Morris Herald – May 5, 1876

Excerpts from the Morris Herald for May 5, 1876.


BENNETT – CASTEEL – On the 11th day of April, 1876, by L. P. Lott, Esq., at his office in Morris, Mr. William J. Bennett to Miss Susan W. Casteel.

ANDREWS – HUTCHINGS – At the residence of the bride’s mother, by Rev. J. H. Alling, on April 19th, Mr. James C. Andrews, M.D., of Hamilton, Ohio, and Miss Martha C. Hutchings, of Morris.

WILLIAMS – AVERY – In Mazon, April 19th, by J. C. Keltner, at residence of the same, Mr. William Williams to Miss Adell Avery, both of Mazon, Ills.

MACKEY – MOYER – In Ottawa, Illinois, April 19th, 1876, by Rev. T. J. Volunthe, Mr. Ransom U. Mackey, of Gardner, Grundy county, Illinois, and Miss Sarah Moyer of Mazon, Grundy county, Illinois


CLARK – In Dexter City, Missouri, on the 28th day of April, 1876, from injuries received by railroad, Mr. Joseph O. Clark, aged 45 years, formerly of Morris, only brother of Mrs. L. P. Lott and Mrs. Dr. A. F. Hand.


The undersigned offers for sale his residence on the corner of Jefferson and Wauponsee streets. The house is centrally located, near the Congregational church, contains nine rooms with buttery, closets and cellar. Also a good barn, well of water and cistern. For terms apply at the house or at the Stone Quarry at Aux Sable. O. Earnshaw, Morris, Ill., May 1st, 1875

Mr. M.C. Longacres

Dear Sir: After using your Patent Refrigerator for several months, we can cheerfully bear testimony as to its merits. Its arrangement of chambers for fruit, meats, etc., is extremely convenient and they are free from moisture and can easily be kept clean. We also find it economical in the use of ice. We can therefore recommend it as superior to any other kind we have ever seen in use. Very Truly Yours,

C.H. Goold, Jones & Fey, H.C. Goold, A.F. Mallory, P.A. Armstrong, W.H. Parmelee, Geo. F. Brown, E.L. Medell, John Duckworth, E. Hastings, James Petah, Wm. Stage, J.M. Pettit

The will of John Littler was last week admitted to probate. Letters ordered to James E. Williamson as administrator with the will annexed, upon his entering into bonds in the sum of $1,700.

FOR SALE CHEAP – A good lumber wagon. Enquire at Railroad Elevator, McEwen & Co.

WANTED: To trade an open buggy but little used, for a good work horse. – Apply to F. T. Jane

Marriage Licenses

The following persons were granted marriage licenses during the month of April:

Henry Reed and Lotta Evaline Doty

Wm. J. Bennett and Susan W. Casteel

James C. Andrews and Martha C. Hutchings

Wm. Williams and Adell Avery

Eugene Grau and Mary Gats

Richard Caddock and Amelia Brown


CULLARD – HARDY – At the parsonage, in this city, on Wednesday, May 3rd, 1876, by Rev. A. B. Marschall, Alexander Cullard and Maria Ann Hardy, of Braceville, Grundy county, Ill.

LOUCH – COLLINS – At the M. E. parsonage, May 4th, by Rev. J. H. Alling, Thomas Louch and Miss Eliza Collins, all of Goodfarm, Ill.

List of Letters remaining the Post Office, at Morris, Grundy County, Ills., for the week ending May 8, 1876, and uncalled for. Persons calling for any of the following letters will please call for “Advertised.”

Branson, Martin; Peterson, Miss Anna L.; Burk, Miss Mary; Roddle, Mr. W. H.; Brainard, Samuel T.; Skinner, D. A. Esq.; Fleming, David (2); Shire, Johanna A.; Granlee, Miss Arty; Thompson, Miss Susan; Graw, Eugene; Tjamal, Chris; Hickett, D. Esq; Braithmait, John (Canada); L. Whitney, P.M.


At the meeting of the lodge of Good Templars May 5th 1876, the following officers were installed: Thos. Stott, W.C.T., Mrs. Helman, W.V.T.; E. L. Bartlett, W.S.; L. D. Thorn, W.F.8; N. J. Nelson, W.T; Eugene Helms, W.M.; Mrs. Stott, W.G.; Thos. Tetlow, W. Sent.; Mrs. Harrison, W.C.; Mrs. Tetlow, W. O.S., Mrs. A. Thorn, W.R.S.; Mrs. Stanhope, W.L.S.; Mrs. Garth, W.D.M.; N. Bartlett, P.W.C.T.; N. J. Nelson, L.D.


Typed and submitted by Kathleen Berner Groll.

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