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"Let the record be made of the men and things of to-day, lest they pass out of memory to-morrow and are lost. Then perpetuate them not upon wood or stone that crumble to dust, but upon paper, chronicled in picture and in words that endure forever." --Kirkland

Lawrence & Thompson's
Grundy County Directory

For documentation purposes, the page number is noted.

Page 134

ADAMS Samuel, farmer, res Minooka

AVERY Wm E, clerk Worthing & Kaffer

BAKER George R, groceries and confectionery

BEEBE Henry, shoemaker

BISCONER Westley, farmer

BLACK Frank, clerk Smith & Colleps

Page 135

BLY Wm, farmer

BLY Michael, foreman gang hands C R I & P R R

BONSEE, Mrs Bridget

BOUCHER THOS, blacksmithing in general, and horseshoeing a speciality Good work and low prices

BOWDEN Thos, farmer

BRADSHAW Mrs H, (wid), res Aux Sauble tp

BRANDEN Mrs Annie (wid)

BULMER John, boarding house

CAMPBELL Wm J, harness

CARPENTER F E, watchmaker and jeweler Repairing promptly and neatly done at the lowest price Give me a call

CARRIER L, pump maker

CASH Thomas, shoemaker

COLLEPS George, (Smith & Colleps), groceries

CONVIS A T, painter

COWELL Horace L, teamster

COWELL C R, painter

CRANE Mrs Ann (wid)

COMERFORD N J, clerk Geo Comerford

COMERFORD Thos, clerk Geo Comerford

COMERFORD GEO, dealer in groceries, provisions, crockery, glassware; a full stock at low prices

CUYKENDALL Benj N, wagonmaker

DAHLEM & SHEPLEY, dry goods, notions and groceries

DAHLEM G (Dahlem & Shepley), merchant and postmaster


DELANEY Michael, railroad lab

Page 136


DEMPSEY John, lab

DEMPSEY Thomas, meat market

DIRST F, farmer

EIGHME Daniel, mason

ENGLISH A A, farmer

ENIX Harrison, meat market

ENIX C, butcher H Enix

FERGUSON & WHEELER, dealer in clothing, hats, caps, boots and shoes - general store

FERGUSON ALEXANDER (Ferguson & Wheeler)

FERGUSON DR S T, physician and surgeon; office and res Minooka

FERGUSON Mrs Daniel (wid)

FOLEY D F, restaurant

FORD F W, principal Minooka high school

GATES Frank S, blacksmith

GATES H S, blacksmith and wagonmaker

GATES Miss C M, millinery and dressmaking

GEDELMAN A & J, boots and shoes


GEDLEMAN ADAM, shoemaker

GIBBS Wm W, lab

GOODMAN J M, W U telegraph operator

GORHAM E H, hostler

Page 137

HEATH Joseph, farmer

HEGINBOTHAM S A, local reporter

HEILMAN John P, carpenter


HURLEY Wm H, railroad lab

IVENS Wm, baggage master

KAFFER Martin (Worthing & Kaffer)

KELLY M W, medical student with Dr Watson

KEOGH L K, justice of the peace and assessor of Aux Sauble tp

KING Mrs Ann (wid)

KINSELLA E, groceries, boots and shoes


KLINE Henry G, lab

KNAPP & THAYER, grain and lumber dealers

KNAPP A K, (Knapp & Thayer)

KREIX Theo, carpenter

LAW Edward, painter

McEVILLY Patrick, farmer

McMAHON REV FATHER PATRICK, pastor Roman Catholic Church

McSHERRY P, clerk

McSHERRY James, wks Knapp & Thayer's elevator

McSHERRY Mrs Sarah (wid)

Page 138

MAHER Joseph, lab

MADSEN S, tailor

MARSHALL Miss Lulu M, teacher high school

MASON M, tailor

MATTIS Louis, butcher, bds Enex's


METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH, service 10:30 am and 7:30 pm; Sabbath School 2:30 pm Rev H U Reynolds, pastor


MOONEY Martin, lab

MORSE John, farmer

MORSE John, jr, farmer

MORSE George, barber

NOBLE William N, teamster

NOBLE C I, farmer

O'BRIEN Peter, farmer

O'BRIEN James, farmer, bds P O'Brien's

O'BRIEN Samuel, farmer

OPDYCKE Mrs S W, res with Dr Ferguson

OWENS David, farmer

PARKER H C, painter

PENDLETON Mrs Harriet (wid)


PERCEL Edward, lab

PINNEY A C, wks Knapp & Thayer

Page 139

REED Dr, physician and surgeon

REED Louis


REYNOLDS Rev H U, pastor Methodist Episcopal Church

RODGERS D, railroad lab

ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, services 10:30 am; every day mass 7:30 am Rev Father P McMahon, pastor


SADLER Wm B, butcher

SADLER E J, furniture and undertaker


SADLER Oliver B, clerk S W Smith's

SCHICK Thos, carpenter

SHEPLEY Edward, clerk Minooka Hotel

SHEPLEY Matthew, farmer

SHEPLEY WM, proprietor Minooka Hotel

SHEPLEY JOHN J, clerk Dahlem & Shepley

SHEPLEY WM (Dahlem & Shepley)

SLADE Wm, clerk Smith & Colleps

SMITH & COLLEPS, groceries and creamery

SMITH LEANDER (Smith & Colleps)

SMITH B F, manager S W Smith's store

SMITH S W, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, notions, hats and caps, and crockery

SMITH G T, merchant

STAFFORD D, general agent C R I & P R R at depot

STAUFFER Jacob, tailor, res with G Dahlem

Page 140

THAYER H M (Knapp & Thayer)

TRASK William H, blacksmith

TRAMAINE Mrs H, dressmaking

TURLEY Michael, railroad lab

WALKER Mrs Phoebe (wid)

WALKER John M, butcher

WATSON Dr J S, physician and surgeon

WATSON J S, dealer in pure drugs, ECLECTIC MEDICINES, patent medicines, perfumery, toilet articles, etc Minooka Ills (See advt)

WATSON James, carpenter

WEES E N, blacksmith and carriagemaker

WEES Walter, blacksmith

WHEELER HENRY F, Furgeson & Wheeler

WHITE William, harnessmaker

WHITE John, clerk George R Baker's

WILLIAMSON J F, wagon and carriagemaker

WILSON Mrs Ann (wid)

WORTH Philip, teacher

WORTH Selden, sawyer


WORTHING Frank, farmer

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