Morris Herald – May 30, 1890

Excerpts from the Morris Herald for Friday, May 30, 1890.


To Loan – $1,000 school funds.  Enquire of Henry Stocker, treasurer.

Money to loan at six and seven per cent in sums to suit. Inquire of G.W. Huston.

J.G. Nelson and wife are now at Albion View, a short distance from Chattanooga, Tenn.

Dr. Gale and wife, of Lacon, were visitors here the past week with Mrs. C. Handwerk, mother of Mrs. Gale.

George Bingham offers his farm in town of Norman for sale. A splendid chance to get a good farm. See notice in another column.

Geo. Putt has his delivery wagon out of the shop and it is a beauty. George always did have a faculty of keeping things up in ship-shape.

Fred Simpson has return from Rock Rapids where he spent the week previous with his wife and her sister, Miss Minnie Hathaway, who are doing a fine business.

J.B. Davidson offers for sale the house and lot on Fulton street, where he lives.

Mrs. Wm. Brady and two children were visitors on Mrs. Wm. Woolsey, Sr., the past week.

The festival at Wm. Kerns’ last Tuesday evening was quite a success, many people from Morris being present and a good time being had.

F.W. Edson, of Pierre, S. Dakota, arrived in town last Sunday and remained until Monday morning, visiting his wife’s people, Mr. and Mrs. Tetlow.

Rev. Magner returned from his visit to his old home in Indiana on Saturday and preached the Memorial sermon at the M. E. church on Sunday evening.

Mazon creek got on an awful tear last week.  The water was higher than it had been known in years, even to the knowledge of “the oldest inhabitant.”

The last invoice of 39 cent hats for this season, received in stock this week. Call early to secure these bargains. M. Hamlin Woolsey


Remaining in the post office at Morris, Grundy county, Ill., for the week ending May 27, 1890, and uncalled for. Persons calling for any of the following will please say “advertised.”

Carkhuff, H.B.

Galagher, Thos.

Larsen, Annie Elizabeth


Her. Ludwig Jensen Guddal

Her. Peder. Omvig

Typed and submitted by Kathleen Berner Groll.

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