Morris Herald – March 3, 1876

Excerpts from the Morris Herald for March 3, 1876



High School – Willie Clark, Mary Curry, Selen Fisher, Merritt Kendall, Willie Leacock, Samuel Longacre, Hattie Parker, Neddie Wilkinson, Willie Hull —– Kate Mosher, Teacher

Grammar School – Nellie Dunn, Allie Zimmerman, Carrie Gifford, Lottie Sherrell, Carrie Porter, Cora Gifford, Agnes Kean, Lillie Owens, Flora Dewey, Mary McNamara, Edgar Woelfal, Robbie Miller, Charlie Thirly, George Washburn, Thomas Nolan, James Miller —– Alida C. Bliss, Teacher

Intermediate Room – Amelia Borden, Nellie Curry, Ida English, Jennie Kay, Fannale Mayo, Mary Owens, Teeny Sucker, Clara Wilson, Clara Wheeler, Helen Thiry, Clara Zimmerman, Charlie Barr, Earl Barrett, Charlie Crawford, Horace Fisher, Willie Horrie, Tommy Hall, Walter Marshall, Willie Oliver, Willie Sparr, Willie Walker —– E. C. Harrison, Teacher

Fourth Grade – Hattie Minkler, Mamie Pierce, Nellie Scovill, Lizzie Burden, Jessie Malcomb, Emma Turner, Lillie Carpenter, Lora Haymond, Jessie Clark, George Woelful, George Bush, John Nape, Willie Robinson, Alvah Stanhope, Lotie Skidmore, Viola Starr, Emma Helman, Hattie Helman, Maggie Anderton, Ida Petteys, Eda Petteys, Stella Schofield, John Schroder, Freddie Stephen, Maggie Kean —– Lizzie H. Massey, Teacher

Room No. 2 – Katie McCann, Agnes Curry, Mamie Fey, Addie Schroder, Bridget Zimmerman, Clara Turner, Fannie Oliver, Emma Armstrong, Bell Alling, Jessie Hastings, Mary Nape, Carrie Mackey, Lizzie Cutler, Frank Keye, Mason Canaday, Dee McGrath, Eddie Erickson, Willie Nape, Wesley Steep, Willie Burden, James McCann, Willie Baum, Willie Beck, Eddie McNamara —– A. Conlong, Teacher

Room No. 1 – Amelia Burden, Jennie Hynds, Nellie Malcomb, Willie Jones, Cora Hastings, Ada Howard, Katie Ludwig, Georgiana Hoppers, Viney Boyer, Angie Noble, James Reading, George Ulrich, Bartie McGrath, George Dawson, Treat Alling, Eddie Kaye, Harry Sparr, George Stage, James Reeves, Zena Duckworth, George Ravens, Norris Thorne, Ida Abbott —– M.J. Noble, Teacher

First Primary, Third Ward – Belle Monroe, Frank Hull, Scott Ragland, Mary Moran, Maggie Rose, George Watkins, Jerry Malady, Kate Smith, Nina Shaffer, Jessie Morgan, James Kelly, Libbie Shaffer, Solomon Rose, Georgie Gross, James Shannessey, James Hunter, Joseph Demme, Jennie Walker —– E. F. Hare, Teacher

Second Primary, Third Ward – Kate Magner, Georgie Duckworth, Willie Bright, Albert Ragland, Frank Morgan, Thomas Hughes, Laura Ragland, Ette Elmer Shaffer, Andrew Rose, Lena Woelful, Anna Durkee, Maudie English, Mamie Hale, Minnie Horrie, Millie Frey, Jennie Burt, Mary Melson, Jamie Ward, Eddie Hanna, John Pike, Charlie Kendall, John Glenn, Maggie Godfrey, Gussie Riley, Jamie Harrington, Eliza Burt, Henry Flynn, Ollie Simpson, Jimmie Gourley, Thomas Moran, Lucy Walker —– Julia C. Pomeroy, Teacher

First Primary, Fourth Ward – James Bell, Eddie Henry, Viola Zimmerman, John Cary, Neddie Himes, Eddie Warner, Peter Laherty, Agnes Owens, Michael O’Bryan, Charlie Foster, Willie Laherty, Elaf Longvest, Michael Broderick, John Cody, George Rosslter, Martin Murray, David Laherty, Clara Stanhope, Edward Morrall —– Mary E. Hawk, Teacher

Second Primary, Fourth Ward – Agnes Cody, Amanda Longvest, Jessie Pardee, Lizzie Whitely, Lydia Sykes, Delle Pardee, Annie Loy, Mary Ferguson, Mary Bell, Katie Garrity, Ella Sykes, Nellie Fitzgerald, Willie O’Bryan, Charley Longvest, Albert Longvest, Willie Stott, Robbie Stott, Willie Baker, George Edwards, George Stanhope, David Fitzgerald, John Scovill, Eddie Smith, James Newberry —– Julia McFarlane, Teacher

First Primary, Fifth Ward – Lizzie Williams, Minnie Dunn, Lizzie Becker, Harry Miller, Martin Gilbrunson, Adelbert Washburn, Henry Ritter, Charlie Moon, Harry Parmelee, Louisa Wiedman —– Jennie Bross, Teacher

Second Primary, Fifth Ward – Agusta Gilbrunson, Lucy Gilbrunson, Laura Miller, Sadie Robb, Carrie Satler, Jenie Moon, Ida Green, Beecher Griggs, Arthur Barrett, Frank Uhler, Charlie Gorich, Johnny Watson, Arthur Britt, Frank Page, Willie Hanna, Sarah Britt —– Irene Henry, Teacher

Public Sales

The subscriber will sell at public auction at his residence, three miles west of Mazon Center, in this town of Vienna, on Thursday, March 3, 1876, the following property, to wit: Three head of work horses, 1 yearling colt, a span of mules, 10 milch cows, 10 head of cattle, 30 head of hogs, 1 wagon, 1 buggy, 1 riding plow, 1 corn planter and check row attached, 1 corn grinder, drags, harrows, and all articles used on a farm. Terms, 10 months. S.J. Barber; H.O. Ward Auctioneer

The subscriber will sell at public auction at the late residence of Lydia Moyer, in the town of Mazon, on Friday, March 3, 1876, the following property, to wit: One good brood mare, 10 years old; 1 mare six years old; 1 horse, four years old; 2 good milch cows, 1 heifer, two years old; 1 extra bull, two years old; 8 yearling calves, 3 fine shoals, 1 set double harness, 1 single harness, 1 wagon, 1 new buggy, 2000 bush corn in crib, 100 bush. Oats, 1 plow, 1 four bladed scraper, one 40 tooth drag, one cultivator, 24 bush potatoes, also the household and kitchen furniture, consisting of bureaus, tables, stands, beds and bedsteads, one extra clock, and all articles used in a house or on a farm. Terms 12 months. J.C. Kelteen, Administrator; H.O. Ward, Auctioneer

The subscriber will sell at public auction, at his residence, on Division Street, just North, of the railroad, on Saturday, March the 11th, 1876, a large lot of household furniture, consisting of bedsteads, chair, tables, stoves, &c. A credit of six months will be given on all sums over $5.00.  I also offer at private sale my brick residence as above described.  The house is in good repair, contains eight rooms, with good cellar.  There is connected with the house about two acres of ground with good fruit trees thereon.  There is a new stable on the lot.  Also, several small houses and lots, located, in the city of Morris, and about fifteen acres of coal land in the Telfer district. These houses and lands will be sold cheap, as I intend moving away.  For further particulars address Geo. A. Acton; Morris, Illinois

The undersigned having sold his farm will sell at public auction, without reserve, at his residence, in the town Manlius, La Salle Co., six miles due North of Seneca, and one mile North of the Bell school house, on the farm known as the Wickwire farm, and six miles southeast of Norway, on Wednesday, March the 8th, 1876, the following property, to-wit:  Twelve head good work horses, 2 three-old colts, 3 yearling colts, partly Norman; 25 head of cattle, consisting of 12 extra milch cows and 1 extra bull; 10 head of fine shoals, a large variety of fine chickens, 2 lumber wagons, 7 set of double harness, 1 double seated buggy, Jones’ make; a large variety of farming implements consisting of four gophers, 6 extra stirring plows, 6 good corn plows, 3 double drags, 2 good corn planters, 1 McCormick self rake reaper and mower combined (new), 1 hay rake, 2 sleds, one bob and one long; 3 hay racks, 30 tons of good hay, 30 bush. extra seed corn, all hung up in crib; 200 bush. of extra seed wheat (in lots to suit purchaser); a lot of household and kitchen furniture, and other articles too numerous to mention. Terms 15 months. Marcus Anderson.


The masquerade ball at Hull Hall on last Tuesday, under the auspices of the German Club was largely attended.  Many of the costumes were elegant, while more were of a comical turn.  Of the ladies present, Mrs. Henry Fey represented the Queen of England; Miss Mary Cantwell, Spring; Miss Clara Burlett, School Girl; Anna Smith and Maggie Graham, Evening Star; Mrs. Carrie Meyers and Hellen Benliman, Washer Women; Irene Henry, Flower Girl; Minnie Gorich, Goddess of Liberty; Mrs. Fessler, Call Lady; Mrs. Jacob Geisen, Sister of Charity; Mrs. Edward Haines, of Joliet, Waiter Girl; Nellie Dunn, Snow; Mrs. Crandall, Highland Girl; Louisa Sealbach, Old Water.  Of the gentlemen, Mr. Jacob Gorich represented Buffalo Bill; John Schroder, School Boy; Charlie Roaker, Barber; John Gorich, Clown; Bert Crawford, King Henry IV; Henry Stocker, same; Main Anderson, Chinese; Edward Elerding, Flying Dutchman; Ed. Haines, of Joliet, Butcher Boy; W. H. Stocker and Will Gebhard, Dukes; Walter Jones, Lady; Fred Witty, Indian; Henry Fey, King; L. C. Strasburger, Uncle Ned; A Woodsawer; Ed Cantwell, darkey.  At the time of unmasking, Mrs. Henry Fey was awarded the prize of being the finest dressed lady; Miss Louisa Sealback, the homeliest dressed lady, and Mrs. C. Meyers, for the best acted character.  Of the gentleman, Mr. Bert Crawford was awarded the prize as the best dressed gentleman, Ed Cantwell as the homeliest dressed, and Ed Elerding, as the best acted character.  The ball was a success in every particular and netted $74.90.

Aux Sable School

Below will be found the names of those pupils who have been regular in their attendance, attentive to their lessons and whose deportment has been such as to entitle them to a place in the following Roll of Honor:

Sarah Brown, Katie McLean, Lizzie Coop, Ralph Allison, Hughie McLean, Henry Caddock, Frank Stamper, Charlie Caddock, Alfred Naden, Jacob McLean, Robt. Caddock, Alfred Coop, William E. VanDobson —– H. W. McFarlane, Tea., Feb. 25, 1876

Below will be found a list of the names of pupils, who have been as regular in attendance as the weather would permit, diligent in their studies, faithful and obedient as scholars; and, therefore, deserve to have their names placed upon the “Roll of Honor.”

Maggie Coulahan, Libbie Burke, Ida Lawler, Michael Brannick, Jerry Ciennow, Jacob Hansel, Julia O’Leary, Joseph Feehan, William Lawler, Willie Clemmon. —– Miss E.E. Jones, Tea., Feb. 18, 1876



The sociable which was held at the residence of W. J. Campbell Friday Eve, 25th inst. Was a very enjoyable affair.  The house was completely full and all expressed themselves well satisfied with the exercises of the evening.  The programme consisted of music, recitations, reading, “Minooka Social Gem” Charade, dialogues, social enjoyment, and some refreshments.  The next will be held at the residence of Fletcher Dirst, on Friday eve, March 10th, 1876. All, both young and old, are cordially invited to attend.

Several of the boys of our village were arrested by officer Weese on Tuesday last on a charge of larceny of canned peaches, berries,&c, &c, from the store of G. Dahlem and others.  They had a hearing before Justice Gorham sent to the calaboose, and the trail continued until others, who were equally implicated in the theft, could be arrested.

Stephen, son of Peter O’Brian, has returned from Iowa for a short visit. He looks rugged and healthy.

If you want a nice fitting boot made in the latest style go to Jacob Gedelman’s shop on Broadway.

Mr. Alexander Bell has bought the residence recently owned by Mr. Convis.

Leander Smith and Geo. Colleps have formed a partnership in the grocery business, to be carried on at the old stand. We wish them success.

Roll of Honor Minooka High School for week ending Feb. 25th, 1876:

Mamie Gorham, Lizzie Hennissey, Mamie Smith, Ida Gerham, Emma Godelman, Anna Tabler, Gracie Griswold, Wm. Tabler, Chas S. Smith, Eddie Gedelman, Nettle Smith, Mamie Kleg, Augusta Schlak, Wm. O’Brian, Nellie Dempesy, Emma Schlek, Maggie Turley, John Carver, Chas White, Fred Sadler, Peter Rodgers, Henry White, Geo. Schrader, Artie Greenlee, Chas. Weese, BerthaBibbins, Allie Dirst, Ida Cowell, Katie Tarley, Mary Fitzgerald, Ellen Fitzgerald, Bridget Rodgers, Anna ??? —– F.W. Ford, Prin.


Wm. Taylor, the California Street Preacher, preaches in the M.E. church, Feb. 8th and 10th.  He sold $500 worth of his books.

Prof. West will hold two entertainments here on Friday and Saturday nights, proceeds to purchase organ for school.

The report is that W.F. Hastings is appointed Postmaster at this place, E. Armatager having resigned.

The Presbyterians and Baptists are holding union revival meetings.  The Methodists have closed their special meetings here. 40 or thereabouts united with the Church. They are now holding meetings at Essex and Braceville.

Dr. Hodges, a Spiritualist, has been holding forth at McClunn’s Hall, trying to tear down all the Churches and ridiculing Christianity. How well he succeeded is left with him and his followers to determine.

The Wesleyans are trying to purchase the old M. E. church and thus establish themselves here.

Smith & Campbell are opening a very neat variety store under the City Hall.

The Braidwood Journal propose to move its office to Gardner in a few days.

John Allison was married to Mrs. C. E. Gardner, of Chicago, formerly of this place, a few days since; success to them. May life be doubly happy.

Wm. Jenkins is running the Eagle House.  Gulick, Taylor & Co. have moved into No. 1 Com. Block.

Mr. G. M. Whitney, of Odell, paid the city a flying trip.  It is supposed by your correspondent that he was looking after some of his lady friends, that in early life was his heart to beat with impulses of the beautiful and lovely.

Yours Black Smith

Circuit – The March term of the Grundy County Circuit Court will convene on Monday, March 13th, 1876, Judge McRoberts presiding.

The venire for grand jurors has been drawn as follows:

Thomas Ryan, Highland Patrick Lamb, Highland John Downey, Norman Edward Bailley, Erienna Charles Heacox, Nettle Creek Wm. Caisley, Nettle Creek Orrin Clapp, Mazon David Rose, Maxon Morgan Button, Wauponsee Geo. Robinson, Wauponsee Lyman B. Ray, Morris Geo. W. Lane, Morris Jerry Collins, Saratoga Corbleigh Enix, Saratoga Harvey Eldred, Greenfield C.W. Andrews, Greenfield Lyman Howley, Braceville Henry Cassingham, Braceville Alex Trotter, Felix Charles Caddock, Aux Sable David Tabler, Aux Sable Allen S. Tilden, Vienna J. L. Waterman, Vienna The following venire for pettit jury has been drawn for the First Week Horatio Newport, Wauponsee James Olivar, Morris Newton Hart, Greenfield John Carroll, Vienna Amos Barnham, Mazon Hugh McTague, Morris C.P. Hazleton, Morris Thos. Noaks, Morris Chas. Hamilton, Greenfield John Deynas, Erienna W.H. Randall, Aux Sable E. Henessay, Morris John Spiller, Maxon James M. Williard, Morris W. McCrary, Nettle Creek Dennis Goldman, Erienna Elijah Colton, Braceville James A. Loc???, Morris E. R. Booth, Jr., Braceville L.N. Lord, Morris W.J. Kennedy, Wauponsee W.H. Baxton, Wauponsee Wm. Merriam, Wauponsee Chas. Stephen, Saratoga Chas. Robinson, Felix A.G. Woodbury, Norman Samuel Braddeer, Braceville A. Diagman, Wauponsee B. Magu?? Harty, Morris Third Week John Grandall, Greenfield Wm. Belden, Maxon Hugh McAbelea, Aux Sable Jacob Johnson, Nettle Creek Walter Smith, Saratoga Thomas Rael, Greenfield Thomas Hynds, Morris Samuel C. Watson, Morris John Sergeant, Saratoga Geo. E. Wickham, Morris John B. Baker, Norman B.F. Hale, Morris John B. Martin, Morris John Steele, jr., Saratoga Jacob Moyer, Highland Jacob Gorich, Morris Geo. Comerford, Aux Sable Mathew Johnson, Goodfarm John Peacock, Morris Melvin Carter, Maxon Henry Prescott, Maxon Geo. Woelfel, Morris Michael Abbott, Vienna W.H. McClure, Greenfield Wm. Nobles, Aux Sable John Dunleavy, Braceville Wm. H. Curtis, Vienna Allen “””, Maxon Joseph Beckley, Aux Sable Henry Eckersley, Nettle Creek


Marriage licenses have been issued to the following named persons during the month of February:

  • Corbley Enix and Carrie Conklin
  • John M. Fry and Mary E. Fikes
  • Archibald Burrell and Isabell M. Watters
  • James Bennett and Elizabeth Bruce
  • Oscar E. Davis and Ada Clopp
  • Lars Thompson and Bell Larson
  • Geo. W. Thompson and Allie Murphy
  • Lewis Benson and Hellen Gumstead
  • James Cain and Lucy Tupper

On the regular installation night of the I. O. G. T., the following officers were installed for the ensuing term:  W.C.T., Mr. N. Bartlett; W.V.T., Mrs. L. L. Thorn; W.S., Mrs. F. W. Edson; W.A.S., Mr. M. M. Levering; W.F.S., Mr. L. D. Thorn; W. Treas., Mr. N. L. Nelson; W.M., Mr. F. W. Edson; W.D.M., Mrs. A. Thorn; W. Chap., Mr. T. Sykes; W.I.G., Mrs. R. Garth; W.O.G., Mr. H. Alsdurf; P.W.C.T., Mr. E. L. Bartlett; R.H.S., Mrs. L. Harrison; L.H.S., Mrs. R. Stott.


The following transfers of Real Estate have been placed on record since our last report: Hannah J. Piper to Andrew Porter, e 60 a, e ½ n e ¼ of sec 27 and w ¼ of sec 26, except 5 acres in n e corner, 75 a, in all 135 acres, Braceville $10 Lyman B. Ray to Andrew Porter, e ½ of s ½ of s e ¼ sec 22, Braceville, $800 Wm. Pierce and wife to Thos. Ryan, w ½ of s e ¼ sec No. 9, 80 acres, Highland, $3,200 Mrs. M.A. Convis and husband to Alex Bell, village lot No. 2 in blk No. 13, of Minooka, $600 Geo. Eels and wife to Samson H. Redfield, s w ½ of n w ¼ sec 16, Mazon, $2,200 S. H. Dewey and wife to Geo. Eels, n w ¼ of n w ¼ sec No. 39, 40 a, $1800 Levi Vincent and wife to Millard H. Leroy, lot No. 7 blk 6, town of Morris $2,000 Patrick McEvilly and wife to H. McEvilly, n w ¼ sec 12, Aux Sable, $4,500 Patrick McEvilly to James McEvilly, s ½ s e ¼ sec 12, Aux Sable, $1 M. Palmateer and wife to H. Akerty, lots 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, and n ½ lots 13 and 14, sub of n w ¼ sec 29; also lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and n ½ lot 6, sub of e 75 acres n e ¼ sec 30 in all, Town of Felix; also lots 9 and 10 and e 17 ½ a, lot subdiv s e ¼ sec 19, Town of Felix; also w 5 a lot 9, and all of lots 9, 10, 11, and 12 subdiv s ½ of s w ¼, sec 20, Town of Felix, $5,500 Michael Cantwell and wife to W. Walters, lot No. 1 subdiv s e ½ of sec 23, Aux Sable, 8 13-100 a, $200 Trustees Illinois & Michigan Canal to Richard Barker, canal deed, lot 1, sub s e ½ n e ¼ sec 23, town 34, range 8, $200


The exodus has commenced from Lisbon for the season and is not over. McGrath, Thompson and Kempthorn have just left for Kansas.  Cody, Cowen and Ely though not of this township, yet reckoned of me, are on their way South beyond the river.  The Lloyds, Clinton and Harrison are yet here, but start soon for Oregon and Iowa.

We have been quite free from fatal sickness here the past year. Father Lloyd died week before last, having been an invalid for three years.  Death came while his sons were all here.  He was a member of the Congregational Church.

G.C. Gaylord is yet in California. He sends favorable reports of himself and of his liking the country. O, George, and must we lose you too?  Well, the old saying, “Do the best for yourself,” will have its way in spite of law and gospel.  So it is not only in Lisbon, but among the rest of mankind.

A Knot Cutter

Typed and submitted by Kathleen Berner Groll.

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