Morris Herald – April 27, 1888

Excerpts from the Morris Herald for April 27, 1888


Mrs. O. E. DAVIS still continues very poorly.

Mrs. Allan HAZZARD will move to Chicago this week.

Mrs. ELERDING, of Morris, is rusticating at Z. ISHAM’s.

Miss Susie SADDLER, of Wauponsee, spent the Sabbath in Mazon.

Lee SEALY, with the aid of a cane, is again able to be on our streets.

A.C. JOHNSON was re elected school director last Saturday evening.

Elmer and Sadie ISHAM and Miss CLARK spent last Sabbath in Morris.

Miss Alice CLARK, of Colfax, Ind., was present at the wedding of her brother John.

U. G. TAYLOR will spare a few settings of his pure Light Brahma and Leghorn eggs at $1.50 per 13.

Mathew JOHNSON and wife left last Tuesday for York, Neb. They will be gone about thirty days visiting their children.

Mrs. Clark CARLE left Wednesday of last week for Lichfield. She will remain about two weeks visiting her parents.

M. S. DEWEY returned home from Bushnell Friday, where he has one of his well augers set up for inspection and has already made the sale of one of them.

Go to A. J. ROBB’s for dried beef, sugar-cured hams, good brooms from 15 to 25 cents each; coffee, 5 pounds for $1.00; canned corn at 10c per can; two-hooped pails, 15c; three-hooped pails, 20c; wash tubs, 50 to 75 cents each; extra fine tea 35 cents per pound; and in fact all goods in his line at proportionately low prices.

Raining seems to be quite a prominent feature in Mazon. A young man reigned down from Michigan the other day and scooped the Coal City and Mazonites bad. Just to show what he could do, he pawned his baggage and started in pursuit of the Streator accommodation, which he succeeded in overtaking in the neighborhood of Mr. BELDING’s pasture. “Brace up, boys.”

Mrs. C. D. WILSON will now receive millinery goods weekly from the city during the season. The ladies can now find the celebrated Ipailante drop stays, best in the market, drop extenders, summer corsets, silks, arasene for fancy work, etc.  She expects to have competent help during the busy season. All orders promptly attended to, any specialty not kept in stock, will be ordered immediately from the city. Thankful for past favors she hopes to merit a continuance of the same.

Mr. John B. CLARK, of Colfax, Ind., and Miss Sarah E. ISHAM, of Mazon, were united in marriage on Wednesday of this week.


Business is booming.

Mr. ENEIX is reroofing his house.

A.K. KNAPP is receiving considerable grain at his warehouse.

There have been a good many railroad men in town this week.


Horseback riding is the prevailing past-time of our young ladies.

We understand the Salvation Army is coming to our town in the near future.

At the election last Saturday, Dr. WATSON was re-elected member of the school board.

Some of our business men have been informed that the question of moving the county seat from Morris to Minooka is being seriously agitated.

The body of the strange man that was found on the railroad track west of here last week was not identified. The authorities sent it to Morris for interment.

Many of our followers of the piscatorial art have been busily engaged in taking the tinny tribe in out of the wet at Channahon and other places along the river.


Typed and submitted by Deb Haines.

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