Morris Daily Herald Excerpts – Dec. 31, 1912

Excerpts from the Morris Daily Herald for December 31, 1912, page 2


16 – Miss Edna Probst surprised at home of A.J. Meier upon departure for Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Sehrin Rosendahl given surprise at home of Mr. and Mrs. John Rosendahl in Wauponsee.

18 – Miss Catherine Horrie reaches 84th birthday and has been a resident of Morris 61 years. Mrs. A. Veronda buried at Carbon Hill, many from Morris and other parts of the county attending.

19 – Miss Euphema Blair of Saratoga and Frank Carr, Jr., steal a march on relatives and go to Springfield and get married. Wilbur, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Boyd, an invalid for years, dies unexpectedly.

20 – William Sherwood, former resident of Grundy county, dies in Joliet, the result of injuries inflicted by bandits. Fifty neighbors celebrate fifth anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dickman in Norman township.

21 – A.F. Mallory, well known citizen, but former printer’s devil, writes of the wonderful advance in the art as he sees Herald run off on new perfecting press. Blizzard strikes Morris and snow is piled high, trains being four to eight hours late. Erick Walstrom dies suddenly at home of daughter Mrs. E.J. Mateson, in Saratoga township.

22 – Sam Ridge gets largest fish ever seen in Morris, a trout weighing 15 ½ pounds, dressed, sent him by Will Mateson, from Michigan. Camp fire given to J.H. Pettit, who is to leave Morris, after 56 years. George T. Smith dies in Minooka, ages 71. Mr and Mrs. Seigel Griggs celebrate 26th anniversary with family dinner.

23 – Mrs. Mabel Melvin sues for divorce and restoration of name. Robert Osborne, of Coal City, reelected member of executive board of Illinois Mine Workers.

25 – Body of Elmer Conklin, 7 years old, brought to Morris from Chicago, for interment. Mrs. Richardson mother of Rev. J.C. Richardson confined at hospital as the result of a fall, breaking the hip.

26 – Marshall B. Pike, long a resident of Morris, dies. Mrs. Samuel Cockran dies at Mazon. Miss Nellie Roberts, sister of John Roberts, buried in Mt. Carmel cemetery. Henry S. Sampson attacked by hog while feeding them, and is injured.

27 – Mr and Mrs. Nick Hauschild leave to make their home in Kansas. Mrs. M. H. Woolsey, critically ill, goes to Morris Hospital.

28 – Miss Ruth Robinson, stricken blind five weeks ago, recovers sight. Thomas Stinchcomb, old resident and war veteran, dies at Quincy. Tom Donahue dies on eighth birthday anniversary after long illness. Thomas Cox, of Braceville and Clara Schmidt of Odell married at Presbyterian parsonage.

29 – Small fire calls department to the home of W.A. Thomas. N.P. Colberg, former Morris florist, dies at Princeton.


1 – Andy Alhstrand, bridge boss of E.J. & E., found dead near Minooka. Mac Cosgrove, of Seneca, aged 24 born Feb. 29, celebrates 5th anniversary. J.H. Pettit presented with a watch by Blaney Commandery, Knights Templar.

2 – Official weather report shows the lowest temperature for Feb, 10 below and the highest 50. Mrs. George Larson dies, aged 54.

3 – E.B. Fletcher is stricken with paralysis. Mrs. Walter O’Brien dies at her home across the Kendall county line ages 67. Harriet Nichols and William Prince marry.

4 – Joseph H. Pettit leaves for Tacoma, Washington to reside.

5 – Frank Hayes who was appointed special state’s attorney in the Kelbel case, asks for help in trying the case. Aged mother of Rev. J.C. Richardson submits to operation of limb which was broken by a fall down stairs.

6 – Frank Kelbel is indicted by the grand jury for murder. Mrs. Martha Richardson, dies following the amputation of broken limb.


Typed and submitted by Kathleen Berner Groll.

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