 30, 1788Dec 22, 1867burial #724, M, W, died of erysipelas in Anamosa?, IA
(one marker unreadable/broken)
Mrs. S.C. Abbott - Lot Owner
Caleb Abbott8/15/185546AbbottCalebstone1855stone2, burial #109, M, W, died
of cholera in Morris, buried in Potter's Field B12 L34 G12; remarks: removed
to L24 B1 Mrs SC Abbott; moved from Pottersfield
Olive Abbott12/5/186046burial #374, F, W, died of cancer in Wauponsee
John Abbott4/10/187738burial #1150, M, W, died of heart disease in Norman
Anna M. Oaks11/10/187731
(one marker unreadable)
Mrs. WA Hammond - Lot Owner
Clara Stover4/10/18623
Walter A. Hammond2/20/192972Hammondstone18561929
Carrie E. Hammond1/10/194080Hammondstone18591940
First Methodist Church - Lot Owner
Thomas Walker4/10/186625Walkerstone1865
Robert Walker8/22/187277Walkerstone1872
Mrs. Harriet S. Walker3/15/187674Walkerstone1876
John Pickles - Lot Owner
E.S. Williams - Lot Owner
Mary B. Williams5/21/186442
E.S. Williams3/7/186543
(2 markers unreadable/1 broken)
Moses Britt - Lot Owner
William Britt2/13/186519BrittstoneJune 13, 1846Jan 24, 1865Son
Flora J. Britt1/13/18784 mo
Mrs. Jane Britt3/22/188466BrittstoneSept 25, 1817Mar 20, 1884Mother
Moses Britt4/3/189476BrittMosesstoneJune 12, 1812Apr 1, 1894Father
John W. Thornton - Lot Ownermonument
Robert E.C. Thornton10/15/186910ThorntonRobert ECstoneOct 13, 1869aged 10 ys 6 ms 6 ds; children of JW & M Thornton
John Thornton6/22/187056ThorntonstoneJuly 22, 1870aged 56 ys 6 ms 18 ds
Edward T. Johnson11/27/18712 mo
Herman Howe8/21/187220
Wm. R. Johnson9/2/18753
James H. Mority7/22/187816
John W. Thornton5/16/189553
Hennrietta Prather8/26/192482
monument-Richard S. ThorntonThorntonstoneMar 26, 1865?aged 2 ys 11 ms 22 ds; children of JW & M Thornton; records show Pottersfield Block 12 Lot 27
Ira W. Rutherford - Lot Owner
Mary Wainwright8/9/18643WainwrightstoneJuly 16, 1864aged 3 yrs
Ira W. Rutherford9/2/187473Rutherfordstone18011874
Sarah Rutherford4/17/187772Rutherfordstone18061877
Jane A. Wainwright4/20/188857WainwrightstoneApr 18, 1888aged 57 yrs
Edward Wainwright10/5/192257WainwrightstoneMar 8, 185722-Oct-22
Laura Wainwright9/17/193880WainwrightstoneAug 23, 185616-Sep-38
WainwrightstoneJan 30, 1864aged 33 yrs
UnknownMary??stoneunreadable - next to Jane A Wainwright
John Washburn - Lot Owner
Romane Washburn4/28/18606moved from Pottersfield
Alice A. Washburn4/28/18607 momoved from Pottersfield
Richard Wahburn8/12/18635 days
Frank D. Stevens9/5/186819 days
Jane A. Washburn10/24/18723
(1 stone broken)
Horace B. Atwater - Lot Owner
Fred Atwater8/29/18544AtwaterFredstoneJuly 5, 1850Aug 28, 1854son of Horace Atwater, born Louisville, KY, died
Morris, burial #65, M, W, died of inflam of bowels in Morris
Isaac P. Atwater12/2/186069burial #373, M, W, died of inflammatory rheumatism in
Frank Atwater3/22/187924burial #1241, M, W, died of typhoid fever in Chicago
Horace B. Atwater12/13/188060burial #1389, M, W, died of heart disease in Chicago
Julia S. Atwater5/9/189474burial #2090, F, W, died of age in Chicago
Fred A. Lawrence12/4/190435LawrenceFredstone12-Dec-04
Chas Clarke Atwater10/26/194485burial #6573, M, W, died in Yankton, SD; ashes
Levi Pierce - Lot Ownermonument
Susie Pierce11/28/18709PierceSusiestone18611870
son of Jas. McLeon5/30/18723 days
Mrs. Beulah Pierce11/23/190371PierceBeulah Wrightstone18321903his wife
Levi Pierce4/30/190481PierceLevistone18221904
Grace A. Pierce5/13/190654PierceGrace Astone18521906
Mary R. Pierce10/1/191954PierceMary Rstone18651919
Minnie Dicy Pierce2/19/194084PierceMinnie Dstone18551940
Samuel S. Strong - Lot Ownermonument
Mina C. Strong10/7/187489StrongMina CstoneDec 12, 1874Oct 5, 1874
Temperance Strong12/5/188576StrongTemperancestoneJune 12, 1809
1 stone for S.S. Strong-DOD 1/1883StrongSSstoneNov 3, 1805Jan 1, 1883no record of burial
Eliza J. Campbell - Lot Ownermonument
Geo. W. Campbell10/29/186845CampbellGeo WstoneSept 7, 1823Oct 27, 1868
Lillie Campbell11/13/189230CampbellLillian MstoneOct 11, 1861Nov 11, 1892
Harry Campbell5/18/190042CampbellHarry JstoneJan 26, 185714-May-00
Mrs. Geo. Campbell5/26/191484CampbellEliza JstoneNov 13, 182821-May-14
Joseph Hicks - Lot Ownermonument broken
N. Cooper Berry6/15/186117BerryCooperstoneNCB
Willard T. Berry4/7/186417sons of ___ Cooper
J.F. Gardner4/20/187051GardnerJoseph Fstonemoved from Pottersfield
Joseph Hicks3/24/187477
Gulielma P. Hicks10/12/190386HicksGulielma PstoneDec 27, ____9-Oct-03stone
Al F. Mallory - Lot Ownermonument
Viola Mallory9/24/18692 moMalloryViolastone1869
Hiram Mallory1/2/187160MalloryHiramstone18121876
Blanche Green6/1/18731
infant of A & H Mallory12/5/1877stillbornMalloryBabystone
Mrs. Hannah Mallory3/22/190085MalloryHannahstone18161900
infant of James Hinds7/12/1900stillborn
Hannah Mallory10/21/190462MalloryHannahstone18421904
Allan Mallory4/7/192382MalloryAllen Fstone18401923
(1 stone unreadable)Mallory_o__iestoneJune 11, 1874?aged 6 yrs 7 ms
Sarah A. Hale - Lot Ownermonument
Luke Hale9/12/186468HaleFatherstoneSep 8, 1864aged 67 ys 10 ms 25 ds
Sarah A. Hale4/15/187376HaleMotherstoneJan 18, 1873aged 76 ys 7 ms 13 ds
Mrs. Margaret L. Hale4/23/190156HaleMargaret LstoneApr 26, 184520-Apr-01born Dayton Ohio; died Joliet IL
William C. Hale5/4/191278HaleWm CstoneJune 25, 18332-May-12born Brandon Rutland Co VTCapt Co I 69 ILL INF
Franklin T. Benton - Lot Ownermonument
Agnes Amanda Benton1/12/18542 moBentonAgnes AmandastoneJan 1, 1854aged 2 ms 19 ds; dau of FT & C Benton
Anne Benton9/4/18683BentonAnna MstoneSep 3, 1868aged 3 ys 8 ms 4 ds; dau of FT & C Benton
Alice A. Lucas2/14/189037Lucas?stoneJune 18, 1889aged 37 ys, wife of RH Lucas
F.T. Benton5/29/189268BentonFTstoneMay 26, 1892aged 65 ys
Mrs. F.T. Benton5/29/190678BentonClarindastone27-May-06aged 78 ys
(5 stones unreadable)
Almira L Williams - Lot Owner
Viola A. Williams4/18/18543
Wm. Williams6/?/1872 (10/22/1854)36moved from Pottersfield
Luella Welsh2/11/18837
Infant Welsh5/18/18831 hr
John G. Parker - Lot Owner
Sarah M. Thomas - Lot Owner
Rufus V. Fairbanks4/15/187338FairbanksRVstoneFeb 26, 1873aged 30 or 38 ys 8? ms 16 ds
Velina N. Prescott6/6/189370
Mrs. Sarah M. Thomas5/15/190174
Fred G. Thomas11/27/190653
John Jacobs - Lot Owner
Smith H. Jacobs8/18/18644
Robert Davidson - Lot Ownermonument
Margaret J. Davidson4/5/18542DavidsonMargret JstoneDec 30, 1847Mar 25, 1850
Robert Davidson11/30/186869DavidsonFatherstoneFeb 2, 1800Nov 28, 1868
Hattie M. Condon12/29/18792CondonHattie MstoneJan 29, 1877Dec 27, 1879
Hannah Davidson11/8/190382DavidsonMotherstoneJuly 22, 18226-Nov-03
Robert A. Condon2/23/194876CondonRobert Astone18711948
Henry Baum - Lot Ownermonument
Ludowick Ertel4/8/187389ErtelLudwigstoneMar 31, 1873aged 89 ys
Louisa Baum8/20/18738BaumLouisastoneJan 31, 1873aged 8 ys 1 mo 22 ds, dau of H & E Baum
Solomia Zoerman7/6/189073ZoerrmannSalomeastoneJuly 3, 1890aged 73 ys 6 ms, dau of L Ertel
Henry Baum2/14/18964BaumHenrystoneOct 26, 1834Feb 12, 1896stoneCo K 44 ILL INF
Elizabeth Baum7/16/192783BaumElizabeth Mstone18441927
BaumB HenrystoneSept 13, 1873aged 7 ys 7 mo 16 ds, son of H & E Baum
Louisa & C.G. Bulkley - Lot Ownermonument
Abel Bulkley5/8/187359BulkleyAPstone18121872
Ebenezer Hyde3/24/189887HydeEstone18111898
Mrs. Louisa Bulkley10/24/190386BulkleyLouisa Hydestonewife of AP Bulkley
James Watson - Lot Ownermonument
Lott Watson3/20/18545
Mary Harrah12/8/18571
James Watson6/27/187020WatsonJames IstoneJune 21, 1870aged 20 ys 7 ds, son of J & MA Watson
James Watson6/7/188373WatsonJamesstoneJune 6, 1883aged 73 ys 2 ms 7 ds
Mary A. Watson1/18/190485
Nancy Watson4/26/191575WatsonNancy Hstone18381915
Ralph Grenell - Lot Ownerheadstone
Jennie Grenell4/10/187719GrenellJennie LstoneMay 26, 181726-Nov-01
Mrs. Ralph Grenell7/16/189560GrenellMarthastoneApr 15, 1826July 16, 1895wife of Ralph J
Ralph Grenell11/28/190083GrenellRalph JstoneJune 7, 1857Nov 21, 1876dau of Ralph J & Martha
N.D. LeDioyt
Maria LeDioyt7/26/186666MariastoneSept 13, 1799July 25, 1866wife of Nehemiah J
N.J. LeDioyt9/27/188681LeDioytNehemiah JstoneJune 7, 1805Sept 26, 1886
Samuel McQuiston - Lot Ownermonument
Samuel McQuiston9/21/185669McQuistonSamuel Srstone17861856
Samual McQuiston4/3/186441McQuistonSamuelstone18231864
Sam. S. McQuiston11/8/188938McQuistonSamuel Sstone18511889
Isabella McQuiston12/9/189773McQuistonIsabellastone18241894
Clara B. McQuiston12/9/189738McQuistonClara Bellestone18591897
Mary Cooper8/9/191770CooperMarystone18471917
John Cooper10/30/191773CooperJohnstone18441917
Benjamin Holroyd - Lot Ownermonument
Mrs. B.F. Holroyd2/27/188963HolroydSusiestone1826Feb 25, 1889aged 63 ys, wife of Benj Holroyd; stone
Nellie Holroyd3/28/189323HolroydNelliestone18701893daughter
Elizabeth Holroyd3/24/192376HolroydElizabethstone18461923stone
no record of burialHolroydBenjaminstone18251901
Charlotte Holderman - Lot Owner
infant of Jacob Holderman7/12/1856HoldermanJacobstone1854?Infant of Jacob Holderman; moved from Felix
Martha Dawson9/12/192869DawsonMartha Hstone18591928stone
Ellen Wing - Lot Owner
Nancy Sunningshine - Lot Owner
9/20/18857 hrs
Orville Cone - Lot Owner
Alonzo Cone12/30/185354
Wm. H.H. Cone12/9/186315
Pertia Cone7/5/187570
Orville Cone9/4/189083
Andrew Allen - Lot Owner
James Breeze Allen1/29/18592James Bstone18561859burial #284, M, W, died of scarlet fever in Morris
Andrew J. Allen8/30/186235Andrew Jstone18271862burial #450, M, W, died of typhoid fever in Morris
James Breese6/23/186366BreezeJamesstone18011863
Ann M. Cowdery5/23/186639Ann Mstone18271867wife of Andrew J Allen
Geo. Galloway - Lot Ownermonument
Isabella Galloway7/20/185718GallowayIsabellastoneSept 2, 1837July 19, 1857
John Galloway8/28/185731GallowayJohnstoneJan 7, 1826Aug 27, 1857
Geo. A. Galloway3/9/188748GallowayGeorge AstoneApr 10, 1839Mar 7, 1887obit100th Round Head Regt PA VOL INFT
Geo. Galloway2/25/188889GallowayGeorgestoneOct 25, 1798Feb 23, 1888
(military marker for Joseph W Galloway-DOD 11/6/1950)GallowayJoseph WstoneSept 17, 18786-Nov-50no record of burialQM SGT 161 IND INF SP AM War
John Antis - Lot Ownermonument
John J. Antis12/31/185575burial #137, M, W, died of consumption in Morris
Mary C. Antis1/2/185660burial #138, F, W, died of typhus fever in Morris
Nancy Antis11/9/189071AntisNancy A SweetstoneMar 16, 1819Nov 7, 1890wife of Dr John Antis; Obit;
ECR: burial #1890, F, W, died of pneumonia in Mazon
Chas. E Southard12/23/190976SouthardCEstone18331909
John Antis (Dr)1/21/191598AntisDr JohnstoneMar 17, 181718-Nov-15burial #3590, M, W, died of old age in Mazon
Endora A. Southard9/5/193392SouthardEudorastone18411933
James Rainey - Lot Owner
Franketta Mary Rainey5/20/18551
infant of James Rainey10/9/18551 day
James Rainey5/6/185728
(one stone partially buried-can't read)
Alfred Deniston - Lot Owner
Fred Deniston12/22/18531 mo
Alfred T. Deniston3/13/18602moved to Mich 1/1862
Geo. W. Horsley6/6/186241
James A. Potter - Lot Owner
Corah Potter11/18/18551
James Addison Potter10/22/186022
Henry Luffberry12/11/186214
G.W.Oliver - Lot Owner
David OIiver9/16/184969OliverDavidstoneOct 29, 1781Sept 16, 1849born Orange Co NY, aged 68 ys; moved from his farm
John Willett Oliver9/26/18578 days
Maria Oliver4/7/186979
Margaret Oliver7/21/190290
llda V. Hinds6/29/19063
I.O.O.F. Star Lodge - Lot Owner
Dr. Oliver S. Newell1/9/1854 (10/29/1851)reburied here
John Filkins4/4/185444FilkinsJohnstoneFeb 26, 1810Apr 2, 1854
Martha Eliz. Filkins10/17/18546
Mary Filkins7/27/186922
Jeff Blanding4/1/189066
UnknownUnknownstonename unreadableCo _ 55th ILL INF
I.O.O.F. Star Lodge - Lot Owner
John Eakland4/29/187243EaklandJohnstoneCORPL Co _ 38th ILL INF

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    Trying to find my great aunts grave and not knowing where she’s at here


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