Morris Herald – June 16, 1876

Excerpts from the Morris Herald for June 16, 1876.

Aux Sable

Mrs. Mary Hodson died on the 2nd inst. She leaves a husband and three little ones to mourn her departure. The funeral, which took place on Saturday, was quite largely attended by relatives and friends.

Ervie, son of D. Tabler, aged about 8 months, died June 10th of whooping cough. Funeral Monday, June 12th.

Mrs. Allie Sanderford and Miss Maggie Birtwistle of Joliet, are visiting friends in this neighborhood. On Wednesday, of last week, they and several other young ladies visited at Mrs. A. Lord’s and had a very enjoyable time.

The monthly sociable at Mr. Hall’s last Thursday was quite well attended, considering the unpleasant weather.

The meeting at Mr. Murphy’s grove on Sunday was very suddenly terminated by a heavy shower. Quite a number had congregated and the service had commenced. A few repaired to the school house and received the sacrament.

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Barker went to Joliet a few days ago and returned with a new carriage.



Our old A. D. Keepers, of Chenos, was in town last week. He says he is doing well.

The M. E. Sunday School have a picnic next Saturday, June 17th, at Sulphur Spring.

Dr. J. B. Taxis and wife leave Monday for Philadelphia via the lakes.

It is decided that our postoffice be moved to the east side of the railroad track.



The following are the selections, assignments and salaries of the teachers, for the next school year, commencing September 4th, 1876:

Prof. Waters, Superintendent $1500; Miss Kate Mosher, High School, $700; Miss Alida C. Bliss, Grammar School $500; Miss Mary E. Hare, Intermediate School, $400; Miss Lizzie H. Massey, Upper Primary, $400; Miss Alice Conlong, Upper Primary, $400; Miss Jennie A. Bross, Lower Primary, $400; Miss Julia Pomeroy, Principal 3rd Ward, $400; Miss Carrie Rogers, Assistant 3rd Ward, $340; Miss Mary J. Noble, Principal 4th Ward, $400; Miss Hattie Hall, Assistant 4th ward, $340; Miss Elsie F. Hare, Principal 5th ward, $425;  Miss Hattie McFarlane, Assistant 5th ward, $340.

The Board of Education are satisfied from experience that the lower primaries demand the most experienced teachers and have therefore made changes with that view.  The teacher of the lower primary of each ward school will be the principal of the school and have charge of the building.


Is hereby given that on and after this date all saloons are strictly prohibited from giving my son, John Thiry, any liquors of any kind; also all persons are strictly prohibited from giving him anything on my account. Mrs. C. Thiry

Morris, IL June 16, 1876


All persons indebted to me, are requested to call and settle by the 1st of July, 1876. All accounts not settled by that time will be placed in the hands of a collector. August Stalp

Mazon, June 5th, 1876


An almost new billiard table. Inquire of Walter Adams, corner of Washington and Wauponsee streets, Morris, IL.


Remaining in the Post Office, at Morris, Grundy County, Ills., for the week ending June 12, 1876, and uncalled for. Persons calling for any of the following letters will please call for “Advertised”.

  • Cole, Mr. D
  • Decker, Mr. Jasper
  • Ridge, Mrs. Eliza
  • Meade Reade, Sidney A.
  • Solomon, Mr. E.
  • ??
  • Talbear, Mr. L??orenzo
  • Braedford, David O. (Can)
  • L. Whitney, P.M.


Lucinda, wife of Morgan Button, died at their residence in Wauponsee, May 26th, 1876.  She was born in Pennsylvania in October, 1831, at the age of nine years she with her parents, moved to Highland county, Ohio, and thence to this county in 1849. During her stay in Ohio, she embraced the religion of Christ and united with the church, in which connection she lived until her death. About this time Death deprived her of her mother.

On moving into this county, the family settled just south of the river on what is now known as the old Claypool farm.  Here the scene to them was a wild one; the great open prairie, stretching off to the south and west with its tall grasses interspersed with flowers, the hum of the wild bee, the singing of birds, the bounding of the deer, the howl of the prairie wolf, presented to this young girl of eighteen summers a scene full of romantic beauty. Soon after they had become settled in their new home while crossing the river at Morris, an acquaintance was formed with the young ferryman, Morgan Button, to whom she afterward plighted herself in matrimony. Shortly after their marriage, contrary to the advice and entreaty of friends, they moved some two or three miles further out on the great prairie, taking up a piece of canal land which was thought to be almost worthless. From this undertaking the young wife did not shrink, but bravely urged her husband forward, saying that she knew that sacrifice and hardship would be the result, but if they were persevering and industrious, they could soon make for themselves a comfortable home.  So it proved; the soil was excellent, the country about them settled up rapidly and with God’s blessing upon their efforts they soon found themselves in easy circumstances.  For many years they enjoyed together the fruit of early sacrifice and toil.

She was a lady of great energy and force of character.  Notwithstanding the fact that she was burdened with the cares and responsibilities of a large family, she always found time for outside duties-time to look after and administer to the needs of the sick – time to help onward all undertakings that had for their object the upbuilding and bettering of society-and time for active work in the church.  She will be missed – missed as a Christian lady, as a friend and neighbor, but above all she will be missed as a mother. The sympathy and kindness shown by the entire neighborhood during her long and tedious illness, the willingness manifested by all to do whatever could be done, that would in any way add to her ease and comfort is a higher testimony to her worth and merit than any word that might now be said or written. Though she has gone from among us, her active life remains a living monument of what she has been.

On the morning of the 8th inst. Died Minnie Rosette, daughter of Jonas and Luna Bartlett, aged 8 years, 3 months, and 20 days.

In the afternoon of the same day, Edith Edee Elsworth, daughter of Jonas and Luna Bartlett, aged 10 years, 5 months, and 10 days.

Two bright and beautiful flowers plucked in one day from the same household! – Two tender lambs taken home to the bosom of the Loving Shepherd! Two spirits, unstained by sin, removed from earth to Heaven, to dwell forever in the sunshine of joy and peace! But, oh! The desolate hearts of that father and mother!  We sympathize with them and would mingle our tears with theirs over their great loss, as do many other friends and relatives. May the good Father above comfort their hearts and lighten their burden as He only can.



The Republican County Convention for the nomination of officers to be voted for at the ensuing election to be held on Tuesday, November 7th, 1876, met at the Court House in Morris, on Monday last, 12th inst. The convention was called to order by Geo. P. C. Hayes, Chairman of the Republican county central committee, by the nomination of Hon. W. T. Hopkins, and temporary Chairman, J. H. Coles, of Gardner was chosen as temporary Secretary.

On motion, C. W. Needham, J. F. Burleigh and Levi Pierce were appointed a committee on Permanent organization.

On motion, C. Grant, James Hunt, and Dr. C. J. I. Murray, were appointed committee on credentials.

The committee on credentials reported the following persons as entitled to seats in the convention:

Norman  – Joseph Dewey and Perry Goss

Saratoga – J. A. Hunt, Alex Telfer, John Steel and Wm. Kerns

Mazon – A. R. Newport, J. C. Keltner, J. F. Burleigh, Volney Parker

Greenfield – J. H. Coles, H. Cassingham, Chas. Smith, James Cole, W.F. Hastings, Isaac McClunn, Arnold Edmonds

Goodfarm – E. R. Barr and Steven Robinson

Aux Sable – Wm. H. Randall, G. Dahlam, I. Cryder

Vienna – H. G. Gorham, A. W. Moore

Wauponsee – James Stine, J. D. Hill, H. Newport and Samuel Woods

Highland – Harris Small, Phillip Wall, Wm. Pierce

Felix – Thos. Carpenter, John Holderman

Braceville – Geo. Augestine, Geo. W. Booth, E.R. Booth, David James

Nettle Creek – Oliver Dix, Ara Dix, and I. N. Brown

Morris – C. Grant, C. W. Needham, C. J. I. Murray, W. T. Hopkins, Jacob Geisen, S. B. Thomas, Wm. Rolley, John Schobert, Geo. Brown, Levi Pierce, Henry Werner, L. P. Lott

The committee on Permanent organization reported by resolution, that the present organization be retained as the Permanent organization of this convention. Adopted.

On motion the convention proceeded to the nomination of candidates.

J. R. Combs was nominated for the office of Circuit Clerk.  There being no other candidate on motion of L. P. Lott, Mrs. Combs was nominated by acclamation.

For Sheriff, John Schroder, Scott Armitage, S. H. Miller and Alex Bushnell were nominated.

On motion the Chairman of each delegation was instructed to cast the ballot of the delegation.

The vote for the candidates for Sheriff resulted as follows: Schroder, 38; Armitage, 7; Miller, 4; Bushnell, 3.

On motion the nomination of Mr. Schroder was made unanimous.

For State’s Attorney, A. R. Jordan was nominated by acclamation.

For Coroner, Dr. E. Ridgway was nominated by acclamation.

On motion of E. R. Barr, the delegates to the Representative Convention were authorized to present to the convention the name of Volney Parker as a candidate for the office of Representative.

The delegation were also authorized to use their influence for the nomination of but two candidates in this district.

The following persons were elected as delegates to the District convention:

C. W. Needham, Geo. Riddle, Geo. Booth and E. R. Barr

On motion the convention proceeded to the selection of a central committee to succeed the present committee, whose time expires after the ensuing November election.

Highland, Wm. Pierce; Vienna, O. Strong; Norman, Amos Dewey; Erienna, N. Young; Nettle Creek, I. N. Brown; Goodfarm, Mathew Johnson; Mazon, J. F. Burleigh; Wauponsee, James Stine; Morris, A. R. Jordan; Greenfield, J. H. Coles; Braceville, G. P. Augustine; Felix, H. F. Robinson; Aux Sable, Wm. H. Randall.

The committee organized by electing A. R. Jordan, Chairman.

The convention adjourned sine die.

County Court: County Court convened in regular session on last Monday. But little business was transacted. The case of the People vs. Orville C. Fuller charged with assault with intent to do bodily injury, tried at the last term of court, at which time the jury failed to agree, was continued till the next term of court, in consequence of the absence of material witnesses. All other cases were of a civil nature to which the public is but little interested.

Thirty-six Illinois – The members of Co. G of this regiment are requested to meet at the office of A. R. Jordan in Morris, Saturday, June 17th, at 2 P. M., to make arrangements for having the names of the various battles the regiment was engaged in placed upon the flag which was presented to the company by the ladies of Morris. Let there be a full turn out. W. Kerns.


Typed and submitted by Kathleen Berner Groll.

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