History of Maine Illinois

Maine Township is one of the comparatively new sections of Grundy County, having been laid off March 7, 1898, and as it lies between Braceville Township and Mazon Township, its early history is the game as that of the two from which it was taken. It is bounded on the north by Goose Lake Township, on the east by Braceville Township, on the south by Garfield Township, and on the west by Mason Township, and is a part of Congressional Township 32 north, Range 8, east of the Third P. M.

The farms in this district are very well cultivated, although smaller than some in adjoining townships. Like Mazon Township, the soil here is exceedingly fertile, and corn and oats are grown, the former being the principal crop. There is one shipping station for grain and stock in Maine Township on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad which runs through it a little north of its center.

Owners of Land

Among those who have in recent years been landowners in Maine Township, many of whom still retain their holdings, are Winfield Rogers, H.M. Hill, D. Gilchrist, Margaret McKinley, Charles Barsdorf, James Wills, George Bridel, Benjamin Crisler, Milton Button, Henry Cassingham, Jonas Walters, August Kuehnel, C.C. Easton, Fred Adams, C.J. Wing, George Barrett, S.C. Stough, L.H. Halmyer, Frank Pickle, E.L. Allison, W.R. Jenkins, M.J. Adams, E.C. McGill, Alfred Wallen, Henry Bull, Emil Bosman, George Stewart, W.G. Sanford, Chris Thompson, M. Anderson, Thomas Reay, Robert Reay, Fritz Wallin, A. Jackman, Robert Glasgow.

The Wilmington Star Coal Company also owns property in this township. It is one of the few coal companies still operating Grundy coal land, although at one time it was believed that this section would rival some of the most productive regions of the country in the mining of coal.

The men who have served Maine Township as supervisors since the organization of the township have been: E.H. Robinson, 1898-1899; Milton Button, 1900-1905; Leon J. Dujaric, 1906-1914.


Source: History of Grundy County, Munsell Publishing Company, 1914

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