Morris Herald – January 4, 1878

Excerpts from the Morris Herald for January 4, 1878

Page 1, Column 6

September Events

2. 26 children partake of their first communion at the Catholic church.

3. Public schools open. An alarm of fire, caused by flames issuing from Pat Masterson’s dwelling, calls the fire department out, but the flames are easily extinguished without the aid of the steamer.

8. Wm. Dennison and son fall into the Mazon coal pit, a distance of 60 feet, and both are badly, though not seriously, injured.

13. Mrs. Henry C. June dies, aged 31 years and 9 months. Sammy, infant child of J. A. and M. W. Kutz, dies.

18. A 9-year old son of John Young, of Highland, dies from the effects of his horse falling on him a few days previous. An alarm of fire calls the firemen to Warren Jones’ residence, but the fire is extinguished without the aid of Shaubanee. Brice Murphy, a highly esteemed citizen of the town of Vienna, dies at the age of 77 years and 8 months.

19. Sammy Kettlewall, of Saratoga, falls from a wagon and meets with a painful accident.

22. Orrin Gibson, of Mazon, while testing some wet powder, is severely burned about the face by the powder igniting and the flames coming in contact with two bottles filled with the same article.

27. Hull’s Bank realizes $40 at their ball. Aaron Deplitch, employed on the farm of G.H. Hull, Norman, is killed by falling from his wagon under the horses’ hoofs.

25. The Grundy Fair opens, with receipts at 6 p.m. to the amount of $250 and 600 entries.

29. Some scamp enters Jacob Williams’ pasture, in Felix, and butchers a two-year-old steer. Tramps enter John Reilley’s house, in Norman, and appropriate $22.

October Events

1. Frank Tupper resigns the Presidency of Eagle Hose Co. Hoisting coal at the Mazon shaft commences.

5. The mother of Matt Johnson, Goodfarm, dies at the ripe age of 82 years, 4 months, and 2 days. A 10-year-old son of John Heather, living east of this city, is kicked by a horse.

6. Charles Schau falls down the Coal City mine and is killed.

10. An unsuccessful attempt is made to fire the Book Concern building.

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