Morris Herald – September 22, 1876

Excerpts of the Morris Herald for September 22, 1876.


PATTERSON – LILLY – On the 11th inst., by L. P. Lott, Esq., at his office, Mr. James Patterson to Miss Susan Lilly, both of Diamond.

LILLY – WILLIAMS – On the 15th inst., by L. P. Lott, Esq., at his residence, Mr. Thomas Lilly, of Diamond, to Miss Elizabeth Williams, of Felix.

YOUNG – LILLY – On the 16th inst., by L. P. Lott., Esq., at his residence, Mr. George Young to Miss Anna Lilly, both of Diamond.

EDMONDS – COLE – On the 18th inst., by L. P. Lott, Esq., at his office, Mr. Edmond S. Edmonds to Miss Melissa Cole, all of Plattville, Kendall Co.


Rebecca Dorothy, wife of Samuel L. Sawyer, was born in Kent, Litchfield Co., Conn., Feb. 27, 1815, and died in Nettle Creek, Sept. 16, 1876, aged 61 last February. She had lived in Illinois 24 years. She suffered much and patiently through the last sickness, of three weeks in duration, and departed this life in blessed hope of a better one in the Unseen Universe. She was a laborious and faithful wife, and unspeakable loss to her husband-a tender and solicitous mother, whom her four sons greatly loved and revered, and followed her in deepest regret to her last resting place. She is everywhere spoken of in terms of highest respect by her neighbors, and beloved by all who knew her. Departing this life in an experienced Christian hope, her record is also on high. — (J.H.A.)


The following merchant’s of Morris agreed to close their several places of business at 8 o’clock every evening during the week, except Saturday, commencing on the 1st October: L. F. Beach, J.A. Locke, F.E. Bartlett, A.F. Mallory, C. H. Hansen, Reinhard, Meyer & Co., Geo. Turner, Zens and Caspari, Woelfel & Sparr, Baum and Schobert, Chas. Comerford, John W. Tatham, M. K. Keller, Murnan & Hughes, L.B. Ray. This is a movement in the right direction, and we hope those of our merchants who have not already signified their intention of closing will fall into line.


L. Ravens has removed his Union Bakery into the Hart block, on Liberty street. The room has been refitted for the accommodation of the public who will be served with warm meals at all hours of the day. A new oven has been built in the rear of the building, and Mr. Ravens, as heretofore, will furnish to customers a No. 1 article of bread and pastry of all kinds. Oysters will be served by him in any manner of any quantity. Don’t forget the removal.

We acknowledge the receipt of an invitation to attend the wedding of Moses Britt, son of Moses Britt, of Nettle Creek, to Miss Mary King, which was to have taken place at Buffalo, New York, on last Tuesday evening, September 19, 1876. Previous engagements prevented our being present to offer our congratulations in persons. Now that Britt (on) has a King may the rule be that of love, and good government and prosperity the result.

The Cottage Hotel, under the management of Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Nichols, is fast becoming a popular tarrying place for those visiting the city. Especially is this the case with farmers. This class of custom has more than doubled since Mr. Nichols opened the house. The house is retired, yet handy to the centre of business, and everything so neat and clean, that it makes a home-like feeling come over a person, and when he has stopped there once he is sure to return. The Cottage Hotel never was in better hands then now.


Typed and submitted by Kathleen Berner Groll.

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