Morris Daily Herald – Dec. 5, 1893

Excerpts from the Morris Daily Herald December 5, 1893


Mrs. John Cameron is reported under the weather.

Sue Osgood, elocutionist at Baptist church tonight.

Many flat roofs were cleared of the heavy snow covers today.

J.C. Horrie took the morning train to Chicago to transact business.

Tip Henderson will move shortly into the Harry Foster house on Canal street.

Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hoyt, south of the river, are reported quite ill, notably the latter.

The Ladies Aid Society of the Presbyterian church will meet with Mrs. Frank Beebee Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock.

Regular meeting of the Mendelssohn club meets with Lulu Gehbard at 7 o’clock this evening: Subject Hayden.

The school steam heater was examined and found to be frozen up in a small portion of it in the basement which was only attributable to an oversight and speedily remedied.

LaGrippe is said to be going the rounds again. There are several cases here and in the country showing the general symptoms of this disease, among whom we learn of the Bashaw family.

P. McAllister is reported much improved. He and his wife had gone to Channahon to spend Thanksgiving with Mrs. McAllister’s parents, when Mr. McAllister took sick with lung trouble.

Chas. Handwerk returned from Channahon last evening when he left him in an improved condition.

Joe Spittler is under the weather.

W.E. Viner was in Joliet on business yesterday.

Miss Craig of Braceville township visited in Morris today.

The sale at Wm. Kerns’ today is said to have resulted not so well as was expected. Nearly everything was sold at a great sacrifice.

Mrs. Thos. Walsh of Verona spent the day with her nephew, Dr. Walsh.

Miss Hurd of Canada, who has been visiting with her uncle, Reuben Hurd, returned home today.

Mrs. Hutchinson and also Mrs. Haines are getting along nicely with their wounds and promise recovery in a reasonable time.

Mr. and Mrs. M.G. Stevens and Mr. and Mrs. Waters of Mazon were Morris visitors today.

Geo. Kindlespire has taken the little Clocker babe; whose mother died last week, to live with him.

Married at the Congregational parsonage, Dec 5, at 3 o’clock, James Bray and Miss Cora B. Cragg both of Braceville.

Card of Thanks: I wish to return my heartfelt thanks to my many kind friends and neighbors who so kindly assisted me in the sad hour of the death of my beloved wife. I. Klocker

For Small Pox: The board of education held a regular meeting last evening, at which an order was passed, excluding all unvaccinated children from the public schools. Smallpox is alarming the residents of larger cities and the action of the board is timely. The country schools adopted similar measures a short time ago, and Dr. Sturtevant was yesterday kept busy most of the day vaccinating country school children.

Advertised Letters: List of letters uncalled for week ending Dec. 2, 1893.

Adamson, Ame

Clevidence, A.E.

Campbell, Mrs.

Farrell, J.J.

Gardner, T.F.

Scott, W.H.

When calling for any of the above letters please say “Advertised.” If not called for within two weeks, will be sent to Dead Letter Office. Wm. Strong, P.M.

Cheap in Price – Best in Quality: Parties ordering coal from Espley & Co., may leave orders for same with Wm. Dewar, as we are responsible for the coal he delivers. We don’t reduce prices and make it up in short weights, as any one who gets coal from us can have the same weighed on any scales they wish. Our coal is recognized as of better quality than produced by any other shaft around Morris. Espley & Co.

Notice: All unvaccinated children and all pupils who have not exhibited a proper vaccination certificate to the school authorities will be debarred from the public schools on and after Jan. 4, 1894. By order of the Board of Education. E. Ridgway, Sec’y.

Charlie Taylor Bound Over, Held Under $500 for Assaulting Lucy Kodat

Charlie Taylor, the fellow who was brought here by Sheriff Daniels from Cable, Ill., to answer the charge of rape, said to have been committed on little Lucy Kodat several weeks ago, was arraigned before Squire Gifford at 2 o’clock this afternoon. The witnesses summoned from Carbon Hill, which were unable to get here on Monday, the day set for the trial, on account of the weather, were Mrs. Bell, James McArdle, Frank Kodat, Mrs. Kodat and the victim of the assault, little Lucy Kodat. They were all examined but little 11 year old Lucy told the most lucid and simple story. She said she had been coaxed to take a buggy ride and refused, finally yielding under protest. She was driven out near the Trotter farm before Taylor would stop the horse, she meanwhile crying and begging to be let out. On the way he had improperly asked her of her clothing, and when he stopped dragged her into a ditch, by the wayside, all but effecting her ruin when Mrs. McArdle happened along and took the girl home. All the witnesses agreed so far as they were competent to give evidence. Taylor told the story that he left town because he had heard the girl’s father was hunting for him with a revolver owing to his failure to pay a saloon bill of $7; and that he had taken the girl out riding reluctantly, wanting her little brother instead; having pulled her out of the buggy he said, finally to let her run home. He said he was drunk and in so doing he fell with her to the ground. That was all. The Squire bound him over to the grand jury under the sum of $500.

Hanawalt-Small Wedding at Mazon

A pleasant wedding took place at the home of D.S. Small Thursday evening, Nov. 30th, at 8:30 in Mazon, when Myrtle, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Small was given in marriage to the principal of the Mazon school, C. G. Hannawalt. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dana Shurill.

Mrs. Hanawalt has lived in Mazon ever since she was a child, and is a general favorite with the inhabitants of that place, both young and old.  The groom has been a very efficient principal of the school over which he now presides for over three years, and has won the esteem and respect of the entire community. The happy couple were shown their popularity by the many and beautiful presents which they received. After the ceremony, and, of course, the hand shakings, congratulations, etc., the entire party, consisting of fifty invited guests sat down at a bountiful spread. Mr. and Mrs. Hanawalt have the best wishes of all their friends.

Typed and submitted by Kathleen Berner Groll.

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