Grundy County Sentinel September 28, 1899

Friday’s Daily

Circuit Court

The attorney in the Hollenbeck case will probably finish reading the depositions this afternoon. This case has been occupying the attention of the court all week. The arguments which will be made in several weeks which will occupy two or three days time.


Daniel Daugherty vs. C. H. Roe & Co, appeal; suit dismissed; settle; costs paid.


Mary Cosgrove vs. Thos Cosgrove, divorce; Decree granted.

The grand jury returned the following true bills yesterday:

John Finch, selling liquor without a license; bail fixed at $200.

Wm. Seeley, alias “Tug” Seeley same; pleads guilty and fined $300 and costs.

Cyrus B. Seaton; larceny; bail fixed at $500.

Sandy Roberts and George Gray; same.

Edward Tenison, same.

Harry Walters and John Cane, same.

Frank Jones; bill ignored, defendant discharged.

Jas Barnes, same order.

John Sheely, selling liquor to minor.

Chas. Dolan and Geo Sibbald; abortion; bail fixed at $1500.

Saturday’s daily

The depositions in the Hollenbeck case were finished yesterday afternoon and the arguments continued several weeks. The petit jurors will appear Monday and the jury trials will be begun.

John Finch went before the circuit court today and plead guilty to selling liquor without a license and was fined $20 and costs.

The Circuit court gave Harriet M. Doering a divorce from her husband, Geo. H. Doering, today and also decreed her the custody of the child.


Grundy county Illinois vs. Alexander Telfer, escheat; Defendant called and defaulted. Hearing on proofs. Finding and judgment for petitioners and that Grundy county is seized of the premises described in the petition and said premises are vested in said county. Ordered that costs be taxed against the county.

The Rosenkrans & Weber Co. vs. Samuel C. J. Peterson, debt; Defendant called and defaulted. Judgment for $687.65 for plaintiffs.

Jerry Sproulls vs. Robt Whitten and Carrie Shire, bill; Proof of service by publication; defendant Whitten called and defaulted. Decree against Whitten for complainant.

Susan Braun vs. Jirah Stearns et al; Proof of service by publication and mailing notices. Defendants called and defaulted. Bill taken as confessed.

Mary A. Hawswrith vs. Joseph Hawswrith, divorce; Motion by complainant for temporary alimony and solicitors fees.

Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Ry Co vs. E O Rood et al, bill, injunction; Motion to retax costs.

John Pudlas vs. Augusta Pudlas, divorce; motion to vacate default.

Monday’s daily

The suit of Herman B. Hoge to set aside the will of the late Ann Amanda Gore was dismissed in the Circuit court today, the plaintiff to pay the costs.


Eliza Christy, decree for divorce from Samuel Christy.

Wm. Hamilton et al vs. Charlotte A. Auld, et all bill; Decree for complainant.

Jerry Sproulls vs. Robt Whitten and Carrie Shire, bill; Decree for complainant.

Anna M. Pope, decree of divorce from Chester E. Pope.


Harry Waters and John Cane, larceny; Bail fixed at $500.

Sandy Roberts and George Gray, larceny; same.

Edward Tenison, larceny; same.

John Sheely, selling liquor to minor; Enters plea of guilty to first and second counts and is fined $20 and costs on each count which he pays.

Geo Gray was arraigned and plead not guilty to the charge of larceny. D. R. Anderson was appointed to conduct his defense.

The People vs. Ole Olson; bill ignored, defendant discharged.

The following prisoners were arraigned before the court today and plead not guilty to the charges against them; Dr. Sibbald, Tenison Seaton, Harry Walters and John Cane.

Chas. Dolan furnished bail Saturday afternoon and was released from jail.


N. W. Johnson for use of L. M. Walters vs. McCormick Harvester Mfg. Co. garnishee; Jury waived by agreement of parties and submitted to court for trial. Motion by plaintiff for continuance. Motion sustained for the term at costs of plaintiff.

Norman Buckle vs. Herman B. and Sarah R. Hoge, assumpsit; H. H. Bayne withdrawn his appearance as council for the defendant.

McCormick Harvester Co vs. John McEvely (appellant) appeal; Defendant dismisses his appeal. Procendo awarded. Payment of costs in this court.

Mary Weldon vs. Fred Tibbetts et al appeal; Motion by plaintiff to amend and change title of cause.

John Kelley vs. Patrick H. Clennor, Nar and Cog., Judgment for plaintiff vs. defendants. $226.39 and costs. Execution ordered.

Tuesday’s daily

The case of E. E. Curtis, administrator of the estate of Wm. H. Curtis, deed, was tried today in the circuit court. The regular panel of jurymen not being present this morning when the court was called the deficiency was made up from the audience present. After the jury had been secured and all the evidence for the plaintiff heard, the opposing counsel made a motion that the court instruct the jury to retire and bring in a verdict of “no cause for action”. This motion was argued by the lawyers in the case and the judge sustained the motion. A motion was then made by the plaintiff to set aside the verdict and for a new trial of the cause. The plaintiff’s attorneys were Coles, Stead and Clover and Richolson and Reardon for the defendant.

The suit of Thos. Blackburn vs. the Village of Carbon Hill for damages sustained by being hurt on a defective sidewalk, was called this afternoon and a jury is being secured as we go to press. A motion was made today by the defendant in this case to require the plaintiff to file security for costs, but it was overruled by the court.

Mary LaCloche was given a decree of divorce from her husband Henry LaCloche today.

The Modern Woodmen were permitted to file an additional plea in the case brought against them by J. G. Quedens.

The Sarah E. Hand, et al vs. James McShane, et al suit was dismissed by the plaintiff at their costs.

Wednesday daily

The hearing of evidence in the damage suit of Thos. Blackburn against the village of Carbon Hill consumed the entire day. The business which was sandwiched in was as follows:

In the partition suit of W. A. Cameron et al vs. Julia Ann Cameron et al. The plaintiff asked leave to file amendments to bill.

George Stage was given a decree of divorce from Sarah Grace Stage.

An order was entered in the S. M. Underwood vs. C. L. Watson et al., case to refer the cause to the Master in Chancery to take proofs.

A new attachment bond was filed by the plaintiff approved in the law case of Thomas Glasgow vs. R. D. Wheaton & Co.

Thursday daily

The closing arguments in the Blackburn vs Carbon Hill damage case were made late yesterday afternoon and this morning and the jury retired to its deliberations about 10:30. The verdict had not been returned to the court up to 3 o’clock this afternoon.

A suit brought by F. B. Handwerk against Severt O. Hagen is being tried. In a justice court Handwerk won but the defendant took an appeal. The trouble is over a note.

The chancery case of Mary Hanswith vs. Joseph Hanswith, her husband has been set for next Wednesday and will be before a jury. The suit is for divorce and the defense it is understood will be insanity on the part of the plaintiff.

Willa A. Presley was given a decree of divorce from her husband today.

In the J. G. Quedens vs. Modern Woodmen of America damage suit the defense today asked the court to require the plaintiff to file security for costs. This motion was overruled.

County Court


Certificates of publication of claim day notices were filed Sept. 26 in the John Cameron Jr. and John Robinson estates.

Written objections to the additional assessment for Claypool Drainage ditch were filed by the C & A R R, Sept 27.

Sept 27, the claim of F. M. Higgins for $10.90 was allowed as of the 7th class in the M. B. O’Malley estate.

The widow of the late Frank Armstrong filed her relinquishment and selection Sept. 25th.

Ordered Sept 21 that the executor of the Daniel O’Connell estate file final report and proof of one week’s notice on or before Sept. 30.

Proof of death and will of Hirana Menaugh filed Sept. 25; petition for probate of will and letters testamentary filed; hearing set for Oct. 23 at 11 a.m.


Est of Christina Rubin, deed to Jos. Chvatal and heirs, wd, lot 2, blk 1, Buchanan’s add Coal City, $325.

Jas Cole, et al to Ida B. Melbourn, wd s½ n island and n½ s island of the two islands in Kankakee river, sec 1, Goose Lake, $150.

Braceville Coal Co to Wm Jones wd, lot 12, blk 40, Mitchell’s add to Braceville, $125.

Same to same, lot 7, blk 39, same add consideration.

Elizabeth Van Norman to Annie Smith, wd, lot 15, blk 1, Kinley plat of Verona, $425.

John Pearson to Michael Olson, wd, e½, nw fractional ¼ (except 4½ acres in nw corner) of sec 7, Erienna, $600.

Deputy Sheriff’s Son to War

Wednesday’s daily

Elmer Francis, son of Sheriff Johnson’s first deputy, certainly has true American blood in his veins. Ever since war was declared against Spain the boy, although only 15 years old, has been anxious to join the ranks of the defenders of Old Glory and each daily paper, which publications he read with great interest, only increased and augmented this desire. His parents of course refused to entertain the idea of his going to war but the lad informed them that if was ever found missing they might know where he had gone.

About four weeks ago Elmer was not to be found and his parents, although greatly exercised over his absence had to settle down to the realization that he had gone to war and console themselves with the fact that he is a loyal American youth and the kind that the country needs.

This morning a letter came to Mr. Francis and the family is now assured that Elmer has followed his original intentions. He stated in the missive that he had enlisted in the 11th Cavalry (presumedly at Rock Island) and after a stay at Fort Sheridan, north of Chicago, had been sent with his company to San Francisco and in about a week would leave for service in the Philippines.

Elmer’s 16th birthday passed a few days ago and it is apparent that he used some patriotic misrepresentations in order to get into the army. He is a big strong boy and his appearance belies his age.

Public Sales

E. S. Holland, Auc.

The undersigned intending to move away will sell at her residence 3½ miles west of 5 corners, 1½ miles east of Nettle Creek store on Hedge Gjelmeland’s land on Tuesday, Oct 10, at 10 o’clock, 8 head of good cattle, a lot of household goods, a house and out buildings, and 10 dozen chickens. Terms 9 months. Mrs. A. Hansen.

Card of Thanks: We desire to thank those who assisted at the obsequy of our late husband and father. Mrs. Kindlespire and Family.

Thursday daily

Sunday School Officers: After the prayer meeting service at the Methodist church last evening the annual election of officers for the Sunday schools was held. The result was as follows:

Secretary – John Ward

U. C. Davis

Treasurer – Alex Bonar

Bry Matteson is suffering with a severe illness at his home north of Morris.

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