Morris Herald & Advertiser – October 3, 1874

Morris Herald & Advertiser for October 3, 1874

We are sorry to be obliged to chronicle the death of one of the old residents of Morris, Mrs. Hanna A. Underhill, who departed this life September 25th, 1874, in her 71st year.  Mrs. U. was born in Pennsylvania, April 30th, 1803. She removed to Ohio while still a child and from there to Illinois. While on a visit to Ottawa last winter, she contracted a cold which led to a long and painful illness.  She bore her sufferings with great patience and Christian fortitude, and died beloved by all who knew her.  Her remains were taken to Ottawa for interment.

The County Clerk has, since the last publication in the HERALD, issued marriage licenses to the following persons up to Oct. 1st:

  • 3950 – Sidney L. Webster and Emma G. Lees
  • 3951 – Amasa Johnson and Jennie Haggreigon
  • 3952 – Lewis Bradford and Nellie M. Weeks
  • 3953 – John B. Howe and Lettie M. Thompson
  • 3954 – John D. Urich and Sarah A. Berington
  • 3955 – John Johnson and Emma C. Peterson
  • 3956 – Adrian Kinley and Lizzie Richards
  • 3957 – John Clark and Mrs. Mary F. E. Webber
  • 3958 – John Fox and Matilda Lehr
  • 3959 – George M. Vial and Emma T. Goodrich
  • 3960 – Jacob Casteel and Elizabeth Roberts
  • 3961 – Ira Strong and Elizabeth Cobbler
  • 3962 – Erick Chelly and Isabell Thompson
  • 3963 – John F. Cody and Mary Tied
  • 3964 – Jeremiah Berry and Eliza Shanahan
  • 3965 – Salmon Elethorp and Mrs. Parthenia A. Howe
  • 3966 – James Mills and Jane H. Britt
  • 3967 – Thomas Carpenter and Irene Patterson
  • 3968 – Orville Dix and Elizabeth A. Riggs

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