Morris Herald – November 2, 1888

Excerpts from the Morris Herald for November 2, 1888.


Mrs. Adams was out from Morris Thursday.

I have for sale a good farm containing 120 acres. H. K. Avery

James O’Leary has built quite a large addition to his residence.

M. Abbott went to Joliet Tuesday morning to visit his brother who is sick.

Willard Small has on track the fourth carload of potatoes and is selling them at 48 cents per bushel.

The Verona Torchlight Club went to Morris Tuesday, and besides nearly everybody attended the great rally.

Miss Nellie Weldon and Mrs. Leach were over from Dwight last week visiting friends in Verona and vicinity.

Eugene Slossen has returned to Mississippi this week. He has loaded a car of oats to ship down there where they are scarce.

Mrs. Anna Beckman, child and husband arrived from the West Saturday to visit their sisters Fannie Barner and Mary Dewey.

James Woodley stepped on a rusty nail and ran it through his boot and through his foot. He is liable to have a very serious time with it.

Wm. Browning’s little boy, about four years old, fell out of a buggy in which he was playing and broke his arm. Medical attention was immediately procured and the little fellow is doing well.

Lumber for corncribs is in good demand. The crop is large and many are obliged to build cribs to hold the immense crop. Husking has been commenced, but the corn is hardly dry enough to keep in bulk.

The Universalist services will be held as usual on Sunday, November 11, at half past ten at Verona. Rev. Rogers will direct his remarks especially to the young men, and the evening discourse will be to the young ladies.

The Republican rally of the 25th inst., was a success. There was a large number of people present. Mr. J. H. Funk addressed the people during the afternoon and Hon. O’Conner and Gen. Hayes during the evening. The Morris Glee Club were present and enlivened the evening entertainment with appropriate songs. The ladies furnished a free supper to all, the necessary material being donated by the citizens of Verona and surrounding country. Everything passed off quietly.

Typed and submitted by Deb Haines

Typed and submitted by Deb Haines.

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