Morris Herald – February 3, 1888

Excerpts from the Morris Herald for February 3, 1888.

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Hard coal at O. H. Fuller’s.

Little Kay Murray is quite sick.

Thos. Green, of Gardner, was on our streets Monday.

H. E. Pomeroy is somewhat indisposed this week. Cause, a bad cold.

Mrs. J. W. Moreland, of Streator, spent last Sabbath with her parents at Wauponsee Grove.

Mrs. Cornelia Fuller has been very sick the past few weeks but is considerably better at this writing.

Master Walter Isham entertained a number of his young friends at his home last Friday evening.

Almond Fuller, of Kansas City, brother of P. E. Fuller, is renewing old acquaintances here this week.

Mrs. Manly Horton, of Paw Paw, Ill., a sister of Miss Blood, is visiting with old acquaintances at this place this week.

It certainly will pay you to call and examine my stock of goods and get prices before purchasing. A. J. Robb.

Little Mamie Carl, who has been sick the past few weeks with whooping cough, was taken suddenly worse on Friday, threatened with brain fever.

Last Saturday evening about twenty young people assembled at the home of G. Isham for the purpose of surprising their friends. All report an enjoyable evening.

Mrs. Wilson Small has now a little over $20 subscribed for the county soldiers’ monument. Anyone wishing to donate to this fund can leave the same at the hardware store.

S. W. Gibson has just received a fresh supply of groceries, dry goods, hats, gloves, shoes, and in fact everything in his line, which he is offering at very low prices.


“Baby” Slusser is on the sick list.

Mrs. Al. Waters has been indisposed for some days past with a bad cold.

Will Pennell spent Saturday and Sunday last in Gardner, visiting friends.

Henry Scofield spent some days recently visiting relatives in Aurora, Ills.

Parties in quest of hay can get the same by calling on W. I. Keepers, Goodfarm.

Miss Ella Traver, of Gardner, is rusticating with friends in and around Mazonville.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Teeman’s little babe has been quite sick lately, with catarrhal fever.

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Johnson visited their daughter, Mrs. Geo. Waters, in this vicinity last week.

Fet Gardner has so far recovered from his typhoid attack that he is now able to paddle his own canoe.

“Wallie,” don’t give up in dispare, 1888 is going to be a good growing season, and you’ll “sprout a feet.”

“Sauer Kraut” that is strong enough to hold together fourteen miles is up to the standard, is it not?

The many friends of S. G. Stevens will be pleased to learn that, at this writing, he is decidely better.

Fred Kingman will only be too pleased to write his “autograph” for you on his little book of tax receipts.

Eph. Erickson was out from Morris one day last week and stopped over night with his brother, Ed, in this locality.

Did you notice what a time the moon had playing peek-a-boo with the stars last Saturday evening? Eclipse, you know.

Truman Da La Matter has adopted a novel plan of putting up ice. He packs the ice first and then builds the house over it.

The holiday edition of THE HERALD is at last in the hands of the many HERALD readers, and it does credit to its editor.

We are informed that certain parties have been shooting chickens lately. They must have forgotten that the law prohibits such sport.

Mr. Peterson, brother of Mrs. Ed. Erickson, from north of Morris, has been spending some days with that lady and her husband in this vicinity.

Mark Esgar and wife, of Vienna, and Mrs. M. Esgar’s mother, Mrs. Wm. Ray, from Diamond, paid M.D. Esgar and family a pleasant call last Sabbath.

If we were a school marm these days, with all the children “barking and sneezing,” we should want to take a bale of cotton to school every day to poke in our ears.


Typed and submitted by Deb Haines.

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