History of Garfield Illinois

While Garfield Township contains within its confines one of the most important villages of Grundy County, it is itself the youngest township of the seventeen which form the county organization, having been created in 1902. It is bounded on the north by Maine Township, on the east by Greenfield Township, on the south by Livingston County and on the west by Good Farm Township. No important stream waters this township, although a draw, which runs to the Mazon Creek, flows through the southeastern part and small creeks are found in other portions of it. With the exception of the Village of Gardner, Garfield Township is a strictly farming district. The Chicago & Alton Railroad, which passes almost through its center from a northeasterly to a southwesterly direction, and the K. & D., owned by the Big Four System, passing through the northwestern part, carry its products to Chicago. The early history of Garfield Township is so interwoven with that of Greenfield that it is almost impossible to separate one from the other although many names mentioned in pioneer times of Greenfield Township belong equally to Garfield, for the latter was a part of the older township.


Source: History of Grundy County, Munsell Publishing Company, 1914

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