Gardner Chronicle 1932-1942 Tidbits

Short extractions from the Gardner Chronicle from 1932-1942.

June 23, 1932 – Gardner, IL

Elmer Powell and family are spending some time with the Misses Ella and Bertha Hibner. Mr. Powell is employed at Wilmington, IL.

July 14, 1932 – Gardner, IL

Mrs. Elmer Powell member of Four Square Club.

Apr 6, 1933 – Gardner, IL

Ella Hibner guest of Four Square Club.

Miss Bertha Hibner hostess to Four Square Club.

Oct 12, 1933

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Powell are parents of a daughter, born Sunday, Oct 8. The little Miss has been given the name Alma Louise.

Nov 2, 1933

Farmers meeting B C Strout was one.

Nov 23, 1933 – Gardner, IL

Miss Elle Hibner was hostess to the Almeda Club, Friday afternoon. (Club named after Almeda Eib Hibner, aunt of Ella.)

Geno Lardi has employment at the Strip Mine in Braidwood.

The Charles Treasure Family were dinner guests in the B C Strout home Sunday.

Jan 11, 1934

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Grinter, Mr. and Mrs. B C Strout, Mrs. Karl Lutz, and Treasure Pickles were victims of a automobile accident, Tuesday, as they were motoring to Joliet. Their car began to slip and skidded into the ditch and tipped over. Fortunally no serious injuries were received. Mrs. Grinter had some sprained ligaments.

Mar 15, 1934

James Treasure’s home burns.

May 3, 1934

Charles Treasure, supervisor of the town of Gardner.

May 10, 1934

Mrs. B C Strout entertained at a 6 o’clock dinner Sunday evening, celebrating the 21st birthday of her son, Treasure. Ben and Emma Pickles, Dr. and Mrs. E G Fuller and Blanch Clover were in attendance.

May 31, 1934

Weston Lutz and Irene Boice married at La Grange. His mother was Mrs. Augusta Lutz.

June 28, 1934

Wedding of Albert Treasure and Miss Mabel Mills of Coal City, son of Charles Treasure of Gardner. Mr. Treasure is in the trucking business.

Sept 20, 1934

Edith Lardi and Henry Muzzarelli of South Wilmington were married at Crown Point, Ind. Saturday, Sept 15. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Liptak were witnesses.

July 19, 1934 – Gardner, IL

Elmer Powell is employed in Bloomington, the past month doing radio relief work.

Nov 22, 1934 – Gardner, IL

Miss Ella Hibner was hostess to the Almeda Club, which met in her home Thursday afternoon of last week.

Nov 29, 1934 – Gardner, IL

Miss Bertha Hibner, who has been employed in Dwight, has returned to home in Gardner.

May 2, 1935

Miss Clima Cummings of Joliet is visiting Misses Ella and Bertha Hibner, and in the Jesse Bull home.

Mrs. Elmer Powell and children of Joliet is spending the week with her sisters Misses Ella and Bertha Hibner.

May 16, 1935 – Gardner, IL

The Misses Ella and Bertha Hibner were hostesses to the Sorosis Club of the Methodist Church, Monday evening.

Jan 6, 1938

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Powell and Alma Lou of Normal visited several days with the Misses Ella and Bertha Hibner.

Mar 31, 1938

Mrs. Elmer Powell and Mrs. M L Underwood visited in Streator on Wednesday of last week.

Miss Belle Hemphill and Mrs. Voss of Plainfield, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Powell and family of Normal, spent the weekend in the Hibner home.

Apr 7, 1938

Mr. and Mrs. Sampson was pleasantly surprised in their home Monday when several called to remind them of Mrs. Sampson’s birthday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. C H Sampson, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sampson of Normal and Mr. and Mrs. William Ferguson of Benton. A beautiful lunch was served and Mrs. Sampson received beautiful gifts of remembrances.

Apr 26, 1938

Mrs. M O Mathison and Mrs. C H Sampson visited their brother L A Hibner, a patient in St. Joseph Hospital, Joliet, Thursday.

May 12, 1938

Miss Ella Eib of Joliet is spending the week with Mrs. Enza Sampson and Mrs. Mons Mathison.

Aug 18, 1938

Mr. and Mrs. George William of Maryville, Ca. visited the past week in the home of the former’s aunts, Mrs. Mons Mathison and Mrs. Chris Sampson.

Sept 15, 1938

Miss Clara Cumming of Joliet is spending a few days with Misses Ella and Bertha Hibner.

Soros’s met with the Misses Ella and Bertha Hibner Monday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Powell and family of Normal were guests in the home of the Misses Ella and Bertha Hibner on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sampson were Joliet visitors on Sunday.

Sept 29, 1938

Miss Clemma Cumming of Joliet is spending the week in the home of Misses Ella and Bertha Hibner.

Oct 27, 1938

Misses Ella and Bertha Hibner were visitors for a few days in the home of their sister, Mrs. Elmer Powell in Normal. Mrs. Voss and Miss Hemphill of Plainfield accompanied the Hibners to Normal.

Aug 17, 1939

Word was received on Friday of last week by Miss Lavina Culbert and Mrs. Belle Harvey of Gardner of the death of their sister, Mrs. Margaret Watson of Spokane, Washington. She died in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Kelso, on July 16. She would have been 83 years old the 26th of this month. Mrs. Watson lived in Gardner over 45 years ago and has lived in Spokane most of her life.

Aug 24, 1939

Free ticket to Bertha Hibner.

Free ticket to the Blackstone Theatre to see “Tarzan Find a Son” for Bertha Hibner.

Sept 7, 1939

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blake entertained Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Powell of Normal Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ansel and Harold Anderson of Elgin were weekend guests in the C. Peterson home.

Mr. and Mrs. George Baum and son Edward of Normal and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burnes of Dwight, were callers in the Joseph Blake home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Simanantel of Dwight and Mrs. Kenneth Gillespie and son Richard of Chicago were (can not make out the rest)

Oct 12, 1939

A district meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary was held Tuesday in Ottawa. Mrs. Anna Misener of Mazon, a former Gardner lady is district manager and she presided at the meeting. Mrs. Enza Sampson of Gardner was appointed Tuesday to the office of Past President Parly Committee Woman.

Nov 25, 1939

Mrs. Charles Bookwalter, Mrs. Chris Sampson, Mrs. AW Perkins, Miss Jane Parkinson and Miss Bess Madison were in Chicago on Monday of this week. Miss Madison went on from Chicago to Waukegan to spend a few days with relatives.

July 11, 1940 – Gardner, IL

Miss Levi Bocknell, Misses Ella and Bertha Hibner were guests at a family gathering in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Howland, July 4.

Jan 16, 1941 – Gardner, IL

The Four Square Card Club was entertained in the home of Miss Bertha Hibner, Thursday nite. Three tables were in operation and prizes were awarded to Miss Bess Madison, Mrs. Fred Quinby and Mrs. Charles Bookwalter.

Apr 9, 1942

The Misses Bertha and Ella Hibner spent Easter in Normal visiting Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Powell and family. Elma (Alma) Lou Powell accompanied them home and visited here a few days.

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