Morris Daily Herald – Dec. 6, 1893

Excerpts from the Morris Daily Herald December 6, 1893


Mrs. Wm. Hamilton is reported sick.

Frank Struble is today moving into his new house.

E.J. Vickery of Dwight was over to Morris today.

J.R. Jorstad paid his former place of residence, Leland, a visit today.

A little son of A.R. Eldred is confined to his home by illness.

Mr. and Mrs. Remington are reported among the sick of our city.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Knight of the Equitable Insurance were visitors in Morris today.

Dr. ??? and friend came down Chicago today to take a cutter for his estate in Lisbon.

The W.R.C. ladies are earnestly requested to meet with Mrs. Perkins on Friday afternoon, December 8, to sew. There is an abundance of work yet to be finished and all make an effort to attend. Come early and bring your thimble.

Mr. Hinds and Mr. and Mrs. Little registered at the Carson House today. The two gentlemen are here in the interests of the Rockford Insurance Co.

Major Cropley turned up in Morris today, showing evidences of bad usage, but nevertheless still in the ring. He said the horse used him badly at Lisbon, but he got over it O.K.

Meeting of the C.L.S.C. on Saturday at 2 p.m., with Mrs. W.H. Gore. Lisbon, Roman history, pages 73 to 117, author, Phebe Cary.

Miss Phronie McCrosky began teaching for the winter term at the country school recently under the charge of Miss Minnie Petty.

Squire S.D. Holderman was in from Erienna today.

Little Edna, daughter of Ole Erickson is said to be quite sick.

J.R. Jorstad has some very nice hanging and library lamps, just received. See them.

C.F. Hanson’s visit to Joliet yesterday was fruitful, and he secured from Judge Dibell a writ of habeas corpus and the prisoner who is not thought to be LeBroun, will have a hearing before Dibell Saturday next, when witnesses from Central City will be present to offer evidence.

If the XXX society could witness the joy and comfort their kind donations have brought an invalid widow in the Fourth ward they would truly have more faith in the proverb that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Although it is rather late in the day it is nevertheless true that the high school faculty heartily enjoyed the market basket full of cake, fruit, and ice cream sent from the Wilson-Pattison wedding.

The Elocutionary entertainment given at the Baptist church last evening under the auspices of the Baptist Young People’s Union was not all that could be desired so far as the financial matters were concerned, but Miss Osgood did herself credit for being only a short time in the field. She is still attending school at Marseilles her home, and her repertoire was not as extensive as it might have been, but her selections were exceedingly well rendered. Miss Bertha Baum rendered a solo, and Miss ?? gave an organ solo, which were highly appreciative, Misses Baum and Fessler also singing a duet which was enjoyed.

P. McAllister Very Low

Webb Field and C.M. Goold, on behalf of the Modern Woodmen Lodge in this city, visited P. McAllister at Channahon, who is a member of that order, returning about noon. They report Mr. McAllister so low that there seems but little hope recovery. His brother Will has been at his bedside, and made another trip to Channahon this afternoon. Dr. Deairs, who is the Woodmen’s doctor, departed to attend the sick man today. This is very sad news and will be deeply regretted by all who hear of it. At last report Mr. McAllister was doing nicely, but it appears he had a relapse which may end fatally.

Terrible Accident: Harry Linden had a very sad experience about noon, as he visited the plow factory. He was engaged in running a piece of board through a knife machine when his hand slipped and the first three fingers of the right hand were entirely cut off. He was conveyed to the hotel where Dr. Palmer dressed the wound and fixed the hand up in as good shape as possible. Harry’s friends hope for his speedy recovery.

Court house: County Court meets 2nd Monday in January, June and September: The Probate Courts sits 1st Monday in each month.


Estate of Lauerman and Bahner, co-partnerships, appraisers Jacob Gorich, Michael Weidner and Geo. Wilkinson, appraisers bill issued. Inventory filed and approved.

In re guardianship of the minor heirs of John Duncan deceased, Eliza Duncan guardian. Bond for sale of real estate filed and approved.

In matter of Fred Yenne, said to be insane. Petition filed, writ rendered, subpoena issued Friday. Jury impaneled, verdict insane.

Estate of James Bell, deceased. Emma Bell, administrator. Will annexed. Receipt of Caroline S. Bell filed.

Estate of John Dunleavy deceased, J.C. Carr administrator. Hearing on administrators petition to recover assets. Evidence heard. Order issued that Mary A. Bray deliver to J.C. Carr personal property and $253, proceeds of rate of personal property of John Dunleavy deceased. Proof of pasting notices and publication filed.

In re insanity of Lena Heggan. Petition filed, writ and subpoena issued. Jury impaneled verdict insane.

Estate of Susan Hutchins deceased, Thos. Hutchins administrator. Report filed.

In re guardianship of Fritz and Frank Hanker. Annie ??? guardian. Report filed and approved. Guardian discharged as to Fritz. Final petition of Fritz filed.

Estate of Robert Sifleet deceased, Maria Sifleet executrix. Proof of publication and petition not filed.

Estate of Alex M. Stitt, deceased, Hannah J. Stitt administratrix. Proof of pasting notices and publication filed. Claim of E. Ridgway allowed the sum of $5.

Estate of Sawyer S. Clapp, deceased, Levi H. Bicknell, executor. Report filed.

Estate of Amanda J. Thomas, deceased, C.J. Ferguson, executor, will filed and admitted to probate. Proof of death and petition died, oath administered and letters issued.


P. A. Armstrong master’s sale to Geo. Winsor, d. commencing at s e corner of section 2-33-7, then west 68 degrees 5 minutes w 8 chains, s 4 chains, e 11 chains 24 blocks, s 24 chains two blocks, w 8 chains 48 blocks, south to Illinois then easterly along river to east line section 1-53-7 then west along east line of section 1 to north line then west to beginning 219-6 acres.  Consideration $11,500.65.

P.A. Armstrong master’s sale, to Jesse Bull, d. lot 4 Spiller’s addition to Gardner.  Consideration $800.

P.A. Armstrong, master’s sale, to John Spiller, w w ½, s ¼.  Consideration $2,926.

Mary Buchanan and husband to Margaret Kimmen, wd 50 x 50 S??? s of s.e. corner, intersection Broadway and Division streets Coal City. Consideration $100.

James E. Williamson and wife to Benj. Holroyd, wd. Lot 1 block S Nagles subdivision of lot 4 of canal trustees subdivision of sw ¼ sec. 3 town 33 north range 7 east sd principal meriden, Morris. Consideration $450.

Mary S. Buchanan and husband to Jos. Campbell, wd. Lot 12 block 32 Coal City as shown by Plat of Coal City. Consideration $100.

Dominico Columbus and wife to village of Suffern. Wd, lots 22 and 23 block 1-village of Suffern. Consideration $230.

Isaac H. Wills and wife to James E. Wills wd. 1 ½ of se ¼ sec 3 town 32 north in range 3 east of 3d principal meridian. Consideration $100.

James E. Wills and wife to Alice M. Wills, w ½ se ¼ sec. 6, town 32 north of range 5 east of S1 principal meridian. Consideration $100.

Wm. Mc.Itwer and wife to John McKesch. Wd lot 13, block 31 Coal City. Consideration $700.


The annual election of officers of the W.R.C. was held last evening at G.A.R. hall, and the following were chosen respectively, to fill the different offices: President, Mrs. Anna McAllister; senior-vice, Mrs. Mary Baird; junior vice, Mrs. Thos. Scott; Chaplain, Mrs. Lydia Baker; treasurer, Miss Hattie Carr; conductor, Miss Sue Magner; guard, Miss Edith Drake; installing officer, Miss Jennie Bross. The delegates chosen to the Department convention are Mrs. Baird and Miss Sue Magner, and the alternates Mrs. Pattison and Mrs. Burmeister.


A telegram was received here by Mrs. Whitney last evening announcing the sudden death of her husband, Prof. J.H. Whitney. For nearly two years he has suffered from heart trouble, but has always written hopefully of his condition, and expected this winter to complete the musical work which has engaged his time, labor and strength for some years. This work has received the highest commendations from musical critics. Deceased was father of Mrs. C.A. Miller, and died at his home in San Francisco. He was formerly a resident of Morris and did some excellent reportorial work on the Reformer. He was a writer of ability. The many here who knew him will regret to learn the sad news of his death, and will sympathize with the bereaved ones.


On the 27th day of November, Mrs. Amanda Thomas made the following will;

She ordered and directed her executor Charles D. Ferguson, to pay all debts, and funeral expenses, and as soon after decease as convenient to carry out the following details of her will;

A brick vault to be built the same as that of her husband, with head and footstones of Scotch granite to mark both graves. That the remains of her late mother and sister Mrs. L. Shaw be removed from their present resting place and placed in the family lot here. To the trustees of the Morris cemetery association $200 with which to care for the cemetery lot.

All her earthly belongs were bequeathed as follows: To John E. Thomas, her late husband’s brother of Williamsport, PA $2,000; to Bird and James Thomas, brothers of her late husband, $500; to Annie Thomas, daughter of J.E. Thomas $500; to her brother C.D. Ferguson $4,000, and the sole use and benefit of the 90 acre farm at Peter’s Ford; to her nephew Fred C. Ferguson $2,000; to Fred C. Ferguson and his heirs her dwelling house and lot together with the household furniture therein not otherwise disposed of; to Fred C. Ferguson an additional $200 with which to repair the house and lot; to Harry M. Ferguson, $2000; to Eugene Ray Ferguson, $2000; to S.D. Ferguson $300; to her sister, Amelia Riddle, $100; to Annie E. Ferguson $100, and also her ???; to Elizabeth ??eoker, $100; to Florence Ann Partridge, Canada, $100, to Myra Ferguson, wife of S.D. Ferguson, $100; to Blaney Commandery, Morris, her late husband’s picture, framed in gold; to Annie E. Ferguson, all her diamonds, jewelry, and watch trinkets to be divided as she thinks best; to C.D. Ferguson, Fred C. Ferguson and Eugene Ray Ferguson equal portions of the residue of her entire estate.

Mr. Robinson has returned from Plano where he has just finished a handsome barn for David Baird to replace the one destroyed by fire last summer.

Typed and submitted by Kathleen Berner Groll.

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