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"Let the record be made of the men and things of to-day, lest they pass out of memory to-morrow and are lost. Then perpetuate them not upon wood or stone that crumble to dust, but upon paper, chronicled in picture and in words that endure forever." --Kirkland

Prairie Farmer's Directory of Grundy and Kendall Counties Illinois

For documentation purposes, the page number is noted.

Compiled and Published by Prairie Farmer Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois

Page 49

HAAG, John (Ida BOSSERT) Ch Mabel, Walter, Nora, Earl, Agnes, Maggie, William, Pearl, Rosella, Orrin; Reddick R1 Greenfield Sec36 T120a Stephen GRAY (1865) Tel. Farmers' Line Reddick

HADDEN, W. M. (Ethel M. STEVENS) Ch Lola; "Edgewood Farm" Mazon R2 Mazon Sec7 T420a William B. HADDEN (1879) Chicago Tel. Co.

HAGEN, Edward A. (Bertha SEVERSON) Ch Alice; Seneca R60 Erienna Sec7 T165a John NELSON (1882)

HAGEN, Jacob T. (Maggie OLSON) Ch Otto, Gladys, Marjorie, Clifford; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec24 T142a J. R. and O. E. COLLINS (1875) Bell Tel. Morris

HAGEN, Silas, Morris R6 Saratoga Sec4 T160a Mrs. John HAGEN (1901) Bell Tel. Morris

HAGEN, Thomas (Julia WILLIAMS) Ch Harold, Anna; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec2 T90a Mrs. John LARSNESS (1917) Bell Tel.

HAHN, E. P. (Anna Mary NELSON) Ch Bertha, Elna, Louisa; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec27 T220a SCULLY Est. (1907) Tel. Dwight

HAHN, George (Anna BUSCH) Ch Walter, Arnold; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec34 O212a (1908) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

HAHN, H. L. (Elizabeth WELLER) Ch Ernest, Esther, Vera, Frank; Dwight R2 Highland Sec13 T160a F. L. SMITH (1913) Tel. Dwight

HAHN, John A. (Anna ROECK) Ch Hilda, Theodore; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec16 O280a (1861) Tel. Farmers' Line Good Farm

HAHN, Karl (Christena KONRAD) Ch Maurice, Helen, Raymond; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec34 T80a John A. HAHN (1888) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

HALE, George E. (Nellie ESSINGTON) Ch Irene M., Phyllis E., Ada M., George E. Jr.; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec28 T190a J. P. WILSON (1895) Bell Tel.

HALEY, William (Orpha MONTEL) Ch Ezra; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec14 T100a Manager Alex BELL (1916) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HALKYARD, John R. (Della LYONS) Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec9 T237 ˝a O. HALKYARD (1890) Bell Tel.

HALKYARD, William L. (Edna VAN DOLSON) Ch William R.; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec20 T95a O. HALKYARD (1894) Bell Tel.

HALL, Edward (Etta ELY) Ch Lela, Edward Jr.; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec30 T120a George FOERSTERLING (1914) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

HALL, G. H., Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec6 O190a (1892) Bell Tel.

HALL, Lyle J. (Veda TUSDEL) Ch Vivian, Harold; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec9 T240a WEST Est. (1893) Bell Tel.

HALLARAN, Mike (Marguerite WALSH) Ch John; Dwight R2 Highland Sec11 T160a William HALLARAN (1911)

HALPIN, Edward (Eleanor ROAGER) Ch James; Gardner R3 Garfield Sec28 T120a Henry BULL (1893) Bell Tel. Gardner

Page 50

HALPIN, James E. (Lizzie WEBER) Ch Cecelia, Irene, Mary, Omer, William; "Shady Lawn Farm" Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec13 O319a (1916) Bell Tel. Gardner

HALTON, William (Minnie GREER) Ch Edmund, Agnes, Francis; Verona R1 Vienna Sec2 O123a (1871)

HAMPSOM, Albert (Minnie KRUG) Ch Ada, Katie, Margaret, Millie, Dorothy; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec27 T50a William HOFFMAN (1904) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

HAMPSON, Alfred J. (Minnie FIELD) Ch Eleanor; Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec5 William VANDOLSON (1861)

HANISCH, C. W. (Safrona ALBIN) Ch Willis, Clinton, Alvin, Violet, Raymond; Wilmington R3 Aux Sable T220a Sam OSBORN (1900)

HANKINSON, C. (Ethel SHENTON) Verona R1 Vienna Sec23 T60a Thomas WALSH (1893)

HANLEY, Walter P. (Ellen KAHILL) Ch Loretta, Raymond, Salena, William J., Francis P.; Verona R1 Vienna Sec10 T160a Edward HANLEY (1883) Tel. Verona

HANSEN, Albert (Clara LAURIDSEN) Gardner R2 Garfield Sec17 T80a Nels MADSEN (1904) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

HANSEN, Bernhard (Ella VOGES) Ch Leona, Helen; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec6 T80a Mrs. LEE (1916) Tel. Independent Line

HANSEN, Carl (Mabel SMITH) Verona R2 Highland Sec26 T160a SCULLY Est. (1911) Tel. Dwight

HANSEN, Carl (Cena HANSEN) Ch Alvin M.; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec8 T80a Carl E. LINHAM (1911) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

HANSEN, Christ (Hanna OLSEN) Ch Sam, Rudolph; Gardner R3 Garfield Sec16 O80a (1885) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

HANSEN, George (Gertie A. WILLIAMS) Ch George, Lowell; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec28 T100a J. WILSON (1890) Bell Tel.

HANSEN, Henry A. (Ranghild OLSON) Ch Raymond; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec32 T220a J. R. COLLINS (1884) Bell Tel.

HANSEN, Jens. P. (Magrete J. SONDER) Ch Samuel; Gardner R3 Garfield Sec16 T120a Joseph SMALL (1910) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

HANSEN, Louie (Bertha HANSEN) Ch Violet, Harold; Gardner R1 Garfield Sec18 T160a Hans HANSEN (1891) Tel. Prairie Line

HANSEN, Nels C., Gardner R3 Garfield Sec21 T80a Jorgen HANSEN (1895) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

HANSEN, Soren (Hanna NELSON) Ch Gladys, Esther, Marie; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec27 T200a SCULLY Est. (1887) Tel. Farmers' Line·Gardner

HANSON, Jens (Dora PETERSEN) Ch Edgar, Esther; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec27 T160a John STUDLEY (1909) Bell Tel. Gardner

HANSON, Peter O. (Fannie M. MILLER) Ch Lilas, Guy, Vera, Dorothy; Verona R2 Vienna Sec26 T223a W. S. MILLER (1910) Tel. Verona

HANSON, William (Jennie THOMPSON) Ch Russel, Jeannette, Rudolph, Nobel, Ruby, Willis, Stanley; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec15 T160a J. A. CUNNEA (1912) Bell Tel.

HARDY, John (Alice HOWE) Ch Irving, Lyston, Bertha, Ethel, Laura, Elizabeth, Ormond; Wilmington R3 Goose Lake Sec12 T140a Dan SINGLETON (1915) Northwestern Tel.

HARFORD, Fred (Clara A. POMEROY) Ch Aaron C., Jay P.; Verona R1 Vienna Sec13 O480a (1854) Tel. Verona

HARKES, William (Isabella GLADDERS) Ch Marie, Barbara, Harry; Coal City R8 Felix Sec35 O13a (1895) Bell Tel.

HARPER, Ralph (Clara BRITT) Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec34 T166a Mrs. E. BRITT (1887) Bell Tel.

HARPER, William (Sarah Ann KAY) Ch Ella, Alice, Ralph, Julia, Henry, Edward, Mildred, Florence; Verona R1 Vienna Sec11 T480a John J. and James W. HUTCHINGS (1880) Tel. Verona

HARTY, D. E. (Agnes SHEEDY) Ch Delight, Randall, Dolores; Ransom R64 Highland Sec18 O160a (1879)

HARTY, T. J. (Catherine CASEY) Ch Elwin, Lorene; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec8 O160a (1876) Tel. Farmers' Line

HARVEY, Thomas, Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec29 O83a (1853)

HASKINS, J. E. (Mary E. LEWIS) Ch Martha, Hazel, Luella, Jay, Florence, Mae; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec12 O80a (1865)

Page 51

HAUGHTIGAN, Martin (Anna HAGERTY) Ch Thomas, Edward, Joe, Leo, Philip, James, Ellen, Clarence; Dwight R4 Highland Sec30 T320a Walter CONNESS (1917) Tel. Kinsman

HAWN, Dennis (Kathryn STURDEVANT) Ch Reva, Vera; Verona R1 Vienna Sec5 T160a T. H. SMITH Est. (1913) Tel. Verona

HEAP, Albert (Alice RWETT) Ch Madeline, Marguerite, Ralph, Russell; Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec5 O160a (1907) Bell Tel.

HEGGENS, Nels (Johanna NELSON) Minooka R2 Saratoga Sec2 O80Ľa (1915)

HEISER, Peter (Elizabeth BERRY) Ch Julia, Bernard; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec15 O80a (1872) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HELGEVOLD, Andrew (Emma HAGEN) Ch Sanford, CIayton, Esther, Alexander; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec16 O160a (1896) Bell Tel. Morris

HELLAND, Thomas (Lena THOMPSON) Ch Marguerite, Laverne; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec5 T160a COLLONS Est. (1911) Bell Tel.

HENKER, Fritz (Augusta CRAMER) Ch Willie, Henry, Annie, Esther; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec24 O165a (1872) Bell Tel.

HENRY, E. L. (Addle BROWN) Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec30 O106a (1860) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

HERMAN, Alphonse (Cora A. BENSON) Ch Earl; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec25 T80a Miss May MILLER (1888)

HERMAN, Emil (Agnes BUBERLE) Ch Henry, Syrl, Rosella; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec26 T170a Mrs. H. CASH and Charles MIGHELL (1884) (Henry HERMAN assists in operating farm) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris.

HEXDAHL, Hans, Ch Obie; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec3 O160a T160a H. R. JOHNSON (1890) Bell Tel. Morris

HEXDAHL, Nels (Mary EGELAND) Ch Hans, Andrew, Bernard, Morris; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec21 T3a O. H. OSMANSON (1905)

HEXTELL, Ole (Martha ERICKSON) Morris Saratoga Sec13 T160a (1917) Chicago Tel. Co.

HIGGINS, T. J. (Anna SAMPLE) Ch Willis, Mary, Lettie, George; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec14 O266a (1880) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HILDY, C. A. (Mae HUGHS) Ch Clyde, Melvin, Evelyn; Morris R5 Norman Sec21 T300a M. E. BOURROUGH (1895) Bell Tel.

HILL, Frank C. (Amanda TOFTY) Ch Iris, Frances; Gardner Garfield Sec9 T160a John GASTON (1913)

HILL, Lewis L. (Ella HILL) Ch Clara; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec31 O120a (1876) Tel. Farmers' Line

HILL, Nels (Bertha GURAES) Ch Jiraney, Eleanor, Norman, Aileen; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec15 T240a BURKHART Est. (1880)

HILL, Thomas (Emma FILKINS) Ch Mildred M.; Mazon R2 Maine Sec8 T124a HILL Est. (1877) Tel. Coal City

HINTZE, Fred (Emma GETNER) Ch Otto, William, Henry, Paul; Morris R5 Mazon Sec5 T320a Deloss JONES (1884)

HINTZE, Fred Jr. (Elizabeth MOSELY) Ch Fred, Ruth, Francis; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec17 T317a John JARVEY (1885) Bell Tel.

HOBERG, Andrew (Ada MARTIN) Dwight R4 Highland Sec36 T130a George MARTIN (1912) Tel. Dwight

HOBERG, Mat (Mary SEEMANN)Ch Harold, Edith; Dwight R4 Highland Sec36 T160a Scully Est. (1913) Tel. Dwight

HODOCK, Arthur (Annie KINGMAN) Ch William, Donald, Donovan, Raymond; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec10 T240a William BURKHART (1906) Tel. Mazon

HOFFMAN, George (Rebeca BURKHART) Ch Milton M., Deborah, Esther, Mary, Martha; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec21 O240a (1858) Tel. Good Farm

HOFFMAN, John (Ella KLUGHART) Ch Katheryn; Dwight R2 Highland Sec13 O81a (1911)

HOFFMAN, Martin (Elizabeth BURKHART) Ch Aaron, Harold, Walter, Martin Jr., Edith, Evelyn; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec20 O160a (1866) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

HOFFMAN, William (Clara GANTZERT) Ch Wayne, Ethel, Reuel, Ruth; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec21 O160a (1869) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

HOGE, A. E., Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec25 O1000a (1840)

HOGE, A. E. (Ada PEACOCK) Ch Gordon, Chester, Earnest; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec8 T240a G. D. HOGE (1881) Bell Tel.

HOGE, Burton (Ethel CRYDER) Ch Helen; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec36 T141a Mrs. SIMANSKI (1892) Bell Tel. Morris

Page 52

HOGE, E. S. (Anna ANDERSON) Ch Mildred, Irene, Hendley, Sibley, Bess, Leslie; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec28 O240a (1856) Bell Tel.

HOGE, Fred J. (Nellie LIVSEY) Ch Frederick, Neta Fern, Rita Ione; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec19 O80a T80a Mrs. C. A. LUNDBERG (1878) Bell Tel. Morris

HOGE, G. D. (Sarah E. QUIGLEY) Ch Clarence; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec35 O200a (1854) Bell Tel.

HOGE, Harry S. (Millie KAY) Ch Frank, Walter, Jessie, Kay; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec19 O80a Nettle Creek O160a (1870) Bell Tel. Morris

HOGE, J. Jr., Morris R3 Erienna Sec6 O800a (1850) Bell Tel.

HOGE, Wm. M. (Bertha MUNSON) Ch Burton, Paul, Karl; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec26 O220a (1869) Bell Tel.

HOHENSHELL, Frank (Ida WIDLEY) Ch Dan, Dora, Mary, Franklin; Verona R1 Norman Sec33 O80a (1859) Bell Tel.

HOHENSHELL, Phyatt, Ch Winifred, Williams; Seneca Norman Sec21 O120a (1861) Bell Tel.

HOLDERMAN, Frank J. (Anna BROWN) Ch John, Franklin, Pheobe; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec12 T360a HOLDERMAN Est. (1863) Bell Tel.

HOLLAND, E. C. (Bernice JOHNSON) Ch Charles E.; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec7-6 O80a T80a Randolph HOLLAND (1915) Bell Tel. Morris

HOLLENBECK, Bert (Lilly Maud JOHNSON) Morris R5 Norman Sec13 T300a Ed. and Mrs. W. K. JOHNSON (1880) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HOLLENBECK, Curtis, Verona R1 Vienna Sec18 O140a T140a Mrs. Lloyd TACKETT (1885)

HOLLENBECK, F. E. (Anna B. GLENN) Ch Lloyd, Clarence, Frances, Frank Jr.; Verona R1 Vienna Sec17 T200a Reuben HOLLENBECK (1875) Tel. Verona

HOLLENBECK, J. E. (Ida W. HANLEY) Morris R5 Norman Sec26 T160a George RENNE (1879) Bell Tel.

HOLLENBECK, J. F. (Frances KELSO) Ch Goldie; "Sunnyside Farm" Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec18 O85a (1858) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HOLLENBECK, R. (Cornelia BUNCH) Ch Eva, Velma, Ruby; Verona R1 Vienna Sec17 O255a (1850) Tel. Verona

HOLLENBECK, W. M. (Agnes C. BARRE) Ch Irene, Hildegarde, Luella; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec33 O10a (1871)

HOLLMEYER, Cassius (Anna BRIDGE) Gardner R1 Mazon Sec25 T120a Daniel HILL (1896) Tel. Gardner

HOLLMEYER, Henry (Alta LEES) Ch Marion; Gardner R1 Maine Sec31 T150a L. H. HOLLMEYER (1897) Tel. Gardner

HOLLMEYER, L. H. (Ella D. BARNEY) Ch Helen, Lewis, Horace, Richard· "Glenwood Farm" Gardner R1 Mazon Sec36 O400a (1896) Tel. Gardner

HOLM, Louis (Emma ANDERSON) Ch Louis W.; Gardner R3 Garfield Sec16 T160a J. G. McCLUNM (1885) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

HOLROYD, B. F. (Mary ELY) Ch Lovina; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec30 O307a (1866) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HORNBERGER, John M. (Eva LESSER) Ch Mildred B., Audrey E., Robert L., Margaret E.; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec2 T120a Catharine HORNBERGER (1874) Bell Tel.

HORTON, Edward G. (Ella CONANT) Dwight R4 Good Farm Sec31 O280a (1867) Tel. Oak Line Dwight

HORTON, Robert (Josie THOMPSON) Ch Francis, Russell; Dwight R4 Good Farm Sec30 O120a T84a E. L. HENRY (1880) Tel. Oak Line (private wire)

HORTON, William H. (Anna F. DIBBINE) Ch George E.; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec29 O120a (1871) Tel. Oak Line Dwight

HOUBERG, Anton (Lena HANSEN) Ch Vernon, Stella, Hazel; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec31 O80a (1878) Bell Tel. Gardner

HOUBERG, Fred (Mamie FEDDERSEN) Verona R2 Highland Sec26 T240a SCULLY Est. (1914) Tel. Dwight

HOUGH, Frank (Emma ZIMMERMAN) Ch Marguerite, Alice; "Hough's Homestead Farm" Mazon R2 Mazon Sec20 O480a (1869)

HOUGH, H. L. (Zula RANDALL) Ch Gordon, Gerald; Mazon Mazon Sec22 T185a T. B. HOUGH (1876) Tel. Mazon

HOWARD, Patrick (Mary LYONS) Ch Mary, Elizabeth, John, Pearl, Gertrude, Lydia, Charles; Coal City R1 Felix Sec28 O160a (1852) Bell Tel.

Page 53

HOWLAND, Charles (Laura SKINNER) Ch Emmett, Harold; Verona R1 Vienna Sec13 Farm Hand Fred HARFORD (1915)

HOWLAND, Will D. (Susan M. SUTTON) Ch Harry D., Ernest, Erma; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec24 O240a (1861) Bell Tel. Gardner

HUGHES, Thomas (Mary SCANLAN) Ch Dennis; Verona R2 Vienna Sec36 T135a Anthony HUGHES (1911)

HUGHSTON, Edward C. (Imogene GRINTER) Braceville R1 Braceville Sec35 T75a Eliza HUGHSTON (1873)

HUGHSTON; Eliza, Ch Edward, Bessie, Lottie; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec35 O75a (1870)

HUME, A. W. (Ninnie MILLER) Ch Lillian; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec29 O92a (1871) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HUME, Mrs. B. J. (Lucia MILLER) Ch Hildegarde, Floyd, Millard, Albert; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec28 T84Ľa H. HUME (1877) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HUME, Charles, Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec29 O80a (1872) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HUME, E. C. (Grace F. FOSTER) Ch Edna G.; Mazon R1 Wauponsee Sec28 O80a Mazon Sec23 T140a Mrs. Lillie MURRAY (1860) Tel. Mazon

HUME, C. E. (Josie McINTOSH) Ch Ruth, Reta; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec35 T80a Less CAISLEY (1885) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HUME, H. S. (Mae NEFF) Ch Ralph, Ray, Howard; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec28 T240a H. HUME (1869) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HUML, Anton (Rosetta REMINGTON) Gardner R1 Maine Sec19 T140a Joe Francis, James BRAY and Mrs. Rachael CRAGG (1893)

HUNT, B. R. (Ethel PALMER) Ch Earl, Lois; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec23 O80a T40a A. CLAYPOOL (1890) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HUNT, Frank (Frances WATERBURY) Ch Millie W., Alice M., Chester A.; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec20 O82˝a (1857) Bell Tel. Morris

HUNT, H. G. (Myrtle SYKES) Ch Millard, Alma; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec33 O130a (1883) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HUNT, H. J. (Mary E. WHELLER) Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec31 T160a Catherine HUNT (1875) Chicago Tel. Co. Coal City

HUSTON, Robert H. (Anna C. BERGLEN) Ch Elda M., Robert B., William J., Clifford E., George R.; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec12 T160a J. F. SCOGGIN (1878) Bell Tel. Gardner

HUSTON, Russell A. (Rose POWELL) Ch William. Roy, Russell, Audrey; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec26 T153a William HUSTON (1888) Tel. Gardner

HUTCHINGS, E. A. (Nettie GOWLAND) Ch Charles, Mae, Thomas, Raymond; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec26 T150 Mrs. J. A. WILSON (1871) Bell Tel. Morris

HUTCHINGS, George (Annie WEBBER) Ch Harry, Amy, Harold, Willis, Ethel, Walter, Roy; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec36 T153a T. HUTCHINGS (1874) Bell Tel. Morris

HUTCHINGS, James (Cora COXREAM) Ch Raymond, Forest, Marjory; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec14 T160a D. C. SOUTHARD (1868) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

HUTSINPILLER, H. J., "Stone Farm" Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec13 T160a Mr. McKINDLE (1909) Bell Tel.

INGOLD, Guy (Margaret C. ROY) Ch Willie; Mazon, R2 Mazon Sec17 T160a A. D. LANDPHERY (1893)

INGRAM, G. W. (Susie MARSHALL) Ch Ray, Daniel, Esther; Gardner Mazon Sec26 Farm Hand Mr. BARR (1916)

IRISH, George (Hattie MELBOURN) Ch Jennie, Burnal, Harriett, Ida, John, Williams, Annie, Mary, Laura; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec11 T280a William ANDERSON (1917) Northwestern Tel.

ISHAM, Edward Booth (Lillian Bernice PATTERSON) "Alfalawn Farm" Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec30 T230a Mr. and Mrs. Lynn ISHAM (1890) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

ISHAM, Eugene (Nettie L. ISHAM) Ch Burnett E., Sarah A; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec16 O335a (1866)

ISHAM, G. (Martha THAYER) Ch Caroline; Mazon Mazon Sec16 O5a (1855)

ISHAM, H. E. (Harriet STONE) Ch Alice L., Gordon, Robert; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec27 T200a Dr. PALMER (1870)

Page 54

JACKSON, Edward M. (Sylvia B. ADAMS) Ch Ethel, Ray, Mildred, Ralph; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec5 T110a (1865) Bell Tel.

JACKSON, John (Lillie BRIDLE) Ch Ethel, Maude, Revs, John, Edna; Mazon R2 Wauponsee Sec36 O80a Mazon Sec1 T120a William JACKSON (1869) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

JACKSON, Walter (Arminda DEAN) Ch Violet; "Home, Sweet Home" Mazon R2 Wauponsee Sec36 O160a Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

JACOBSGAARD, Nissen (Lena BUNDESEN) Ch Elmer, Clarence, Grace, Hazel; Gardner R3 Garfield Sec28 T280a J. R. OUGHTON (1911) Bell Tel. Gardner

JACOBSON, Benjamin (Emma RIENLASODER) Mazon R2 Mazon Sec13 T240a M. C. TYNAN (1912)

JACOBSON, B. (Malinda PETERSON) Ch Jacob, Annie Peter, Tracey, Clarence, Ernest, Bert; Morris R6; Saratoga Sec6 T213a Bell Tel. Morris

JALLEY, Andrew (Mary SHIMA) Ch Mary, Johnnie, Andrew; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec15 T94a Braceville Coal Co. (1897)

JAMES, Moses (Mrs. SOVENIER, Housekeeper) Morris R5 Norman Sec25 O290a (1867) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

JAUMOTTE, Omer (Florence FABER) Ch Clara, Oscar, Erma; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec14 T190a W. O. DIX (1892)

JELM, William E. (Lavina JOHNSON) Ch Grace, Theresa, Mae, Weslie, Leslie, Glenn; Seneca R60 Nettle Creek Sec19 O160a (1896) Bell Tel.

JENSEN, Chris (Magdalene CHRISTENSON) Ch lnger, Hannah, Olga, Martin, Simon, Harold; Verona R2 Highland Sec26 O80a (1911) Tel. Dwight

JENSEN, Chris A. (Lizzie CHRISTETON) Ch Theodore, Esther, Mabel, Harold, Woodured, Earl, Leslie; Dwight R4 Highland Sec35 T160a SCULLY Est. (1912) Tel. Dwight

JEPSEN, Arthur, "Miller Bros. Skunk Farm" Dwight R2 Highland Sec25 T120a S. D. JEPSEN (1891) Tel. Dwight

JIACOMO, Dominie (Margaret CARRERAR) Ch Dominie, Annie; Coal City Braceville Sec1 O40a (1882)

JOHNSON, Albert (Martha BAKKE) Ch Donald, Geraldine, Marion; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec32 T170a C. E. JOHNSON (1886) Bell Tel.

JOHNSON, Andrew (Enger NELSON) Ch Edina, Andrew; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec23 O120a (1888)

JOHNSON, Andrew (Freda ANDERSON) Ch Lillie, Pearl, Edith, Violet, Herbert, Bernice, Ethel M.; Morris R3 Erienna Sec3 O80a (1876) Bell Tel.

JOHNSON, Mrs. Carl (Catherine) Ch Anna E. Anderson; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec31 O35a (1881)

JOHNSON, Charlie, Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec26 T80a W. M. HOGE (1894) Bell Tel.

JOHNSON, Clark (Molly FERRY) Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec32 T240a Pet DONAHUE (1887) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

JOHNSON, Earl D. (Rebecca CONNELL) Ch Reed, Ross, Evalyn; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec33 T160a Mrs. J. DAVIS (1885)

JOHNSON, Eddie S. (Sylvia THORSEN) Ch Ruby, Bernice, Earl; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec19 T80a SCULLY Est. (1888) Tel. Farmers' Line

JOHNSON, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ch Erling, Harold, Ellen, Arthur, Theodore; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec31 O20a (1916) Bell Tel. Morris

JOHNSON, Mrs. Ellen (JOHNSON) Ch Lizzie, Belle, Joseph, John, Ole, Gust; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec2 T80a N. NELSON (1902)

JOHNSON, E. B. (Lizzie SPENCE) Ch Ruth, Fern, Earl, Ethel, Wayne, Mabel, Lois, Harvey, Harold; Verona Vienna Sec23 T297a T. H. TRIMMER and C. H. FELLINGHAM (1876) Tel. Verona

JOHNSON, E. D., Morris R5 Norman Sec13 O200a (1861) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

JOHNSON, Frank (Sarah OLSON) Ch Esther, Karl, Richard; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec35 T240a Mrs. C. MILLIGAN (1909) Bell Tel.

JOHNSON, George (Annastasia BRUSINGHAM) Ch Alice, Helen M.; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec25 T120a Henry BULL (1893) Bell Tel. Gardner

JOHNSON, George G. (Martha TWAIT) Ch Carrie, Silas; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec17 T168a N. NELSON and G. JOHNSON (1874) Bell Tel. Morris

Page 55

JOHNSON, Goodman (Carrie CARLSON) Ch Ruby, Floyd, May, Malin; Seneca R61 Vienna Sec7 T130a James MAHAFFY (1914) Tel. Seneca

JOHNSON, Gunner (Carrie JOHNSON) Ch George, Anna, Julia, Clara; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec17 O80a (1864) Bell Tel. Morris

JOHNSON, Gust A. (Anna PETERSON) Ch Glen, Kelly; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec30 T375a Hattie WILSON (1906) Bell Tel.

JOHNSON, G. E. (Carrie KNUDSON) Ch. Glenn, Orville, Ilene; Morris R6 Nettle Creek Sec12 T100a O. J. OLSON (1889) Bell Tel.

JOHNSON, Halver (Emma JOHNSON) Ch Alvin, Herman, Esther, Hazel, Irene, Grace, William, Glenn, Arnold, Vernon, Pauline; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec6-5 O199˝a (1871) Bell Tel. Morris

JOHNSON, Henry (Augusta LARSON) Ch Rose, Elmer, John, Anna, Herman, Laurence, Lloyd, Alice, Leroy, May, Harold; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec32 O160a (1885) Tel. Farmers' Line

JOHNSON, Herbert E. (Viola PETERSON) Morris R6 Saratoga Sec17-20-18 T222a John A. JOHNSON (1894) Bell Tel. Morris

JOHNSON, H. R. (Olivia THOMPSON) Ch Edith, Esther, Alta; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec3 O160a (1867) Bell Tel. Morris

JOHNSON, Jasper S. (Lillian WICKS) Ch Marvanice; Seneca R60 Nettle Creek Sec18 T160a Ole S. JOHNSON (1893)

JOHNSON, Joe (Anna MORAN) Ch Alberta, Clifford; Verona R1 Vienna Sec12 Farm Hand Guy COLMAN (1907) Tel. Verona

JOHNSON, John H. (Rosanna ENERSEN) Ch Earl Joseph J.; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec20 T160a SCULLY Est. (1915) Tel. Farmers' Line

JOHNSON, John W. (Lydia DIX) Ch Ila, June; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec18 O320a (1854) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

JOHNSON, J. A. (Marie SALEN) Ch Arna; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec12 T120a J. R. COLLINS & Bro. (1910) Bell Tel. Morris

JOHNSON, Leonard (Mabel SCHREINER) Ch Mildred L.; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec35 T200a Frances I. HATCHIN (1917) Bell Tel.

JOHNSON, Lewis (Anna ENGER) Ch Cryder, Grace, Luella, Earnest, Ray, Ruby, Harvey, Lurick, Francis, Alvin; Morris R3 Erienna Sec11 T100a John J. CANEERE (1871) Bell Tel.

JOHNSON, M. P. (Lettie RYERSON) Ch Arnold, Elmer, Carroll; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec29 T160a William REARDON (1897)

JOHNSON Ole (Malinda RASMUSSAN) Ch Stanley, Milton, Silas, Irvin; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec7 O160a (1872) Bell Tel.

JOHNSON, Ole J. (Lizzie FERRY) Ch Russell, Joseph; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec18 T100a J. I. COLLINS (1882) Bell Tel.

JOHNSON, Otto (Ida ANDERSON) Ch Oscar, Walter, Ruth, Rose, Henry; Seneca R60 Nettle Creek Sec30 O320a T120a Ben EGAN (1876) Bell Tel.

JOHNSON, R. W. (Gertrude PALMER) Ch Glen, Le Roy; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec18 T160a John W. JOHNSON (1885) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

JOHNSON, Scott H. (Lois HARDING) Morris R5 Norman Sec13 O73a (1857) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

JOHNSON, Stene (Enger KNUTSON) Ch Caroline, Hilda, Clifford, Edna; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec6-7 O240a (1874) Bell Tel. Morris

JOHNSON, Thomas (Inger PETERSON) Ch Arlyn; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec8 O80a (1875) Bell Tel. Morris

JONESON, Renard (Mary RYERSON) Ch Roy, Jesse, Clarence, Mabel, Pearl; Seneca R60 Nettle Creek Sec7 O128a (1895) Bell Tel.

JORDAN, P. W. (Stella YOUNG) Ch Esther, Elsie, Elzie, Jewel; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec33 T106a Mrs. Roy WEST (1905)

JORGENSEN, Knudt (Ingeborg ANDERSON) Verona R2 Highland Sec26 T160a SCULLY Est. (1894) Tel. Dwight

JORSTAD, O. L., Ch Sidnay, Louis, Orin; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec17 O149a (1863) Central Union Tel. Seneca

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KAARUP, Onton (Ella HANSEN) Ch Erlan, Alice, Viola, Herbert; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec13 T160a SCULLY Est. (1910) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

KALDEN, T., Ch John, Anna; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec23 T70a Isaac HOGE (1871)

KAMM, Henry (Ida HOLLAND) Ch Kendall, Harold, Helen; "Fox Farm" Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec28 T160a John FOX (1915)

KAY, J. W. (Lizzie NEWMAN) Ch Mewman O., Leland L.; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec9 T109a Mrs. NEWMAN Est. (1902) Bell Tel.

KEARNS, Barrel (Mary SHERAN) Verona R1 Vienna Sec28 T160a Mrs. McCAMBRIDGE (1889) Tel. Kinsman

KEARNS, James (Mary KEATING) Ch Joseph; Verona R2 Good Farm Sec6 T117a Tom NEVILLE (1916)

KEARNS, Tom, Ch George, Leo, Ella; Verona R2 Highland Sec2 O80a (1890)

KELLY, Jerry, Ch Willie Agnes, John, Edward, Lee, Robert; Minooka Aux Sable Sec1 T176a N. J. COMERFORD (1869) Bell Tel.

KELLY, J. W. (Alice FITZPATRICK) Ch Loretta, Lucile, Margaret; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec14 T240a J. P. CLENNON (1877) Bell Tel.

KELLY, Thomas, Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec11 T160a BRISCO and J. P. CLENNON (1885)

KEPPLINGER, Conrad (Martha HORN) Ch Clyde, Virginia; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec27 T200a Mrs. L. KEPPLINGER (1886) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

KETCHAN, Will (Carrie NEWMAN) Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec9 T112a Lena NEWMAN (1907) Bell Tel.

KETTLESON, Charles (Hattie MYERS) Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec14 T160a Mrs. CLENNON (1917)

KILMER, A. T. (Ella M. WARD) Ch Eva, Verl, Paul, Ruth, Ernest; Verona R2 Highland Sec11 T160a Thomas KILMER (1876) Bell Tel. Verona

KILMER, Walter (Edith JONES) Dwight R2 Highland Sec12 T160a Thomas KILMER (1868) Bell Tel. Verona

KIME, George P. (Mary L. JENKINS) Ch Edna, Grace, Wayne; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec28 O40a T40a Charles KIME (1884) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

KIME, Samuel M. (Emma H. McBAIN) Ch Harvey A., Oliver W.; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec29 O240a (1874) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

KINSELLA Bros., Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec13 T240a J. P. CLENNON (1910) Bell Tel.

KINSELLA, Thomas (Mary HANSAL) Ch Margaret, James, John, Cecilia; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec3 O160a (1895) Bell Tel.

KINSILLA, Joe, Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec28 T168a Tom KINSELLA (1917)

KISELLUS, Adam (Mary LINCHESKI) Ch Victor, Isabelle; Braceville R1 Maine Sec21 T80a Mike VITKO (1910)

KLEINMAIER, Stephen (Mathe M. AMEY) Ch Pauline I., Pearl A.,·Bessie A., Doris D., Stephen B., John H., Joseph A., James Burton; Morris R3 Erienna Sec5 T300a A. T. HOLDERMAN (1892) Bell Tel.

KLINEFELTER, C. (Lucinda BOWER) Ch Davie, Aradne, Anna; Mazon R1 Good Farm Sec5 O80a (1886) Tel. Mazon

KLUGHART, Christoph (Louisa BURK) Ch Lizzie, Fillman, Mary, Simantel, Matilda, George; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec20 O80a (1853)

KNUTSON, Albert E. (Agnes JOHNSON) Ch Arlene, RusseIl; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec15 T160a J. A. CUNNEA (1913) Bell Tel.

KNUTSON, Lars (Susia OLSON) Ch Osburn A., Kenneth R.; Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec22 T78a Will PFEIFER (1885) Tel. Farmers' Line

KOCH, John (Barbara HEER) Ch John, Charles, Harvey, Elsie; Reddick R1 Greenfield Sec25 O160a (1902) Tel. Farmers' Line Reddick

KODAT, Art (Mary UHER) Ch Genevieve, Leo; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec8 T120a Henry GROHAN (1888)

KOLB, Harry, Dwight R2 Highland Sec24 Farm Hand Louis NIEMEYER (1911) Tel. Dwight

KONCORD, Louie (Antonio OMHOI) Ch Mary, John, Katie, Louise, Joseph; Seneca R61 Vienna Sec5 T160a Thomas WRIGHT (1913) Tel. Seneca

KONRAD, Reinhard (Martine HOHN) Ch Mildred; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec16 T160a George KONRAD (1891)

KOTTMANN, Daniel (Minnie WILK) Morris R5 Norman Sec23 T160a George CAUSLAND (1917) Bell Tel.

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KRAFT, Rudolph (Sophia HAHN) Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec32 T100a Louis ZABEL (1913)

KRAGELUND, Marinus (Dora THOMPSON) Ch William, Mae, Alice; Dwight R4 Highland Sec35 T160a SCULLY Est. (1902) Tel. Dwight

KRATOCHVIL, Frank (Ella RUETZ) Braceville R1 Braceville Sec36 T80a John HAYES (1908)

KRUG, Christie (Frederica FILLIMAN) Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec12 T160a Christina KRUG (1883) Bell Tel. Gardner

KRUG, Edward (Ida M. POOLE) Ch Ethel, Leo; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec1 T80a KEEPER Bros. (1885) Bell Tel. Gardner

KRUG, Fred (Augusta MARQUARDT) Ch Herman, Ellis, Edna; Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec23 T160a Mrs. G. B. KRUG (1869) Tel. Good Farm Line

KRUG, William C. (Emma ROEDER) Ch Leonard, Walter, Frank, Erna, Victor, Clarence, Pearl; "The Brookside Red, White and Blue Farm" Mazon R1 Mazon Sec24 O242a (1875)

KRULLY, Andrew (Susie BARAN) Ch George, John, Rudolph, Susie, Emma, Andrew Jr.; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec22 T166a Braceville Coal Co. (1883)

KUZEL, Harry, Ch Mary, Joe, Stasia; Coal City R1 Felix Sec24 T320a John TROTTER (1908) Bell Tel.

LAASE, Fred (Anna GROTH) Ch Walter, Emma, Lena, Anna, Fred, Victor; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec33 O240a (1900) Chicago Tel. Co.

LAASE, Walter (Minnie ROEDER) Ch Raymond; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec28 O80a (1910) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

LANIER, Jesse (Anna JAUMOTTE) Ch Pearl; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec34 T112a John McWILLIAMS (1900) Chicago Tel. Co. Mazon

LANIER, R. H. (Lizzie ECKARD) Ch Arthur; "Ely Farm" Mazon R2 Mazon Sec4 T320a Ed McWILLIAMS (1911)

LANSEN, Dante, Verona R2 Highland Sec26 Farm Hand Fred HOUBERG (1903)

LARSON, Carl W. (Jennie OSBACK) Ch Violet, Helen; Morris R3 Erienna Sec5 T160a A. H. HOLDERMAN (1891) Bell Tel.

LARSON, Ed. E. Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec32 O80a (1873) Bell Tel.

LARSON, Edward (Hannah ORTON) Ch Clarence, Louis, Ole, Herman, Gayhard, Bernice, Glenn; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec19 T130a O. N. NELSON (1897) Bell Tel. Morris

LARSON, Henry (Grace PEACOCK) Ch Elmer; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec15 T200a Jerry COLLINS (1890) Bell Tel. Morris

LARSON, Jens (Cena KATRENA) Ch Mary; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec12 T160a Sam BURKHART (1904) Bell Tel. Gardner

LARSON, Lars B. (Mammie E. MANEGOLD) Ch Margaret; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec12 T160a Jim SMALL (1891) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

LARSON, Olie S. (Lena OLSON) Ch Olie, Barni; Gardner R1 Maine Sec33 T160a Mrs. De La MATER (1904) Tel. Gardner

LARSON, Oscar (Allie JOHNSON) Ch Mamie, Arlet, Rubie, Truman, Viola, Lyda, Orville; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec32 T200a Olen JOHNSON (1883) Bell Tel.

LARSON, T. H., Morris R2 Saratoga Sec13-24 T95˝a Mrs. Hattie E. WILSON (1882) Bell Tel. Morris

LARSON, William H. (Helen ROE) Morris R2 Saratoga Sec12-13 T165a J. R. COLLINS & Bro. (1881) Bell Tel. Morris

LAUCH, William R. (Bessie DIXON) Ch Hellen; Gardner Garfield Sec4 O72a (1871) Bell Tel.

LAUGHLIN, W. Pearl (Della POSTON) Ch Russell, Gerald, Helen, Deane; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec32 T155a W. R. GAY (1910) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

LAURIDSEN, Laud (Senna SMITH) Ch Clara, Florence, Stanley, Emil, Olga; Gardner R3 Garfield Sec9 O200a (1912) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

LAWLESS, James W. (Margaret MOSSATTO) Ch Anthony J., Lillian; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec3 T160a George WILLIAMS (1912)

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LAWLESS, Thomas W. (Edna WANLESS) Coal City Braceville Sec10 T280a Will and James RYAN (1914) Tel. Coal City

LEE, Henry (Anna PETERSON) Ch Erwin, Ray, Edna, Lyle; Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec4 T200a Van DOSON (1913) Bell Tel.

LEEDY, John (Alida WIGNER) Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec13 A. OSWOOD (1909) Bell Tel.

LERANGER, Andrew (Olena ESPVEGE) Ch Arthur; Seneca R60 Nettle Creek Sec30 T120a PETERSON Est. (1912)

LERETTE, Clifford (Ida ROSE) Ch Ardelle, Melvin, Fredlen, Donald; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec17 T80a Florence CUNNEA (1882)

LERETTE, E. J. (Elizabeth HUME) Ch Hazel, Clyde; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec28 T100a Margaret HORRIE (1910) Bell Tel. Morris

LERETTE, Henry (Elizabeth PHILIPS) Ch Mae, Ethel, George, Elsie, Grace, Ray, Mildred, Dorothy; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec28 T190a Mrs. MERRIAM (1887) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

LERETTE, James (Katherene EICH) Ch Florence, Elmer; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec30 T210a Foe LERETTE (1892) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

LERETTE, Will (Frances CROSSING) Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec22 T80a Mrs. MARION (1890) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

LEWIS, David (Eva PARKER) Ch Russell; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec7 O260a (1886) Tel. Verona

LEWIS, Samuel (Alice LIDE) Ch Thomas, William; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec35 T80a William LEGHORN (1897)

LEWIS, W. F. (Emma RUSSELL) Ch Arthur "Walch's Stock Farm" Mazon R2 Mazon Sec10 T240a Maurice WALCH (1917)

LIKENS, Jesse A (Lillie KEEPERS) Ch Harry, Lorena; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec1 T190a Archie BUCK (1900) Morris Tel.

LINCHESKY, Michael (Maggie URNATOWSKI) Ch Andrew, Alex, Susanna, William, Catherine, Valera; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec23 T250a Braceville Coal Co. (1885)

LINDSAY, Chub (Nellie FERRY) Ch Gladys, Mary, Eileen; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec21 T200a Mrs. J. A. WILSON (1880) Bell Tel. Morris

LINDSAY, Thomas (Bessie DOTY) Ch Florence, Elma; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec18 T15a J. COLLINS (1889) Bell Tel.

LIPPOLD, Fred (Alvina KRUG) Ch Margaret, Louise, Harvey, Harold, Roy, Clarence; Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec34 T80a John KRUG (1910) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight and Farmers' Private Line

LONG, William (Kate FALKNER) Ch Mary, John; Wilmington R3 Aux Sable Sec34 T117a Pub. Service Co. (1871)

LOWREY, Albert (Tillie NELSON) Ch Richard; Dwight R4 Highland Sec 33 T200a John CAREY (1908) Tel. Kinsman

LOWREY, George C. (Nellie SULLIVAN) Ch Joseph, Leo, Daniel; Kinsman Highland Sec6 O160a T160a Daniel SULLIVAN (1876) Tel. Independent Line

LUCAS, James F. (Fronie J. LYONS) Ch Martha, Mildred L. Miller; Morris R1 Felix Sec28 O40a (1861) Bell Tel.

LUNDE, Elias (Enger HANSEN) Ch Bert; "Aetna Farm" Morris R3 Saratoga Sec32 T160a Mrs. Emma MALAND (1894) Bell Tel. Morris

LUNDY, Leonard H. (Olive HODGE). Ch Grace Irene; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec17 T80a Effie McKINLEY (1912) Bell Tel. Morris

LUTZOW, William S. (Minnie M. TABLER) Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec7 T131a Mrs. Gulia TABLER (1881) Tel Minooka

LYNN, Mrs. C. A., Morris Wauponsee Sec22 O160a (1855) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

LYONS, C. L. (Alice May RUGG) Ch Arthur, Floyd, Dortha, Orville; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec36 O195a (1871) Bell Tel.

LYONS, E. J. (Lilian GUNDERSON) Ch Marguerite, Lavern, Earl Jr.; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec28 Farm Hand H. H. SAMPSON (1916)

LYONS, George E. (Selina PERRY) Ch Everett, Mary Etta, Myrtle Evelyn, Gladys, Arthur; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec16 T300a John CARLON (1873) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

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MABEE, Samuel (Florence HARPER) Ch Mildred E.; Verona R1 Vienna Sec11 John HUTCHINGS (1917)

MACKETTA, Mike (Mary FORNELLI) Ch Margaret, Joseph, Marie, James; Coal City R2 Maine Sec4 T160a James FORNELLI (1904)

MADDALINO, Peter (Caroline FORNELLI) Ch Thomas, Selina, Peter, John, Kathryn, Mary; Coal City Maine Sec4 O120a (1891)

MADISON, A. B. (Erma NICHOLS) Ch Margery, Donald; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec25 T185a George WATERS (1897)

MADISON, O. W. (Vietta WOODS) Mazon R1 Mazon Sec26 T185a George WALTERS (1897)

MADISON, Samuel (Nellie BENSON) Mazon R1 Mazon Sec23 O80a (1897)

MADSEN, H. P. (Katrine LAURSEN) Ch Chester, Eleanor; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec30 T106a H. S. BARTLETT (1903) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

MAHER Bros., Bartholemew and Thomas; Gardner R1 Garfield Sec21 O280a MAHER Est. (1875) Bell Tel. Gardner

MAHON, Freeman (Amy HUNT) Ch Blanche; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec25 O80a (1877) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

MAHON, James (Minnie WILLIAMS) Ch Myrtle, Mildred; "Willows Farm" Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec25 O140a (1869) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

MAHONEY, D. B. (Mary McDONALD) Ch Mary; Seneca Erienna Sec16 O180a (1915) Bell Tel.

MAIATO, A. C. (Ida MASON) Ch Ada; Gardner R1 Maine Sec33 T4a Mrs. JACKMAN (1910) Tel. Gardner

MAIER, Edward (Ellen WELSH) Seneca R61 Vienna Sec19 T160a Jacob MAIER (1884) Tel. Seneca

MAIER, George (Mary McSHANE) Ch Venson; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec4 T160a Jacob MYERS (1887) Bell Tel.

MAIER, Jerome (Gertrude MAHAFFY) Ch Margaret; Verona R1 Vienna Sec10 O240a (1888) Tel. Verona

MAIER, John (Jennie A. DONAHUE) Ch Charles E., Catherine; Verona R1 Vienna Sec21 O200a (1881)

MAIER, Walter L. (Reva HOUGH) Ch Evelyn; Verona R1 Vienna Sec3 T120a Mrs. Samuel HOUGH (1889) Tel. Verona

MALA, John (Leah TABINETT) Ch Frank, Julia, Vern; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec33 T220a Lu GEMAIN (1892) Bell Tel. Gardner

MALAND, Benjamin T. (Emma E. OSMON) Ch Talfourd, Helen; "Etrie Farm" Morris R4 Saratoga Sec32 T320a Mrs. Emma MALAND (1887) Bell Tel. Morris

MALE, Frank (Ida Mae DAVY) Ch Charles E., Iva E., "Oak Grove Farm" Gardner R3 Maine Sec28 T160a Mike MARIETTA (1890) Tel. Gardner

MALE, George (Annie GERRISH) Ch Raymond, Elmer, Ira; Gardner R1 Maine Sec33 T240a J. C. LUTZ (1904) Tel. Gardner

MALE, Thomas (Amy GERRISH) Ch Hilda; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec35 T115a Mrs. McCUMBER and Lavina CULBERT (1905)

MALEK, Frank (Barbara LUKES) Ch Lillian, Violet, Frank; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec13 T120a A. J. CULLY (1907) Bell Tel. Gardner

MALLANEY, Mike (Ellen SHEEDY) Ch Edward, Joseph, Bernard, Mary; Seneca R61 Vienna Sec7 O430a (1861) Tel. Seneca

MALMQUIST, Frank (Ellen HARFORD) Ch Aaron; "Edgewood' Farm" Verona R1 Vienna Sec14 O160a T160a Mrs. C. D. SLOSSON (1888) Tel. Verona

MANNING, Albert (Vera TURNER) Ch Looraine; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec24 Farm Hand George RIDGEWAY (1914) Bell Tel.

MANNING, David (Elizabeth HESSLING) Ch Dennie, Lawrence, Joseph; Seneca R61 Vienna Sec7 O240 Sec18 T160a Emmett O'MALLEY and James RENNE (1887) Tel. Seneca

MARLETTE, Frank (Anna ALDERSON) Verona R2 Highland Sec24 T160a S. G. MARLETTE (1887) Tel. Farmers Private Line

MARSHALL, E. R. (Ella CLASS) Ch Lola M.; Morris R3 Erienna Sec11 T255a Mrs. N. B. WILSON (1913) Bell Tel.

MARTA, Domenic (Caterine QUERIO) Ch Domenic, Johanna, Mary, Rose, Angels, Edith; Coal City R1 Felix Sec33 O120a Sec35 T280a John TROTTER (1891) Bell Tel.

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MARTIN, A. (Lena CLOSE) Ch Doris, Mary; Braceville Braceville Sec34 T80a Tom MARTIN (1870)

MARTIN Bros., Charles and William, Mazon R2 Mazon Sec19 T240a TERRY Est. (1893)

MARTIN, Richard (Jane ANDREWS) Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec36 O80a (1857) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

MARSHALL, E. R. (Ella CLASS) Ch Marcella; Morris R3 Erienna Sec10 T200a Mrs. WILSON (1913) Bell Tel.

MARSHALL, George W. (Angie WINZENBURG) Ch Jeanette, Louis W.; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec34 O30˝a T20a Miss WALSH (1869) Bell Tel. Morris

MASCHING, George (Clara GIBSON) Ch Freda; Mazon R2 Maine Sec7 T160a Mrs. Amelia DUJARIC (1902) Tel. Coal City

MASON, J. E. (Maud CLEMENTS) Ch Beulah; "Maple Lawn Farm" Mazon R2 Mazon Sec17 T240a Mrs. Roy O. WEST (1885) Bell Tel.

MATHISEN, Knut (Bernice SCOGGIN) Ch Harold, Ida, Arlene; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec33 T220a Knut MATHISON and Alf LAMPING (1880) Bell Tel. Gardner

MATHISON, Math. P. (Anna MORTSON) Ch Telford, Mae, Lila; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec28 T80a Peter MATHISON (1890) Bell Tel. Gardner

MATHISON, Mathew M. (Eiger HEIGHBU) Ch Melvin, Ida; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec29 T120a SCULLY Est (1907) Tel. Farmers' Line

MATTESON, Clinton (Victoria HOGE) Morris R6 Saratoga Farm Hand Storey MATTESON (1895) Bell Tel. Morris

MATTESON, Cryder C. (Bessie BLACKMAN) Morris R6 Saratoga Sec10-11 O200a (1879) Bell Tel. Morris

MATTESON, E. J. (Mary WALSTRON) Ch Eugene, Price, Anna; "Hillcrest Farm" Morris R4 Saratoga Sec33 O50a (1875) Bell Tel. Morris

MATTESON, E. W. (Julia WALSTRON) Ch Earl, Ralph, Florence, Evelyn; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec12 O320a (1875) Bell Tel. Morris

MATTESON, Lee (Julia McDERMOTT) Ch Mary, Ray, Ruth, Henely; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec28 T240a George HOGE (1882) Bell Tel.

MATTESON, Russel (Ida GEYERSTANGER) Morris R2 Saratoga Sec1 Farm Hand William MATTESON (1897)

MATTESON, Storey J. (Fannie FOWLER) Ch Clinton; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec10 O200a (1871) Bell Tel. Morris

MATTESON, William (Mae WIDNEY) Ch Russell, Virginia; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec1 O160a Sec12 T160a Jennie QUIGLEY (1867) Bell Tel. Morris

MATTSON, G. A. (Thea SCORING) Ch Grace, Arling; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec11 O120a (1914) Bell Tel.

McARDLE, George, Mazon R2 Wauponsee Sec36 O80a (1860)

McARDLE, Phil (Nora Riley) Ch John; Mazon R2 Wauponsee Sec36 T240a Frank McARDLE and Mrs. W. McARDLE (1885)

McARDLE, Mrs. W. M., Ch Mrs. Marie Marsh, Florence, granddaughter; Morris R5 Wauponsee O80a (1867) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

McCABE, Mrs. John, Ch Josephine, Katherine, George; Verona Vienna Sec32 O80a (1860)

McCAMBRIDGE, Allie (Maude CURTIN) "Lone Grove Farm" Verona R2 Vienna Sec33 T160a Pat COSGROVE (1910)

McCAMBRIDGE, Daniel (Emma COBENY) Ch Allie, Mildred, Elmer, Emmett, Vincent; Verona R2 Vienna Sec34 O120a (1863)

McCARTHY, D. J. (Elmira HANLEY) Ch Alfred, Elbert; Kinsman R1 Vienna Sec32 T307a George McCAMBRIDGE (1887)

McCARTY, H. J., Verona R1 Norman Sec35 T80a M. E. MALANEY

McCLOSKEY, Henry (Jane WIER) Ch Arthur, Lettia, Emmett, Frances, John, Veronica, Genevieve, Sadie; Kinsman R1 Vienna Sec32 O160a (1892) Tel. Kinsman

McCLOUD, J. R. (Margaret KERR) Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec18 O57-˝a (1865) Bell Tel.

McCLUCKIE, James (Jeannette CONNELE) Ch Agnes, William, John, Helen, Ethel, James, Robert, Gordon, LaVerne; Coal City R1 Maine Sec9 T240a SKINNER Est. (1884) Tel. Coal City

McCOMB, George (Bella JOHNSON) Ch Mary, Sadie, Ella, Jennie, Joe, George, William, Jim; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec12 T291a J. C. LUTZ (1909)

McCOMB, George (Pearl BRIDGE) Ch Earl, Viola, Orvil; Gardner Greenfield Sec10 T160a W. W. SMITH (1917)

McCORMICK, John (Julia DUFFY) Ch John, Julia, Margaret; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec28 O160a (1875) Tel. Kinsman

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McCRAY, John, South Wilmington Goose Lake Sec17 Farm Hand Fred HINTZ (1897)

McDONALD, Charles (Ida M. ALLISON) Ch Elizabeth, Lowella, Ina, Allen, Marian, Hazel, Iola; Gardner Garfield Sec16 T470a David LLOYD and W. FORRESTER (1855) Bell Tel.

McEVILLY Bros., Minooka R1 Aux Sable Sec12 O160a (1868) Bell Tel.

McEVILLY, James (Frances COULHAN) Ch Charles, May, Emma, Ester, Tom, Maltie, Lawrence, William; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec12 O280a (1860) Bell Tel.

McGILL, E. C. (Mary FINCH) Ch Elsie, William, Lester; "Maple Grove Farm" Mazon R2 Maine Sec8 O160a (1908) Tel. Coal City

McGINNIS, Frank (Anna MADDEN) Ch Amber; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec36 T240a Fred SHULTZ (1916)

McGINNISS, William F. (Isabelle LARSON) Ch James, Alma, Lucile, Annabelle; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec16 T268a Ella SANFORD (1913) Chicago Tel. Co.

McGUAN, Ed. (Mary McCABE) Ch Hildegarde, Bernard; Morris R5 Norman Sec25 O40a Sec26 T120a Mrs. CHRISTENA and McGUAN (1884) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

McGUAN, G. A. (May JAMES) Ch George, John, Grace, Francis; Morris R5 Norman Sec25 O40a T120a Mrs. CHRISTENA and McGUAN (1881) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

McINTOSH, George (Lovina DAVIS) Ch Gordon, Gladys; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec33 O120a (1891) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

McKINLEY, James (Emma EDWARDS) Ch La Verne; Mazon R2 Maine Sec7 T160a Mrs. Mary McKINLEY (1888) Tel. Coal City

McKINLEY, Mrs. Margaret, Ch Ella, Loretta, Reva, Raymond, Erlan, Donald; Mazon R2 Maine Sec6 O80a (1871) Tel. Coal City

McLAUGHLIN, P. T. (Myrtle WILKS) Ch George, Cora, Scott; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec16 T160a Maggie and Lizzie SEELEY (1900) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

McLINDEN, Arthur J. (Maud COULEHAN) Ch Willie, Harry, Mary, Alice, Joseph; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec10 O108a (1907) Bell Tel.

McLUCKIE, John (Ada MORRIS) Ch Roy, Thomas; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec35 T120a George WATTERS (1891)

McLUCKIE, Robert (Jessie WHARRIE) Ch Thomas, Ellen, Robert, David; Coal City R1 Maine Sec5 O240a (1882) Tel. Coal City

McNAMARA, Cornelius (Margaret LAMB) Verona R1 Vienna Sec27 T160a Patrick McSHANE Est. (1917) Tel. Kinsman

McNELLIS, Ed. (Agnes SHEEHAN) Ch Collette, Vincent, Leon, Tresa, Edward; Morris R3 Erienna Sec15 O100a (1875) Bell Tel.

McSHANE, Mrs. M., Ch Earl, Edmond, Margaret; Verona R2 Vienna Sec27 O80a (1895) Tel. Kinsman

MEADE, Albert (Ellen MALE) Ch Catherine A.; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec13 T240a Henry BULL (1909) Bell Tel. Gardner

MEADE, Frank J. (Adele WARREN) Ch Francis, Daniel J.; Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec10 O86a (1870) Bell Tel. Minooka

MEADE, N. J., Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec10 O240a (1875) Bell Tel.

MEADORS, Thomas (Zella McCLELLAN) Ch Arthur, Howard, Ernest; Verona R2 Vienna Sec36 T240a Mrs. Eliza GLENN (1907) Tel. Verona

MEIER, A. J. (Nellie PATMORE) Ch Gleyn; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec22 T120a H. L. MEIER (1882) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

MELBOURN, S. (Annie PETERSON) Ch Ida, Mary, Lizzie, Alfred, Hattie, Lester, Maggie, Jennie; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec36 O32a (1858) Bell Tel.

MELTON, A. G. (Hester J. TURLEY) Ch Nye, Oneida, Saidee, Lorain, Lionel, James, Marie, Henry, Eunice; "Hedge Lawn Stock Farm" Mazon R2 Mazon Sec4 T240a Frank HOUGH (1911) Chicago Tel. Co.

MENAUGH Bros. (Mary, wife of Rollie D.) Ch Margaret M., Ruth E., Gertie E. Menaugh, mother; Gail E., brother; Gardner R1 Maine Sec29 T480a Lyman HAWLEY (1884) Tel. Gardner

MENIETTO, Celeste (Madalena) Ch Jennie, Tony, Edith, Emma, Lena, Mabel; Coal City R1 Felix Sec36 O13a (1909)

METTLACH, Waiter (Bessie THOMPSON) Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec13 Farm Hand (1917)

MIGHELL, Charles (Mrs. R. H. MIGHELL, mother); Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec24 O330a (1871) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

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MILLER, A. B. (Agnes ALSTON) Ch Orville, Williams; "Cedarcrest Farm" Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec4 O240a T80a Mrs. O. S. MILLER (1864) Bell Tel. Morris

MILLER, Fred (Mary BEYSINGER) Ch Ida, Francis, George, Edward, Mabel, Violet, Clara, Myrtle, Luella, Rosella, Albert; Dwight R4 Highland Sec28 T180a SCULLY Est. (1893) Tel. Dwight

MILLER, George (Florence POPE) Verona R2 Highland Sec16 T219a DRINAN Bros. (1895) Tel. Independent Line)

MILLER, G. P., Ch Winder, Cora M., George E.; Coal City R1 Felix Sec33 O160a (1870) Bell Tel. Coal City

MILLER, John (Maggie GOSS) Ch Della; Verona R2 Highland Sec25 O80a (1891) Tel. Dwight

MILLER, Lester (Mary REGAN) Ch Raymond, Ervin; Verona R1 Vienna Sec23 Farm Hand F. L. DIX (1911)

MISENER, A. H. (Ina FOSTER) Ch Myrtle, Roy, Gladys, Hazel, Verna, Edna, Louise, Harold, Gerald; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec28 O80a T165a H. F. MISENER Est. (1873)

MISENER, I. N. & Son (Anna E. JACKSON) Ch Gardie C.; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec29 O280a (1863) Bell Tel.

MISENER, J. F. (Bessie ISHAM) Ch Wayne, Russell; "Grove Farm" Mazon R1 Mazon Sec29 O180a (1868) Tel. Mazon

MOLLERSKOV, Steffen (Kathryn DALL) Ch Bendix, John; Dwight R4 Highland Sec30 T80a Nellie McWILLIAMS (1907)

MOLONEY, E. V. (Flora WAGNER) Ch Agnes, Robert; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec33 T180a John CUNNEA (1907) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

MOLONEY, James (Anna FINNEGAN) Ch Mary, Margaret, James; Reddick R2 Greenfield Sec34 O120a (1873) Bell Tel. Gardner

MOLONEY, John (Mary SMITH) Ch Edward, Francis, John Jr.; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec13 O160a (1870) Bell Tel. Gardner

MONBRON, Angle, Ch Louis, Ernest, John, Angle, Mary; Braceville R1 Greenfield Sec1 T320a J. C. LUTZ (1890)

MONBRUN, Louis (Lena VISER) Ch Lena, Louis, Lawrence, Lydia; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec35 T147a J. C. LUTZ (1885)

MONSON, Holver (Serena A. MATHISON) Ch Eileen, Fern; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec31 T160a Tom MONSON (1895) Tel. Farmers' Line

MONSON, Lewis (Hanna HILL) Gardner R2 Garfield Sec21 T80a M. H. MONSON, (1897) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

MONSON, Mons. H. (Sarah MATHISON) Ch Knut, Carrie, John, Louis, Sander, Martin, Melvin, Frank, Alfred; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec32 O280a (1872) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

MOON, C. H. (Altha HUME) Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec26 O80a (1865) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

MOONEY, L. A. (Hattie FOSTER) Ch Lois "Good Morning Farm" Mazon R1 Mazon Sec22 T310a FOSTER Est. (1875)

MOORE, Edward L. (Lillie J. M. WHITTEMORE) Ch Lloyd, Minetta, Lyle; Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec31 T120a Ben TROTTER (1875)

MORAN, James, Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec17 O4a (1857)

MORAN, P. M. (Elizabeth DRISCOLL) Ch Michael, Julia; Morris R3 Erienna Sec1 O240a (1895)

MORGAN, Wilbur (May LEONARD) Mazon R2 Mazon Sec10 T160a Farm Hand John PAYNE (1917)

MORRIS, John (Nellie WOODLAND) Ch Gordon, Ethel, Clarence, Frances, Esther, Raymond, James, Ruth; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec16 T140a James RYAN (1886)

MORRIS, W. H. (Mary J. HILL) Ada J., William M., Mary, Alfred E., Ralph; Mazon R2 Maine Sec6 T176a Dr. MAJOR (1865)

MORRISEY, Thomas J. (Nora Agatha BAGNELL) Ch Mildred M.; "Morrisey Farm" Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec29 O127a (1881) Tel. Oak Line Dwight

MORSE, Guy W., Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec5 O240a (1917)

MORTVEDT, Ed. (Engerid TJARANDSON) Ch Ole, Thelma; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec29 T120a SCULLY Est. (1900) Tel. Farmers' Line

MORTVEDT, Halver (Carrie MONSON) Ch Selma, Oliver, Howard; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec3O T80a SCULLY Est. (1903) Tel. Farmers' Line

MOTTA, Joseph, Coal City Braceville Sec2 T186a Thomas MOTTA (1908)

MOUNT, Ira (Rosie BRYANT) Ch Gleason, Raymond, Jesse, Lawrence, LaRue; Morris R5 Norman Sec35 Farm Hand E. B. REEVES (1913)

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MUFFLER, Henry (Emma GETTLER) Ch Henry H., Velma, Celia, Mabel, Loretta; "Fairview Grain and Stock Farm" Kinsman R1 Vienna Sec19 O160a (1875) Tel. Seneca

MUFFLER, Joe (Josephine SHULLER) Ch Anna, Emma, Albert, Herbert, Charles; Seneca R61 Norman Sec31 O203a (1867) Bell Tel.

MULERA, John (Margaret A. SHEARIN) Ch May, John, James, Melda, Ray, Emmett, Alfred, Edmond; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec7 O80a T40a Mrs. B. KEARNS (1906)

MULHALL, C. (Tessie DOLEN) Ch Helen, Harold; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec10 T460a W. L. WANRIGHT (1906) Bell Tel.

MULVANIE, James (Fannie M. HARFORD) Ch Jessie; Verona R1 Vienna Sec11 O240a (1871)

MURLEY, C. J. (Mamie EDMONDSON) Ch Mary, Edward, Mildred, LeRoy; Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec5 O160a (1879) Bell Tel.

MURRAY, F. A. & Son, Ch Lyle, Arden, Geraldine; "Brookside Stock Farm" Mazon R1 Mazon Sec23 O330a (1864)

NARETTO, Mike (Mary CERETTO) Ch Peter, Joseph, John, Orelia, Mary; Gardner R3 Braceville Sec35 T460a Jacob LUTZ (1903) Tel. Gardner

NARETTO, Tony, Gardner R3 Braceville Sec35 T460a Jacob LUTZ (1901) Tel. Gardner

NATWICK, Albert (Lillie Fern HOUGAS) Ch Mildred Fern, Leonard F.; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec20 Farm Hand Fred WALKER (1915)

NELSON, Anton (Mary BENSON) Ch Gustar, Lillie, Enar, Martha; Verona R2 Vienna Sec27 T160a C. H. FELLINGHAM (1903)

NELSON, Benton (Mary DANIELSON) Ch Luther, Milfred, Belton, Roger, Fern; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec7 T100a J. DANIELSON (1905)

NELSON, Bertha O., Ch Oscar, Albert, Harold, Alvin, Blanche, Ernest, Nelson; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec31 O160a (1910) Bell Tel.

NELSON, Christ (JENSEN) Ch Christine, Alfred; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec7 T120a Collon Est. (1909) Bell Tel.

NELSON, Clarence (Martha KETTLESON) Clifford E.; Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec4 O80a (1817) Bell Tel.

NELSON, Elmer (Esther JOHNSON) Ch Harold E.; Verona R2 Vienna Sec36 T130a William CUSIC (1913)

NELSON, Guy (Ada LEWIS) Ch Renelva; Gardner R1 Garfield Sec6 T155a Robert PICKLES (1893) Bell Tel. Gardner

NELSON, Hans (Rose DEVORAK) Ch Lucile, George; Reddick R1 Greenfield Sec36 Farm Hand (1883)

NELSON, Jens (Hellen SORENSEN) Ch Howard, Agnes, Clarence; Gardner R2, Garfield Sec31 T160a Mrs. C. F. SHELDON (1911) Bell Tel. Gardner

NELSON, John (Elizabeth PARADY) Ch Lillian, Eva, Mabel, Guy, Beatrice, Della; Gardner R1 Garfield Sec7 O160a (1884) Bell Tel.

NELSON, John F. (Annie JENSEN) Ch John, Elsie, Gustave, Marie; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec14 O80a (1882) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

NELSON, John S. (Caroline HAGEN) Ch Della, Cora, Jennie, Mabel, Gladys, Bernice, Viola, Sadie; Morris R3 Erienna Sec7 T240a J. HOGE Jr. (1881) Bell Tel.

NELSON, Louis (Carrie JACOBSON) Ch Nels P., Clara L., Elsa M., Christian, Rosa L., Conrad C.; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec22 T126a Henry MEIER (1917) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight and Gooseberry Line

NELSON, Louis C. (Minnie RASSMUSEN) Gardner R1 Greenfield Sec26 T320a John R. OUGHTEN (1913) Bell Tel. Gardner

NELSON, L. E. (Louise SMITH) Ch John, Edith, Clarence; Gardner R2 Good Farm Sec26 T155a SCULLY Est. (1896) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner and Dwight

NELSON, Nels (Podel SONDERGAARD) Ch Emil, Clara; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec33 T200a WALSH Bros. (1905) Bell. Tel. Gardner

NELSON, Nels (Susan HAUG) Ch Olie, Nels; Morris R6 Nettle Creek Sec1 O160a (1855)

NELSON, N. A. (Augusta ENGER) Ch Clara, Frances, Grace, Gerald, Morris; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec33 T80a Manager Grundy County Farm (1892) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

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NELSON, O. N. (Josephine ANFINSEN) Ch Alfred, Emery, Sidney, Abner, Agnes, Verna; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec18-19 O365a (1865) Bell Tel. Morris

NELSON, Stephen (Olive HANSON) Ch Willard, Lester, Sidney, Herbert, Verna, Erma; Seneca R60 Nettle Creek Sec20 T220a GRAY Est. (1916) Bell Tel. Seneca

NELSON, Thor. (Bell LOTE) Ch Nellie, Alice, Carrie, Eva, Edward, Lizzie, Anna, Isabelle; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec11 T235a Jake LUTZ (1887)

NESS, Joseph L. (Josephine JOHNSON) Ch Francis, Howard; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec28 T180a Hendly HOGE (1916) Bell Tel. Morris

NESS, L. L. (Gusta LEE) Ch Louis, Helen, Gayhard, Arthur, Theodore, Edna, Oliver; Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec17 O42a (1889) Bell Tel.

NESS, Severt (Sarah JOHNSON) Ch Olaf, Gladys, Alvin; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec15 T145a J. R. COLLINS (1901) Bell Tel. Morris

NEVILLE, Nicholas, Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec8 O100a (1881)

NEVILLE, Thomas (Julia DONAHUE) Ch Agnes, James, Alice, Thomas, William, Cletus; "Valley Farm" Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec8 O320a (1872) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

NEWMAN, Hugh (Eliza RYAN) Ch John S., William H.; Verona R1 Vienna Sec4 O121a (1859)

NEWPORT, G. E. (Alice GREEN) Ch Alice, Jennie, Harvey, Carol; Verona R1 Mazon Sec6 T338a NEWPORT Est. (1863) Tel. Morris

NIELSEN, Jens C. (Agatha LAURSEN) Ch Gordon, Infant; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec14 T194a SAMPLE Est. (1906) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

NIEMEYER, Louis (Ella SIMELTER) Dwight R2 Highland Sec24 T160a Edward HORTON (1916) Tel. Dwight

NODLAND, C. (Anna DANALSON) Ch Agnes, Jessie, Ernest; Seneca Erienna Sec19 T150a P. McNELLIS (1913)

NORAM, Mrs. Julia (Julia NELSON) Ch Henry, Belle, Nels, Annie, Ole, Severt, Martin, Helen; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec2 T80a N. NELSON (1893)

NORAM, Ole, Morris R6 Saratoga Sec9 T160a Ole OSMUNDSON (1885)

O'BRIEN, William E. (Sarah ROBISON) Ch Theresa, Cecilia, Emmet; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec34 (1892) Bell Tel.

OLROYD, Albert W. (Alice STALKER) Ch Mary, Melvin, Walter, Ethel; Gardner R3 Greenfield Sec12 T157a Mrs. CORRY (1890) Bell Tel. Gardner

OLSEN, Nels (Katie GRIEFF) Ch Esther; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec30 T120a SCULLY Est. (1890)

OLSEN, Ole G. Morris R4 Saratoga Sec28 T˝a Ole RAGNES (1872)

OLSON, Clifford (Flotilla JOHNSON) Ch Frances, Margaret; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec27 T60a E. J. MATTISON (1891)

OLSON, Joe (Helen ENGER) Ch Clifford, Joseph, June, Rogers, Joyce, Roy, Genevieve, Daisy, Fern, Helen; Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec27 T286a E. J. MATTISON (1860) Bell Tel.

OLSON, John F. (Isabelle EVISON) Ch Malinda, Lavina, Annie, Emma, Mary, Ida, Oliver, Joseph, Warner, Gordon; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec28 T5a PIKE Bros. (1883)

OLSON, John O. (Ella WALKER) Ch Willard; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec7-18 T180a A. D. WALKER (1910) Bell Tel. Morris

OLSON, Nels (Andrea NELSON) Ch Otto, Sophie, Dagmar, Rudolph, Anna, Clara, Nels, Adolph, Carl; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec14 T160a SCULLY Est. (1910) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

OLSON, Nels (Cema ANDERSON) Ch Clarence; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec27 O5a (1856)

OLSON, N. C. (Lena OLIVER) Ch Willie, Lena, Mary; Seneca R61 Norman Sec29 T254a J. CARLON (1914)

OLSON, Olaus (Carolina THORSON) Ch Tillier B., SeDell A., Spencer A.; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec33 T240a William HOGE (1880) Bell Tel.

OLSON, Ole (John J. OLSON, Father; Christina THOMPSON-OLSON, Mother) Cora, Edna, Ole, Thomas, Martha, Olive, John, Esther, Willard, brothers and sisters; Morris R61 Saratoga Sec14 T240a Mrs. Dr. WHITMAN (1893) Bell Tel. Morris

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OLSON, Rasmus (Lena SORENSON) Ch Badil, Mahea, Hilda; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec18 O82a (1889)

OLSON, Sam (Sophie KNUTSON) Ch Conrad, Alice, Stanley; Gardner R2 Garfield Sec30 T120a SCULLY Est. (1885)

OLSON, Tenes (Bessie RICHARDSON) Ch Mildred; Morris R3 Saratoga Sec31 O80a (1872) Bell Tel. Morris

OLSON, T. B. (Alice M. CLAUSON) Ch Truman, Marvin, Florence, Lydia, Leona; Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec14 T260a John CUNNEA (1883) Bell Tel.

OLSON, Willie (Julia PETERSON) Ch Earl F.; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec35 W. H. REARDEN (1884)

O'MALLEY, J. P. (Loretta MORROW) Ch Clarence, Earl, John H., Mary L.; Seneca R61 Vienna Sec6 O223a (1878) Tel. Seneca

O'MALLY, Frank (Gertrude E. JUDGE) Ch Margaret M.; "Maple Row Farm" Verona R1 Vienna Sec8 O216a T80a J. E. O'MALLEY (1889) Tel. Seneca

ONDERISIN, John L. (Anna M. BALLAS) Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec9 T320a COLLONS Est. (1891) Bell Tel. Morris

ONDESCO, George (Susie DANCISAK) Ch John L., Andrew, Mary E., Anna L., Emma L.; Gardner R1 Maine Sec28 O160a (1882) Tel. Gardner

ONDESCO, Michael (Anna VELSKO) Ch Anna, Cora, John; Braceville R1 Braceville Sec23 O5a T53a Braceville Coal Co. (1888)

O'NEILL, William (Mary SHEEHAN) Ch Joseph, Mary, Kathryn, John, William, Thomas, Henry, Loretto; Dwight R4 Highland Sec29 T360a John SHEEHAN (1867) Tel. Kinsman

ONSEN, Andrew (Hazel BROWN) Ch Harold, Helen; Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec13 T240a G. T. TROTTER (1877) Bell Tel.

ONSEN, Onie (Lizzie STEWART) Ch Mildred, Fern, Louis; Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec32 O160a (1873) Bell Tel.

ORAM, George, Minooka R3 Aux Sable Sec10 Farm Hand Andrew SHARP (1909)

OSBURN, William (Mary H. HOOKER) Ch Agnes, Russell, Everett; "Goose Lake Farm" Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec2 O500a (1904) Bell Tel.

OSMANDSON, William (Helen FESSLER) Morris R4 Saratoga Sec29 Farm Hand James ASHTON Sr. (1894) Bell Tel. Morris

OSMANSON, Ole (Grace PYLE) Ch Willis, Clarence; "Orchard Place Farm" Morris R4 Saratoga Sec16 O116a Bell Tel. Morris

OSMANSON, Olson (Wicks) Ch Martin, Anna, Pie; Minooka R2 Saratoga Sec1 T80a Nels NELSON (1895) Bell Tel. Minooka

OSMUNDSON, Melvin J. (Laura Louise VIDEL) Ch Merrill; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec5 T160a M. OSMUNDSON (1890) Bell Tel. Morris

OSMUNDSON, Theodore (Jennie STEWART) Morris R6 Saratoga Sec8 T160a H. L. HOSSACK (1885) Bell Tel. Morris

OSWOOD, C. M. (Helen SAMPSON) Ch Truman, Jevema, Cleon; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec16-17 T120a Joseph OSWOOD (1879) Bell Tel. Morris

OSWOOD, Edgar E., Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec13 T279a Austin OSWOOD (1889) Bell Tel.

OSWOOD, Edward (Anna SAMPSON) Ch Earl, Gladys, Myra, Mandel, Vivian; "Brookside Farm" Morris R4 Saratoga Sec17 T132a Joseph OSWOOD Sr. (1876) Bell Tel. Morris

OSWOOD, George (Vergia TERRY) Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec34 T160a J. and G. OSWOOD (1891) Bell Tel.

OSWOOD, Joseph Jr. (Marie SAMPSON) Ch Milford, Hendley, Wesley, Grinnell, Evelyn, Marion; Morris R4 Saratoga Sec16 T100a Joseph OSWOOD Sr. (1874) Bell Tel. Morris

OSWOOD, Junie (Anna HATTERBERG) Ch Arlene, Iona, Allen, Ruth; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec34 T80a Austin OSWOOD (1877) Bell Tel.

OTTO, Oscar (Anna ENGER) Ch Orville, Bernice lone; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec21 T160a O. H. OSMONSON (1901) Bell Tel. Morris

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PALMATEER, Frank (Alice ECKERSALL) Ch Gladys; Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec13 T80a George W. HUSTON (1881) Bell Tel.

PALMER, George (Emily HEATHER) Ch. Leona, Wellington, Juanita; Morris R5 Wauponsee Sec16 O20a (1905) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

PARKER, T. S. (Letta A. SWISSHELM) Ch Fred, Joe, Nora; Morris R5 Norman Sec29 T240a Maggie KELLY (1910) Bell Tel. Morris

PARR, A. A. (Hetty RYDER) Seneca Erienna Sec15 T186a B. HURLEHY (1887) Bell Tel.

PASQUENO, Martin (Mary PASQUENO) Ch Kate, John, Dominic, Dodo, Frank, Charlie, Martin; Coal City R1 Felix Sec26 T300a J. TROTTER (1903)

PATTERSON, Henry (Laura SMALL) Ch Pearl L.; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec2 Farm Hand William OSBURN (1911)

PATTON, Mrs. Mary (BAILEY) Ch Mary, Marian, James, Bessie, William, Ben; Morris R2 Saratoga Sec35 T58a James PATTON Est. (1866) Bell Tel. Morris

PAULSEN, Peter (Martha PAULSEN, mother) Gardner R2 Garfield Sec29 T80a SCULLY Est. (1889) Bell Tel.

PAXTON, Elmer E. (Addie M. LAWRENCE) Ch Elsie, Pearl, George; Mazon R1 Mazon Sec32 O133a (1865)

PAXTON, John (Josephine MURPHY) Ch Charles, Arthur; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec6 O40a (1863) Tel. Verona

PAYNE, John (Lillie BAKER) Ch Ivan, Harvey, Dorothy; Mazon R2 Mazon Sec10 T160a C. N. BARNES (1913)

PAYTON, M. (Anna F. MASON) Ch Mabel, Beatrice, Ralph, Dorothy, Oscar, Lloyd, Lawrence; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec4 Farm Hand A. B. MILLER (1905)

PEACOCK, Alfred (May CLOKE) Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec36 O80a (1879) Bell Tel.

PEACOCK, Edward H., Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec2 T125a Mrs. Lydia PEACOCK (1888) Bell Tel.

PEACOCK, Harry (Euphemia HUNTER) Ch Raymond; Morris R2, Aux Sable Sec31 T160a PEACOCK Est. (1884) Bell Tel.

PEACOCK, Irwin D. (Ella CALDWELL) Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec36 T160a Nellie PEACOCK (1887) Bell Tel. Morris

PEACOCK, John S. Jr. (Ira CAMERON) Morris R2 Morris Sec2 T140a John PEACOCK (1885) Bell Tel.

PEACOCK Robert (Lydia WHITE) Ch Edward, Florence, Ruth, Lessie; Morris R2 Morris Sec2 O190a (1857) Bell Tel.

PEACOCK, Mrs. S. A., Ch Charles, Clifford, Gladys; Morris R3 Erienna Sec5 O240a (1870) Bell Tel.

PEART, James P. (Anna WILSON) Ch William, Milford; Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec15 O160a (1877) Bell Tel.

PEART, Jerry M. (Anna SVENDSEN) Ch Mabel, Ethel, Cuthbert; Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec15 O80a (1867) Bell Tel.

PEGAU, H. E. (Amy CONERY) Ch Wayne; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec25 T58a Joseph CONERY (1912)

PERRY, George (Mary HUTCHING) Ch Hattie, Maggie, Lizzie; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec12 T120a George PEARY (1857)

PERRY, William (Anna GOMOARA) Ch William, Maude M.; Mazon R2 Maine Sec6 T80a William GILCHRIST (1885)

PERUCCA, John, Morris R6 Saratoga Sec10 T160a Mrs. Enger McMAHON (1897)

PETERSEN, Peter (Anna WIBORG) Ch Arnold, Wilbur, Alta, Norma; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec13 T120a SCULLY Est. (1906) Tel. Farmers' Line Gardner

PETERSON, Edwin (Bertha NELSON) Ch Sadie May, Ralph, Winnie, Nora, Fern, Howard, Darwin; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec4 O40a (1870) also owns 160a on Sec33 Lisbon Twp. Kendall Co. Bell Tel. Morris

PETERSON, Eli F. (Martha HEY) Ch Ernest; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec4 O80a (1873) also owns 39a on Sec33 Lisbon Twp. Kendall Co. Bell Tel. Morris

PETERSON, Elias S. (Ellen RAFDAF) Ch Sidney, Glenn, Ernest; Minooka R2 Saratoga Sec2-3 O70a (1905) Bell Tel. Morris

PETERSON, Gust (Lena ANDERSON) Ch Edna, Myrtle. George, Ella, Harry, Delbert; Morris R3 Erienna Sec9 T210a HOLDERMAN Est. (1891)

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PETERSON, Henry (Clara WEST) Ch Harvy; Minooka R2 Aux Sable Sec5 T100a Jens JOHNSON (1915) Bell Tel.

PETERSON, John (Annette PETERSON) Oscar, Victor, Alfred, Anton; Braceville Braceville Sec34 O70a (1877)

PETERSON, Ludwig (Julia HANSON) Verona R2 Highland Sec22 T120a J. DRINAN (1917)

PETERSON, S. N. (Belle OLSON) Ch Blanchard, Clyde, Pearley, Archie, Ora, Jeanette, Blossom, Maxine; Minooka R2 Saratoga Sec2-3 T170a Knute ENGER (1902)

PETERSON, Thomas (Emma PETERSON) Ch Bernard, Arthur, Viola, Evelyn, Gladys; Morris R6 Saratoga Sec5 O80a (1868) Bell Tel. Morris

PETERSON, Thomas (Julia BEAKLAND) Ch Hilma, Alma; Morris R3 Nettle Creek Sec26 T160a Will EARDON (1897) Bell Tel.

PETERSON, Tillman (Ruth DEAN) Morris R4 Nettle Creek Sec14 Farm Hand George MATTESON (1900)

PETERSON, Van (Olga PETERSON) Ch Harry J., Lillian Gerda; Morris R3 Erienna Sec2 T240a Frank HATCHER (1910) Bell Tel.

PETIT, Leander, Gardner R2 Garfield Sec32 T80a Laura PETIT 1872 Bell Tel. Gardner

PETIT, Sherman (Mary DWYER) Gardner R2 Garfield Sec29 T120a SCULLY Est. (1872)

PFEIFER, William (Sophia BURKHART) Ch Marvin, Nora, Aileen, Lloyd, Russell, Lucile; Dwight R2 Good Farm Sec22 O360a (1869) Tel. Farmers' Line Dwight

PHELAN, William A. (Agnes WHALEN) Ch Gregory, Jerome, Mary; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec18 O160a (1903) Tel. Kinsman

PHILLIPS, James (Katie ANSELMO) Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec32 T80a Frank MARX (1894)

PHILLIPS, Jasper (Christina ONSEN) Ch Viola M., Elsie E., Orville F.; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec18 Farm Hand Frank HOLDERMAN (1882)

PHILLIPS, Jesse (Mary E. BOLS) Morris R2 Aux Sable Sec21 T160a E. J. MATTESON (1882) Bell Tel.

PHILLIPS, John (Mary HEENEY) Ch George, Mary, Tessie, John, William, Nora, James, Antony, Catherine, Robert, Clarence, Joseph; Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec32 T480a LONGSMAN Est. (1882) Bell Tel.

PHILLIPS, J. L. (Bertha ONSEN) Ch Raymond, Leonard; Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec29 O156a (1876) Tel. Coal City

PHILLIPS, Orin (Elizabeth PERRY) Morris R6 Saratoga Sec33 T142a William KERNS Est. (1878) Bell Tel. Morris

PHILLIPS, Otis (Josephine RIFFLARD) Ch Edward F., Laura M.; Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec20 T240a Mrs. J. HOLDERMAN (1884) Bell Tel.

PHILLIPS, Walter (Sarah J. CONKLIN) Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec20 O240a (1869) Bell Tel.

PHILLIPS, William (Lena PETERSON) Ch Carl E., Clarence L.; "Pleasant Prairie Farm" Morris R1 Goose Lake Sec10 T120a George TROTTER (1886) Bell Tel. Morris

PIERARD, Edward (Clementine RONVEAUX) Ch Clara, Ernest, Victor, Louie, Laura, Eleanor, Edward; Coal City R1 Braceville Sec15 T240a Braceville Coal Co (1883) Tel. Coal City

PODLESNEY, Andro (Anna PETRO) Ch Edna M., Anna, Raymond A.; Coal City R1 Goose Lake Sec13 T340a Mrs. Charles DUDGSON (1910) Bell Tel.

POGLIANO, John, Coal City R1 Felix Sec22 T225a Peter McKEE (1910)

PONSEIGO, Joe (Sara GERVASE) Ch John, Mary, Edith, Anna, Frances, Lillian, Joe Jr.; Coal City Maine Sec3 O14a (1910)

POOLE, Benjamin (Mary E. MALLABAR) Ch William, Benjamin F., Thomas H., Ida M., James, Elizabeth, Eleanor; Gardner R1 Good Farm Sec2 T160a Ezra GRASH (1908) Bell Tel. Gardner

PORTER, I. W. (Ellen STONEBURNER) Verona R1 Vienna Sec23 T120a C. J. FELLINGHAM (1902)

PRINDIVILLE, Edward (Josie O'BRIEN) Ch Elden, Joseph; Verona R2 Vienna Sec34 T160a Mrs. Ellen REAGON (1915)

PRINDIVILLE, Mrs. Kate, Ch Daniel, Emmett; Kinsman R1 Highland Sec6 T240a INNES Est. (1885) Bell Tel.

PYLE, Elton E. (Carrie MILLER) Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec22 T120a Philip SOUTHCOMB (1891)

PYLE, James H. (Josephine WATERS) Ch Grace, Osmonson, Elton; Morris R1 Wauponsee Sec22 T120a Philip SOUTHCOMB (1852) Chicago Tel. Co. Morris

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