Morris Daily Herald – Dec. 31, 1920

Excerpts from the Morris Daily Herald

December 31, 1920, page 8


2 – Andrew Kettelson, of Minooka, married Mrs. Olive Gwynne, of Palatine.

3 – Mrs. Ellen Cairns dies at Coal City, aged 65. The funeral of Mrs. Jennie DeLa?mater is held in Gardner.

4 – A son is born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anderson, of Saratoga township. Miss Wheeler and Earl Grundle, of Minooka marry, also Fred Wheeler, of Minooka, and June Van Slyke, of Yorkville.

5 – Father D.J. Touhy, critically ill with carbuncle, is operated on.

6 – Word is received of the death of Mrs. Charles Roak, former Morris woman, at Cicero.

7 – The marriage of Mrs. Hector Olson and Ole Olson is announced. Miss Helen Barker dies in Mazon township, aged 23.

8 – Otto Weppler leases his restaurant to Roy Thayer, of Indiana and embarks in the laundry business. Miss Margaret Mulhall, of Coal City, marries Timothy O’Connor, of Ottawa.

9 – Joseph LeRette, former Grundy county man, dies at Ottawa, aged 55.

10 – Mrs. Amy Davis, of Braceville, marries Howard Downing, of Joliet.

11 – Miss Lucy Seargant dies, aged 60.

12 – A son is born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilkerson, of Goose Lake township; Wendall Hooper of Minooka, marries Miss Laura Schell, of Plainfield.

13 – A girl is born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnson, of Verona. A girl is born to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Caretto, of Goose Lake township.

14 – Miss Frances Hynds and W. T. Ostrem marry. A daughter is born to Mr. and Mrs. William Morrison, of Saratoga township.

15 – John, the 16 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sproul, falls into a half barrel of rain water and is drowned. A son is born to Mr. and Mrs. Am. M. Singer.


1 – A son is born to Mr. and Mrs. Art Gunderson, of Mazon township. Knute Kaldem dies at Gardner.

2 – Mrs. Halvor Mortvedt dies at Gardner, aged 25.

3 – A son is born to Mr. and Mrs. Helge Eltervoog, of Nettle Creek township. Word is received of the death of B.F. Thomas, at Canton, Ohio, a former Morris man.

4 – The old house on the Carlon farm at the first four corners south of the river, is destroyed by fire.

5 – A son is born to Mr. and Mrs. William Gong. Miss Marthena Johnson and Ezra Ross marry. Miss Tecla Anderson, of Erienna township, and Guy Barford, of Aberdeen, S.D. marry.

6 – Daughters are born to Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson, of Kendall county and to Mr. and Mrs. Russell Walker, of Mazon. Lightning strikes the home of the Misses Gore and does considerable damage. During the storm a portion of the old Ray barn on Liberty street collapses, no one is injured.

8 – A girl is born to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sommerville.

9 – Mrs. Martin Clausen dies in Erienna township, aged 57.

10 – The city council decides to put on a motor cycle “cop” to help enforce auto laws. The department is called to extinguish a fire destroying a freight car loaded with material for the Paper Mill. The owners of the old red barn corner Liberty and Jackson streets, start to tear the building down.

11 – North Liberty street is improved with tarvia and crushed rock. A son is born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Narvick.

12 – A daughter is born to Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Greenley. Mrs. Susan Gilmore, former Vienna township woman, dies in Iowa, aged 78.

13 – Fire destroys the old William Butterworth home, one of the oldest, in Morris, it having been moved from Liberty street to the northeastern part of town. Frank Rose, former Morris boy marries Miss Sylvanian Bocknan, of Hamilton, Ohio.

14 – Miss Esther Cockran, announces her marriage to Ross Walker, of Seneca, on the 12th.

15 – A son is born to Mr. and Mrs. Russell Baker, of Vienna township.

16 – Mrs. Osmon Erickson, dies of milk sickness at her home in Aux Sable township, aged 38.


1 – Moulders at the Coleman strike because a workman is made foreman who has not been naturalized. Flynn Brothers retire from the cigar business. A daughter is born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Garrity.

2 – A boy is born to Mr. and Mrs. William Deleckery. Charles Gallo, a Coal City boy, is killed by a gravel crusher, while at work at Channahon.

3 – Frank Ridgway, former Morris boy, comes from Freeport with his bride, a young lady of that city. A boy is born to Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Sutton, of Verona.

4 – Will Booth and family arrive from China for a year’s visit, after an absence of eight years. Dr. Winner state health physician, visits Morris and holds a conference with local physicians on health rules and laws. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Campbell, of Minooka, celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.

5 – A son is born to Mr. and Mrs. John Mack. Mrs. John Weldon, pioneer of Vienna township, dies in Chicago, aged 78. A large barn belonging to James Ryan near Coal City, is struck by lightning and burned.

8 – Miss Alberta Reeves dies, aged 20. James Aker dies near Coal City, aged 76. Miss Dorothy Morgan marries Howard Cook, of New Buffalo, Mich.

9 – Morris relatives are called to Pipestone, Minn., by the death of Alma Reed-Colvin, formerly of Morris. Six miles of roads in Saratoga township, known as the Lisbon and Matteson roads, are open to the public.

10 – A daughter is born to Mr. and Mrs. Newman Kay. The marriage of Geneva Isham, of Mazon, and Fred Overly, north of Morris, is announced.

11 – Miss Aileen Pederson marries J.L. Roat, of Gallup, New Mexico. Miss Sadie Hagen marries James Miller, of Chicago. A girl is born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Marsh.

12 – Frank N. Hull dies aged 55. George Hutchings, formerly of Morris meets death when he is electrocuted at Beresford, South Dakota, while in the employ of a telephone company.


Typed and submitted by Kathleen Berner Groll.

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