History of Morris Classical Institute

Located on corner of Washington and Fulton streets.

Besides the Public Schools already mentioned there is a flourishing private institution known as the Morris Classical Institute, which was established here in 1869 by Prof. N. C. DOUGHERTY, who continued in charge four years. In 1873 Prof. ROSS took charge, and remained one year, when he was succeeded by the Rev. Mr. SLOAT, who also remained one year, and left the school in rather a broken down condition. In October 1875 James J. KINKAID M. A., a graduate of Washington College, Pa., took charge of the Institute, and speedily put it upon a more secure basis than ever before. He is a man of great energy, a thorough scholar, and possessed of fine executive ability, and his earnest and successful work demonstrated that he is one of the very best educators in our State. He has associated with him A. W. BULKLEY, A. B., and A. A. BEATTIE, B. E. graduates of Cornell University, New York, who have demonstrated to the satisfaction of their patrons here and elsewhere that they are not only scholarly gentlemen, but earnest and effective teachers. The branches taught in this Institution are such as to prepare young ladies and gentlemen for an advanced standing in the best seminaries and colleges in the United States, and among them we enumerate the following: Common English Branches, Mechanical and Free Hand Drawing, Theory and Practice of Teaching, the Sciences, Higher Mathematics, and Ancient and Modern Languages.

The Morris Classical Institute is an honor to the city. It is largely patronized by the citizens of this and of the surrounding counties, and is deservedly ranked among the FIRST of the many advantages afforded by this city and county.

Source: Lawrence & Thompson’s Grundy County Directory, 1877-1878

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