Morris Herald – April 28, 1876

Excerpts from the Morris Herald for April 28, 1876.


On Thursday of last week, Mrs. Jennie Small, wife of Millard Small, of Highland, was brought before the County Court and adjudged insane. This is indeed a pitiful case. About four weeks ago Mrs. Small, who is about 24 years old, gave birth to a child, since which time she has been insane. She will be taken to the Elgin Asylum for the Insane. Hopes are entertained for her recovery. Her child is spoken of as being very bright and doing well.

On last Sunday night, the residence of Mr. Frank McDermott, near Jeffersen street, was entered during the absence of the family. Johnny McDermot, who was across the street at the time seeing a light in the house, went in, supposing that his folks had returned. His surprise can be imagined when he was attacked and knocked down by a blow from a chair. The would-be robber effected his escape without taking anything away.

Mr. J. M. Peterson has been forced to succumb to the hard times. Last week he went to Chicago and had a meeting of his creditors, who decided to take his stock of goods, in lieu of the indebtedness. The stock of clothing was packed up on Monday last and returned to Chicago. We are very sorry that Mr. Peterson has been this unfortunate, but admire the honesty which characterized his closing up.


In this city on Friday, April 21, 1876, Sarah C., wife of H. S. Reading aged 84 years, 7 months and 11 days. Mrs. Reading has been an invalid for over three years, and for the past six months she had been confined to her bed. Mr. Reading has the sympathy of a large circle of friends in his bereavement.


Mr. G. J. Thompson, for the past year with J.M. Peterson, has moved back to his old quarters with Reinhard, Meer and Co., where he will continue the business of merchant tailoring, and would be pleased to see his old customers and many new ones. Having had general satisfaction in the past, he feels confident of his ability to do so in the future. He keeps a good line of trimmings. Call and see him.


Typed and submitted by Kathleen Berner Groll.

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