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Prairie Farmer's Directory of Grundy and Kendall Counties Illinois
Grundy County Automobile & Tractor Owners' Directory

Compiled and Published by Prairie Farmer Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois

This List Includes Farm Automobile Owners Only

Name, Make, Post Office

Page 184

ADAMS, Fred, Buick, Gardner, R. 1

AHERN Bros., Overland, Kinsman, R. 1

AHERN, John J., Ford, Dwight, R. 4

AHERN, Thos., Overland, Kinsman, R. 1

ALSVIG, Ben, Buick, Morris, R. 2

ANDERSON, A., Ford, Verona, R. 2

ANDERSON, A.E., Ford, Morris, R. 1

ANDERSON, C.L., Studebaker, Seneca, R. 1

ANDERSON, Edw., Ford, Verona, R. 1

ANDERSON, Hans, Ford, Gardner, R. 2

ANDERSON, H.V., Buick, Stockdale

ANDERSON, J., Maxwell, Gardner

ANDERSON, M.T., Michigan, Stockdale

ANDERSON, T.F., Maxwell, Morris, R. 4

ANSELMENT, Wm., Ford, Kinsman, R. 2

ASH, Edw., Ford, Verona, R. 2

ASHTON, Jas. Jr., Hupmobile, Morris, R. 4

BABCOCK, Alfred, Buick, Gardner, R. 1

BABCOCK, Allen, Ford,Coal City, R. 1

BABCOCK, S., Moline, Mazon, R. 1

BACHELOR, W. W., Overland, Kinsman, R. 1

BAKER, Edw., Ford, Verona, R. 1

BAKER, Geo. R., Ford, Verona, R. 1

BAKER, Harry D., Chevrolet, Morris, R. 5

BAKER, H. J., Buick, Kinsman, R. 1

BALAS, Geo., Chevrolet, Braceville, R. 1

BARGER, J. R., Overland, Morris, R. 4

BARGO, E., Overland, Morris, R. 1

BARKER, B. A., Mitchell, Mazon, R. 8

BARKER, Joel H., Buick, Mazon, R. 2

BARR, Jas. C., Buick, Mazon, R. 1

BARRET, B. G., Maxwell, Gardner, R. 1

BARRET, F. P., Maxwell, Gardner, R. 1

BARSCHDORF, H., Ford, Morris, R. 2

BECK, John, Ford, Gardner, R. 2

BELL, Jas., Buick, Morris, R. 6

BELLM, H., Stoddard, Morris, R. 2

BENNETT, L. W., Cadillac, Verona, R. 1

BENSON, B., Buick, Morris, R. 6

BENSON, E. B., Buick, Verona, R. 1

BENSON, L., Halladay, Morris, R. 6

BERKENES, P., Overland, Ransom, R. 64

BERKLAND, J., Chevrolet, Morris, R. 5

BERKLAND, L., Studebaker, Morris, R. 5

BERLICH, F., Saxon, Morris, R. 3

BERTELSEN, C., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

BEYER, Geo., Case, Verona, R. 2

BEYER, Hans, Overland, Dwight, R. 4

BEYER, N., Case, Gardner, R. 2

BIROS, Thos., Ford, Braceville, R. 1

BISKEY, Geo., Ford, Gardner, R. 1

BLAIR, G. W., Ford, Morris, R. 3

BLAIR, R. G., Ford, Morris, R. 2

BOLS, H. J.,Ford, Minooka, R. 3

BOLS, Louis, Ford, Morris, R. 2

BONNER, David, Ford, Verona, R. 2

BONNER, Jas., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

BOOKWALTERS, A., Grant, Gardner, R. 2

BOOTH, Ben D., Ford, Gardner, R. 1

BORCHART, W., Buick, Minooka, R. 2

BOTH, L. A., Inter-State, Glide and Ross, Dwight, R. 2

BOWER, L., Mitchell, Gardner, R. 1

BOYLE, Mrs. I., Reo, Morris, R. 2

BRANNACK, A., Marion, Minooka, R. 3

BRAY, Jas., Maxwell, Mazon, R. 2

BREIMER, E., Oakland, Mazon, R. 2

BREIT, Peter, Ford, Morris, R. 2

BRESSNER, F., Ford, Verona, R. 2

BRESSNER, John, Perry, Verona, R. 2

BRETZ, Phillip, Auburn, Verona, R. 1

BREWE, E.T., Studebaker, Seneca, R. 60

BRISCOE, M.J., Buick, Minooka, R. 3

BRISCOE, P. H., Chandler, Morris, R. 2

BRODERICK, Thos., Ford, Verona, R. 2

BRODERICK, Wm. H., Studebaker, Verona, R. 2

BROOKS, E.B., Sampson, Morris, R. 5

BROWN, E.W., Studebaker, Morris, R. 6

BROWN, H., Ford, Morris, R. 1

BROWN, John P., Briscoe, Morris, R. 1

BROWN, R., Franklin and Ford, Morris, R. 1

BRUNNER, Fred, Ford, Coal City, R. 1

BRUSNIGHAM, Wm., Studebaker,Gardner, R. 3

BRYANT, Duane, Ford,Verona, R. 1

BRYANT, Joe, Buick, Mazon, R. 2

BUCK, A.E., Velle and Ford, Mazon, R. 2

BUCK, C.E., Franklin, Morris, R. 3

BUCK. J.A., Buick, Morris, R. 3

BUNDY, D.O., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

BURGER, G.P., Moline, Dwight, R. 2

BURGER, Jos. J., Overland, Dwight, R. 2

BURGER, Martin G., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

BURGESS, Wm. H., Buick, Minooka

BURGWALD, H., Cadillac, Dwight, R. 4

BURGWALD, P., Oldsmobile, Verona, R. 2

BURK, G. H., Overland, Dwight, R. 2

BURKHARDT, Edw., Chevrolet, Gardner, R. 1

BURKHART, H., Studebaker, Dwight, R. 2

BURKHART, John L., Buick, Mazon, R. 1

BURKHART. Wm. M., Studebaker, Dwight, R. 2

BURNS, John, Ford, Dwight, R. 4

BURNS, P., Ford, Dwight, R. 4

BUSH, Geo., Studebaker, Dwight, R. 1

BUSH, John, Ford, Dwight, R. 1

BUSKOW, John O., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

BUTTON, M.Z., Studebaker, Mazon R. 2

CAHILL, Wm., Ford, Ransom, R. 64

CAISLEY, E.G.,Warren-Detroit, Morris, R. 5

CALHAN, R., Case and Ford, Seneca

CAMPBELL, J.D., Ford, Coal City, R. 1

CAREY, R., Buick, Kinsman, R. 1

CARKUFF, C.E., Ford, Morris, R. 1

CARLON, H., Reo, Morris, R. 5

CARLON, W.,Willys-Knight, Kinsman, R. 1

CASHEN, M., Studebaker, Verona, R. 1

CARTER, Frank B., Chevrolet, Mazon, R. 1

CARTER, M., Ford, Mazon, R. 1

CARTER, Wm. H., Studebaker, Mazon, R. 1

CHRISTOPHER, A., Overland, Gardner, R. 1

CIMA, Mike, Ford, Gardner, R. 3

CLAUDE, J. J., Ford, Morris, R. 3

Page 185

CLAUSON, M., Buick, Morris, R. 3

CLAYPOOL, Dan, Overland, Morris, R. 5

CLAYTON, Geo., Overland, Morris, R. 2

CLENNON, J.P., Overland, Minooka, R. 3

CLENNON, Mrs. T., Hudson, Minooka, R. 3

CLIFFORD, B., Auburn, Kinsman, R. 2

CLITHERO, W.T., Chevrolet, Mazon, R. 1

CLUSTER Bros., Overland, Morris, R. 4

CLUSTER, Jos., Overland, Morris, R. 4

COLE, Henry, Ford, Mazon, R. 3

COLLINS, C., Oakland, Morris, R. 4

COLLINS, C.G., Winton and Ford, Morris, R. 2

COLLINS, F., Stutz, Morris, R. 1

COLMAN, C.S., Overland, Mazon, R. 2

COLMAN, Guy, Studebaker, Verona, R. 1

COLMAN, H.J., Studebaker, Mazon, R. 2

COLMAN, W.T., Studebaker, Verona, R. 1

COMERFORD, Thos., Overland and Buick Truck, Minooka, R. 2

CONNERY, E.R., Ford, Morris, R. 1

CONSTANTINE, Edw., Overland, Dwight, R. 2

CONSTANTINE, Mrs. M., Overland, Dwight,. R. 2

COOK, Ed., Studebaker, Morris, R. 3

COOP, Erwin, Jeffery, Minooka, R. 2

COOP, Frank, Jeffery, Morris, R. 2

COOP, Fred, Buick, Morris, R. 2

COOP, Ray, Buick, Morris, R. 2

COOPER, A.B., Chevrolet, Verona, R. 1

COOPER, F.H., Ford, Wilmington, R. 3

COPP, J.H., Ford, Seneca, R. 61

CORAH, F.F., Ford, Morris, R. 5

COSGROVE, J. W., Buick, Morris, R. 5

COTTON, C.H., Chevrolet, Coal City, R. 1

COUGHLIN, C.D., Ford, Kinsman

COUGHLIN, C.J., Dodge, Kinsman, R. 1

COVELL, Frank, Ford, Verona, R. 1

COVENY, J.V., Ford, Verona, R. 2

COVENY, L., Ford, Verona, R. 2

COVENY, Wm., Dodge, Verona, R. 2

COYNE, M. D., Halladay, Morris, R. 3

CRAIG, J.S., Ford and Hupmobile, Morris, R. 2

CRAIN, J. H., Buick Six, Morris, R. 4

CROFT, Frank, Ford, Morris, R. 5

CROFT, W. H., Oldsmobile, Morris, R. 3

CROMWELL, Thos., Ford, Mazon, R.D.

CREWES, Jas., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

CRYDER, E.G., Buick (3), Morris, R. 6

CRYDER, Ed. T., Buick, Morris, R. 6

CRYDER, F.A., Buick, Minooka, R. 2

CRYER, Albert G., Ford, Morris, R. 5

CRYER, D. J., Dodge, Morris, R. 5

CURTIN, John, Maxwell, Gardner, R. 3

CUSHING, F.T., Ford, Morris, R. 1

CUSHING, J.S., Overland, Coal City, R. 1

CUSICK, John, Ford, Dwight, R. 4

DALLEY, W.F., Reo, Morris, R. 1

DANIELSON, M., Studebaker, Morris, R. 6

DANIHER, Wm., Ford, Kinsman

DARBY, S.C., Overland, Seneca, R. 61

DAVIDSON, R. M.J., Ford, Morris, R. 2

DAVIES, K.S., Buick, Verona, R. 2

DAVIES, L.S., Buick, Mazon, R. 1

DAVIES. W. E., Apperson, Mazon, R. 1

DAVIS, John J., Ford, Morris, R. 5

Page 186

DAVY, Thos. H., Ford, Braceville, R. 1

DEAN, Geo., Overland, Minooka, R. 2

DECKER, H. E., Ford, Morris, R. 3

DeGRUSH, Forrest, Mitchell, Morris, R. 5

DENKER, Aug., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

DEVANEY, Frank, Maxwell, Seneca, R. 1

DEWEY, Chas., Chevrolet, Mazon, R. 1

DEWEY, Marion, Overland, Mazon, R. 2

DICKMAN, A., Chevrolet, Morris, R. 5

DILLAN, Wm., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

DINGMAN, E.P., Cadillac and Ford, Morris, R. 3

DIRKER, A., Ford, Morris, R. 1

DITTUS, Wm., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

DIX, E.L., Oakland and Chevrolet, Verona, R. 2

DOLAN, Jas., Imperial, Mazon, R. 2

DOLAN, Wm., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

DOSKEY, Jos., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

DRANSFELDT, Fred, Ford, Verona, R. 2

DRECHSEL, H., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

DRINAN, P., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

DRINAN, T., Chevrolet, Kinsman, R. 1

DUDGEON, I., Hullmobile and Everett, Morris, R. 1

DURKEE, A.H., Ford, Morris

DUSKY, J.L., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

EASTON, R.J., Ford, Gardner, R. 1

EGAN, B.J., Franklin, Seneca, R. 60

EIDE, Edw., Ford, Gardner, R. 7

ELTERVOOG, H., Ford, Morris, R. 3

ELY, J.M., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

ENERVOLD, J., Overland, Morris, R. 6

ENGER, Knut, Buick, Morris, R. 2

ENGER, Ole, Ford, Minooka, R. 2

ERICKSON, Ed, Hupmobile, Morris, R. 4

ERICKSON, N.E., Ford, Gardner, R. 3

ERICKSON, Peter, Ford, Gardner, R. 3

ERICKSON, S., Ford, Morris, R. 6

ERICKSON, Thor., Ford, Morris, R. 6

ESGER, W.J., Willys Six, Verona, R. 1

ESTENSEN, G., Buick, Morris, R. 6

FARRELL, J. L., Ford, Verona, R. 2

FEENY, A., Chandler, Minooka, R. 3

FELLINGHAM, C. H., Franklin, Verona, R. 1

FELLINGHAM, John, Reo, Verona, R. 2

FELLINGHAM, Lew, Ford, Mazon, R. 1

FINCH, C.A., Buick, Verona, R. 2

FINCH, F. H., Studebaker (2), Verona, R. 1

FINCH, John G., Oakland, Verona, R. 1

FINCH, W. J., Studebaker, Verona, R. 1

FLATNESS, R.T., Overland, Morris, R. 3

FOESTERLING, C. P., Studebaker, Dwight, R. 2

FOESTERLING, G. H., Studebaker, Dwight, R. 2

FOSTER, W.C., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

FOSTER, W.S., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

FRANCISCO, Frank, Overland, Gardner, R. 3

FUNK, A., Dodge, Kinsman, R. 2

FUNK, Geo., Oakland, Dwight, R. 4

GANTZERT, E., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

GANTZERT, Fred, Ford, Dwight, R. 1

GAVIN, Thos., Haynes, Gardner, R. 3

GAY, W.A., Oldsmobile, Morris, R. 5

GILL, John, Buick and Reo, Reddick, R. 1

GILLESPIE, W., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

GILLETT, F. L., Chevrolet, Dwight, R. 4

GINGERICH, P. G., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

GLASGOW, Henry, Buick, Gardner, R. 3

GLASGOW, W. R., Overland, Braceville, R. 1

GLENN, C., Ford, Verona, R. 2

GLENN, J. H., Buick, Verona, R. 2

GLENN, R. J., Ford, Verona, R. 1

GONNAM, Wm., Ford, Verona, R. 1

GOOD, Thos. E., Buick, Morris, R. 2

GORE, Arthur, Jeffery, Morris, R. 4

GORHAM, Harry, Cole Eight, Verona, R. 1

GORHAM, H. G., Mitchell, Verona, R. 1

GOSS, J. G. A., Chalmers, Morris, R. 5

GRANVILLE, A. T., Buick, Morris, R. 4

GREER, H. E., Allen, Morris, R. 5

GRIEFF, Fred, Ford, Gardner, R. 2

GRIGGS, Geo., Overland, Morris, R. 6

GRINTER, A., Studebaker, Gardner, R. 1

GROVE, W. A., Reo, Morris, R. 5

GRUSH, A., Herffbrooks, Dwight, R. 1

GUARD, Joe, Willys-Knight, Morris, R. 5

GUENE, A. C., Ford and Saxon, Morris, R. 2

GUEST, H. M., Ford, Reddick

GUEST, O. J. & H. M., Ford, Reddick, R. 1

HADDEN, W. M., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

HAGEN, Silas, Buick, Morris, R. 6

HAHN, E. P., Oakland, Kinsman, R. 1

HAHN, Geo., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

HAHN, H. L., Overland, Dwight, R. 2

HAHN, John A., Buick, Dwight, R. 2

HAHN, Karl, Ford, Dwight, R. 2

HALE, Geo. E., Ford, Morris, R. 2

HALL, G. H., Buick, Minooka, R. 2

HALPIN, Jas. E., Studebaker, Gardner, R. 3

HALTON, Wm., Ford, Verona, R. 1

HAMSEH, C. W., Studebaker, Wilmington, R. 3

HANLEY, W. P., Ford, Verona, R. 1

HANSEN, C., Ford, Gardner, R. 3

HANSEN, Geo., Dodge, Morris

HANSEN, Louis, Regal, Gardner, R. 1

HANSEN, Nels, Ford, Gardner, R. 3

HANSEN, S., Maxwell, Gardner, R. 1

HANSON, P. O., Ford, Verona, R. 2

HARFORD, Fred, Ford, Verona, R. 1

HARPER, R., Ford, Morris, R. 5

HARPER, Wm., Ford, Verona, R. 1

HARTY, D. E., Ford, Ransom, R. 64

HARTY, T. J., Overland, Kinsman, R. 1

HEEP, Albert, Buick, Minooka, R. 2

HELGEVALD, A., Buick Six, Morris, R. 4

HENKER, F., Mitchell, Minooka, R. 3

HIGGINS, T. J., Buick, Morris, R. 1

HILL, Frank J., Overland, Gardner

HILL, Lewis L., Studebaker, Gardner, R. 2

HILL, Nels, Overland, Dwight, R. 2

HILL, Thos., Oakland, Mazon, R. 2

HINTZE, Fred, Ford, Morris, R. 5

HOBERG, A., Maxwell, Dwight, R. 4

HOBERG, Mat, Buick, Dwight, R. 4

HOFFMAN, John, Ford, Dwight, R. 2

HOFFMAN, Geo., Hudson, Dwight, R. 2

HOFFMAN, Martin, Buick, Dwight, R. 2

HOFFMAN, Wm., Studebaker, Dwight, R. 2

HOGE, A. E., Jeffery, Morris, R. 4

HOGE, B., Ford, Morris, R. 2

HOGE, E. S., Jeffery and Ford, Morris, R. 3

Page 187

HOGE, Fred J., Oakland, Morris, R. 4

HOGE, H.S., Reo and Ford, Morris, R. 4

HOGE, Wm. M., Cadillac, Morris, R. 1

HOHENSHELL, F., Ford, Verona, R. 1

HOHENSHELL, P., Ford, Verona, R. 1

HOLDERMAN, F.J., Ford, Seneca

HOLLAND, E.C., Jeffery, Morris, R. 6

HOLLARAN, M., Ford, Morris, R. 1

HOLLENBECK, B., Overland, Morris, R. 5

HOLLENBECK, C., Velie, Verona, R. 1

HOLLENBECK, F. E., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

HOLLENBECK, J. E., Ford, Morris, R. 3

HOLLENBECK, W. M., Ford, Morris, R. 6

HOLLMEYER, L. H., Studebaker and Ford, Gardner, R. 1

HOLROYD, L., Haynes, Morris, R. 5

HORNBERGER, J. M., Maxwell, Gardner, R. 1

HORTON, Edw. G., Ford, Dwight, R. 4

HOUBERG, Aaron, Studebaker, Gardner, R. 2

HOUGH, Frank, Jackson, Mazon, R. 2

HOUGH, H.L., Buick, Mazon, R.D.

HOWLAND, W.D., Ford, Gardner, R. 3

HUME, A.W., Case, Morris, R. 5

HUME, B.J., Ford, Morris, R. 5

HUME, C.E., Ford, Morris, R. 5

HUME, H.S., Buick, Morris, R. 5

HUNT, R.R., Buick, Morris, R. 1

HUNT, Frank, Overland, Morris, R. 6

HUNT, H.G., Buick, Morris, R. 5

HUNT, H.J., Chalmers, Coal City, R. 1

HUSTON, R.H., Buick, Gardner, R. 3

HUSTON, R.A., Dodge, Braceville, R. 1

HUTCHINGS, E. A., Buick, Morris, R. 2

HUTCHINGS, Jas., Ford, Morris, R. 1

HUTSINPILLER, H.J., Buick,Morris, R. 4

INGOLD, Guy, Ford, Mazon, R. 2

ISBAM, E., Haynes, Mazon, R. 2

ISHAM, E.B., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

ISHAM, G., Haynes, Mazon

ISHAM, H.E., Ford, Mazon, R. 1

JACKMAN, Edw. M., Overland, Gardner, R. 2

JACKSON, John, Studebaker, Mazon, R. 2

JACKSON, W., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

JACOBSGUARD, N., Ford, Gardner, R. 3

JACOBSON, Benj., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

JACOBSON, B., Ford, Morris, R. 6

JAUMOTTE, Omer, Ford, Mazon, R. 2

JELM, Wm. E., Overland, Seneca, R. 19

JENSEN, Chris A., Ford, Dwight, R. 4

JOHNSON, Albert, Reo, Morris, R. 3

JOHNSON, A., Buick, Morris, R. 3

JOHNSON, Clark, Ford, Morris, R. 5

JOHNSON, Earl D., Buick, Mazon, R. 1

JOHNSON, Mrs. E., Maxwell, Morris, R. 4

JOHNSON, E.B., Kissel, Verona

JOHNSON, E.D., Reo, Morris, R. 5

JOHNSON, Geo. G., Ford, Morris, R. 6

JOHNSON, G.E., Overland, Morris, R. 6

JOHNSON, Halver, Overland and Ford, Morris, R. 6

JOHNSON, Henry, Ford, Gardner, R. 2

JOHNSON, H. E., Oakland, Morris, R. 6

JOHNSON, H. R., Buick, Morris, R. 6

JOHNSON, J.S., Ford, Seneca, R. 60

JOHNSON, John W., Reo and Ford, Morris, R. 5

Page 188

JOHNSON, M.P., Overland, Morris, R. 3

JOHNSON, O., Velie, Morris, R. 4

JOHNSON, R. W., Ford, Morris, R. 5

JOHNSON, Scott H., Chalmers, Morris, R. 5

JOHNSON, Stene, Ford, Morris, R. 6

JORDAN, P.W., Ford, Mazon, R. 1

JORSTAD, Bro., Ford, Morris, R. 4

KAMM, H., Overland, Dwight, R. 2

KERAN, Tom, Ford, Verona, R. 2

KELLY, J.W., Buick, Minooka, R. 2

KEPPLINGER, C., Mitchell, Dwight, R. 2

KETCHAN, Wm., Buick, Minooka, R. 2

KILMER, A.T., Overland, Verona, R. 2

KILMER, Walter, Ford and Buick, Dwight, R. 2

KIME, S.M., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

KLEIMAIER, S., Overland, Morris, R. 3

KOCH, John, Chevrolet, Reddick, R. 1

KONRAD, R., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

KROGELAND, M., Ford, Dwight, R. 4

KRUG, C., Buick, Gardner, R. 1

KRUG, Edw., Ford, Gardner, R. 1

KRUG, Fred, Case, Gardner, R. 2

KRUG, William C., Cartercar and Ford, Mazon, R. 1

LAASE, Walter, Ford, Dwight, R. 2

LANIER, Jesse, Ford, Morris, R. 5

LANIER, R.H., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

LARSON, Edw., Buick, Morris, R. 4

LARSON, Jena, Overland, Gardner, R. 1

LARSON, Wm. H., Ford, Morris, R. 2

LAUCH, Wm. R., Chevrolet, Gardner

LAURIDSEN, L., Overland, Gardner, R. 3

LERETTE, E.J., Jeffery, Morris, R. 4

LEWIS, W. T., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

LIPPOLD, Fred, Overland, Gardner, R. 2

LOWREY, Albert, Ford, Dwight, R. 4

LOWREY, Geo., Overland, Kinsman

LUCAS, J.F., Saxon, Morris, R. 1

LUTGOW, Wm. S., Elgin Six, Aux Sable, R. 2

LYONS, C.L., Oakland, Morris, R. 1

MAHAFFEY, Wm., Jr., Ford, Kinsman

MAHER Bros., Paige and Ford, Gardner, R. 2

MADISON, A.B., Ford, Mazon, R. 1

MADISON, O.W., Ford, Mazon, R. 1

MADSEN, H.P., Ford, Morris, R. 1

MAHON, Freeman, Velie, Morris. R. 5

MAHON, Jas., Oakland, Morris, R. 1

MAHONEY, D. B., Ford, Seneca, R. 1

MAIER, Edw., Overland, Seneca, R. 61

MAIER, Geo., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

MAIER, Jerome, Ford, Verona, R. 1

MAIER, John, Buick and Ford, Verona, R. 1

MAIER, Walter I., Ford, Verona, R. 1

MALAND, Benj. T., Cole, Morris, R. 4

MALLANEY, Mike, Ford, Seneca, R. 61

MALMQUIST. F., Ford, Verona, R. 1

MANNING, David, Auburn, Seneca, R. 61

MARSHALL, E.R., Ford, Morris, R. 3

MARTA, D., Ford, Coal City, R. 1

MARTIN Bros., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

MARTIN, R., Marion, Morris, R. 5

MARSHALL, E.R., Ford, Morris, R. 3

MARSHALL, Geo. W. Ford, Morris, R. 6

MASCHING, Geo., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

MASON, J.E., Chevrolet, Mazon, R. 2

MATHISEN, Knut, Apperson, Gardner, R. 2

MATHISON, M.P., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

MATTESON, C., Pathfinder, Morris, R. 6

MATTESON, C.C., Cadillac, Morris, R. 6

MATTESON, E. J., Buick, Morris, R. 4

MATTESON, E.W., Hudson Super, Morris, R. 2

MATTESON, Lee, Buick, Morris, R. 3

MATTESON, S.J., Chandler, Morris, R. 6

MATTESON, Wm., Buick, Morris, R. 2

MATTON, G.A., Briscoe, Morris, R. 4

MCCABE, Mrs. J., Oakland, Verona

MCCAMBRIDGE, D., Overland, Verona, R. 2

MCCARTHY, D.J., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

MCCARTY, H.J., Ford, Verona, R. 1

MCCORMICK, John, Buick, Kinsman, R. 1

MCDONAL, Chas., Halladay, Gardner

MCEVILLY Bros., Marion, Minooka, R. 1

MCEVILLY, Jas., Overland, Minooka, R. 3

MCGILL, E.C., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

MCGINNIS, Frank, Ford, Braceville, R. 1

MCGUAN, Ed., Ford, Morris, R. 5

MCGUAN, G.A., Saxon, Morris, R. 5

MCINTOSH, G., Ford, Morris, R. 5

MCLAUGHLIN, P. T., Ford, Morris, R. 5

MCLINDEN, A.J., Buick, Minooka, R. 3

MCLUCKIE, Robt., Reo, Coal City, R. 1

MCNELLES, Ed., Mitchell, Morris, R. 3

MEADORS, Thos., Ford, Verona, R. 2

MEADS, F.J., Ford, Minooka, R. 2

MELBOURN, S., Ford, Morris, R. 1

MELTON, A. G., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

MENAUGH Bros., Chevrolet, Gardner, R. 1

MILLER, A.B., Studebaker, Morris, R. 1

MILLER, Fred, Ford, Dwight, R. 4

MILLER, G.B., Overland, Coal City, R. 1

MISENER, A.H., Imperial and Ford, Mazon, R. 1

MISENER, I. N. & Son, Studebaker, Mazon, R. 1

MISENER, J.F., Chalmers, Mazon, R. 1

MOLLERSKOY, S., Ford, Dwight, R. 4

MOLONEY, Jas., Dodge, Reddick, R. 2

MOSSON, H., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

MONSON, N.H., Overland and Maxwell, Gardner, R. 2

MOON, C. H., Packard, Morris, R. 5

MOONEY, L.A., Moline, Mazon, R. 1

MORRIS, John, Studebaker, Braceville, R. 1

MORRIS, W. H., Overland, Mazon, R. 2

MORRISEY, Thos. J., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

MORSE, Wm., Maxwell, Dwight, R. 2

MORTVEDT, Ed., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

MORTVEDT, H., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

MUFFLER, H., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

MUFFLER, Joe, Overland, Seneca, R. 61

MULERA, J., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

MULHALL, C., Hudson, Morris, R. 1

MULVANIE, Jas., Dodge, Verona, R. 1

MURRAY, F. A. & Son, Moline and Ford, Mazon, R. 1

NARETTO, Mike, Ford, Gardner, R. 3

NELSON, Ivor G., Chevrolet, Gardner, R. 1

NELSON, Jens, Ford, Gardner, R. 2

NELSON, John, Studebaker, Gardner, R. 1

NELSON, John S., Stoddard Dayton, Morris, R. 3

Page 189

NELSON, Louis, Parry, Gardner, R. 1

NELSON, Louis C., Studebaker, Gardner, R. 2

NELSON, L.E., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

NELSON, N.A., Ford, Morris, R. 5

NELSON, O.N., Buick, Morris, R. 4

NESS, J.L., Moline, Morris, R. 3

NEVILLE, N., Pathfinder, Dwight, R. 2

NEVILLE, Thos., Buick, Dwight, R. 2

NEWMAN, Hugh, Ford, Verona, R. 1

NEWPORT, G.E., Winton, Verona, R. 1

OLSEN, L. H., Overland, Morris, R. 6

OLSON, Joe, Studebaker, Minooka, R. 3

OLSON, John G., Overland, Morris, R. 4

OLSON, R., Overland, Gardner, R. 2

OLSON, Sam, Apperson, Gardner, R. 2

OLSON, Tenes, Buick, Morris, R. 3

OLSON, T.B., Buick, Morris, R. 4

OLSON, W., Ford, Morris, R. 3

O'MALLEY, F., Auburn, Verona, R. 1

O'MALLEY, J.P., Buick, Seneca, R. 61

ONDESCO, Geo., Ford, Gardner, R. 1

ONEILL, Wm., Reo, Dwight, R. 4

ONSEN, A., Chevrolet, Coal City, R. 1

ONSEN, O., Chevrolet, Coal City, R. 1

OSBORN, Wm., Packard and Ford, Morris, R. 1

OSMANSON, Ole, Jeffery, Morris, R. 4

OSMUNDSON, M. J., Ford, Morris, R. 6

OSMUNDSON, Theo., Ford, Morris, R. 6

OSWOOD, C.W., Cartercar, Morris, R. 4

OSWOOD, Edw., Cartercar, Morris, R. 4

OSWOOD, Geo., Mercedes, Morris, R. 3

OSWOOD, Jos. Jr., Stutz, Morris, R. 4

OTTO, Oscar, Ford, Morris, R. 6

PALMATEER, F., Ford, Coal City, R. 1

PARKER, T.S., Ford, Morris, R. 5

PARR, A. A., Ford, Seneca

PAYNE, John, Ford, Mazon, R. 2

PEACOCK, Alfred, Marion, Morris, R. 3

PEACOCK, Ed. H., Ford, Morris, R. 1

PEACOCK, I. D., Ford, Morris, R. 3

PEACOCK, John S. Jr., Buick, Morris, R. 2

PEACOCK, Robt., Buick, Morris, R. 2

PEART, J.P., Reo, Coal City, R. 1

PEART, J.M., Overland, Coal City, R. 1

PERRY, Geo., Ford, Morris, R. 1

PETERSEN, Peter, Ford, Gardner, R. 1

PETERSON, Edwin, Buick, Morris, R. 6

PETERSON, Eli F., Elgin Six, Morris, R. 6

PETERSON, Elias S., Ford, Minooka, R. 2

PETERSON, S.N., Apperson, Minooka, R. 2

PETERSON, Thos., Buick and Ford, Morris, R. 6

PETIE, L., Apperson, Gardner, R. 2

PETIE, S., Overland, Garfield, R. 2

PFEIFER, Wm., Mitchell, Dwight, R. 2

PHELAN, Wm. V., Buick, Kinsman, R. 1

PHILLIPS, Jesse, Reo, Morris

PHILLIPS, Reo, Coal City, R. 1

PHILLIPS, O., Ford, Morris, R. 6

PHILLIPS, W., Everett, Morris, R. 1

PHILLIPS, Wm., Buick, Morris, R. 1

Page 190

PODLESRY, A., Ford, Coal City, R. 1

PORTER, J.W., Ford, Verona, R. 1

PRINDEVILLE, Mrs. K., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

PYLE, Elton E., Buick, Morris, R. 1

QUIGLEY, Wm. II, Buick, Morris, R. 1

RAGAN, Dan, Ford, Verona, R. 2

RAGAN, John, Ford, Verona, R. 2

RANDALL, H. C., Cole, Minooka, R. 3

RANN, Jas., Ford, Verona, R. 2

RANSLEY, W.J., Overland, Verona

RASMUSSON, K. A., Overland, Morris, R. 3

READER, W.A., Overland, Mazon, R. 1

REAY, M., Ford, Morris

REEDY, P., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

REEL, Jas., Overland, Gardner, R. 3

REEVES, Edw., Ford and Cole, Morris, R. 5

REINLASODER Bros., Ford, Mazon, R. 1

REINLASODER, J., Ford, Dwight, R. 4

RENIFF, H. G., Ford, Morris, R. 5

RENNE, Mrs. M., Ford, Seneca, R. 61

RENNER, John G., Willys-Knight, Dwight, R. 3

RICH, Geo. H., Dodge, Morris, R. 6

RIDGWAY, Geo., Chevrolet, Morris, R. 4

RIDGWAY, H. A., Hupmobile, Morris, R. 4

RIDINGS, W. A., Stevens, Morris, R. 5

RIEKE, A. R., Studebaker, Reddick, R. 2

ROEDER, B., Ford, Gardner, R. 1

ROGERS, C., Saxon, Morris, R. 1

ROOST, M., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

ROSENDAHL, Geo., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

ROSENDAHL, Gust, Buick, Kinsman, R. 1

ROSENDAHL, John, Mitchell, Morris, R. 5

ROSENDAHL, Robt., Chevrolet, Kinsman, R. 1

ROSENDAHL, S., Ford, Morris, R. 5

ROSS, E., Marian, Morris, R. 3

ROSS, John, Ford, Ransom, R. 64

ROTH, A., Buick, Minooka, R. 2

ROTHLISBERGER, Wm., Buick, Coal City, R. 1

RYAN, Oscar, Studebaker, Morris, R. 1

RYAN, Mrs. P. M., Reo, Braceville, R. 1

RYAN, W.D., Oldsmobile, Coal City

RYDER, J., Overland, Morris, R. 1

RYEN, Thos., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

SADLER, H.D., Ford, Verona, R. 1

SAMPSON, Alfred, Cartercar, Morris, R. 2

SAMPSON, Geo., Overland, Morris, R. 6

SAMPSON, H. S., Buick, Morris, R. 6

SAMPSON, H. H., Chandler, Morris, R. 6

SAMPSON, Noble, Overland, Morris, R. 6

SAND, E.C., Paige, Seneca, R. 60

SANDENO, Thos., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

SANDENO, T.S., Studebaker, Gardner, R. 2

SANDENO, Wm., Maxwell, Gardner, R. 2

SANDERS, Will, Ford, Morris, R. 1

SANDERS, Will, Ford, Coal City, R. 1

SAVAGE, Jas., Kissell, Reddick, R. 2

SAYERS, Jos., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

SCHOFIELD, Willis, Buick, Mazon, R. 2

SCHROEDER, H.A., Overland, Gardner, R. 1

SCHROELBERGER, C., Overland, Gardner, R. 2

SCHULTZ, Wm., Ford, Carbon Hills

SEBBY, Oscar, Dodge, Morris, R. 3

SEVERNS, H., Ford, Seneca

SEVERSON, John, Overland, Verona, R. 2

SEVERSON, S., Oakland, Verona, R. 2

SEVERSON, Severt, Halladay, Gardner, R. 2

SHARK, A.J., Ford, Minooka, R. 3

SHEEHAN, B. J., Buick, Verona, R. 1

SHIELD, John S., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

SILKE, Jas. F., Ford, Mazon, R. 1

SIMANTEL, C., Oakland and Ford, Dwight, R. 2

SIMANTEL, Emil, Inter-State, Dwight, R. 2

SIMANTEL, John, Buick, Dwight, R. 2

SINCLAIR, E.S., Ford, Mazon, R. 2

SINCLAIR, Fred, Ford, Dwight, R. 2

SISK, Wm., Ford, Kinsman

SJOSTROM, J.W., National, Morris, R. 3

SLATTERY, T.J., Oakland, Verona, R. 1

SMALL, A.H., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

SMALL, F., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

SMALL, J., Studebaker, Morris, R. 1

SMALL, Mrs. L., Buick, Dwight, R. 2

SMITH, D. D., Ford, Gardner, R. 3

SMITH, D.J., Chevrolet, Verona, R. 1

SMITH, Hans, Ford, Gardner, R. 1

SMITH, R.A., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

SMITH, S., Ford, Gardner, R. 1

SOHAN, J.E., Oldsmobile, Morris, R. 4

SOKOLOWSKI, M., Chevrolet, Coal City, R. 1

SORENSEN, Fred, Overland, Gardner, R. 2

SORENSON, Hans J., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

SORENSON, H.P., Overland, Dwight, R. 4

SORENSON, Mike, Overland, Gardner, R. 2

SORENSON, W., Ford, Gardner, R. 1

SOUTHARD Bros., Stoddard-Dayton, Morris, R. 1

SOUTHCOMBE, Wm. A., Studebaker, Morris, R. 6

SPILLERS, C., Ford, Mason, R. 2

SPROULL, Cliff, Krit, Morris, R. 5

STEFFENSON, S. P., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

STEINBECK, Wm. L., Ford, Morris, R. 6

STEVENS, R.E., Ford, Gardner, R. 3

STINE, F.W., Buick and R. C. H., Morris, R. 1

STILL, Chas. E., Ford, Verona, R. 2

STILL, M., Ford, Verona, R. 2

STOCKDALE, Dr. F. A., Ford, Coal City

STORM, T., Ford, Gardner, R. 3

SUTTON, J.A., Ford, Verona, R. 1

SVENDSEN, P., Ford, Morris, R. 1

SWANSON, C., Buick, Morris, R. 3

TABLER, H., Ford, Morris, R. 2

TABLER, L. W., Ford, Minooka, R. 2

TABLER, Wm., Ford, Morris, R. 2

TALTY, Thos., Ford, Verona, R. 1

TANNER, T. M., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

TESDAL, Hans, Ford, Morris, R. 4

TETER, A.R., Maxwell, Mazon, R. 2

THAYER, E.W., Ford, Morris, R. 6

THOMAS, Mrs. M. L., Chevrolet, Mazon, R. 2

THOMPSON, Chas. O., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

THOMPSON, John, Overland, Morris, R. 1

THOMPSON, L. E., Maxwell, Dwight, R. 2

THORPE, John M., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

THORSON, Bert, Hudson, Morris, R. 6

THORSON, E.L., Hupmobile, Morris, R. 4

THORSON, L.L., Hupmobile, Morris, R. 4

THORSON, Peter, Hupmobile, Morris, R. 6

Page 191

THORSON, R., Overland, Morris, R. 4

THORSON, Thos., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

THORSON, T.E., Overland, Morris, R. 4

THORSON, Thos. M., Studebaker, Morris, R. 4

THYGESEN, T., Overland, Gardner, R. 2

TOMASTICK, M., Overland, Braceville, R. 1

TORKELSON, A., Overland, Morris, R. 3

TORKESON, O., Overland, Morris, R. 4

TOWSLEY, G. E., Haynes, Morris, R. 3

TREASURE, Jas., Ford, Gardner, R. 1

TREASURE, Chas., Ford, Gardner, R. 1

TREDEMICK, Thos., Moline, Mazon, R. 2

TROLTEN, John S., Ford, Coal City

TROLTEN, Will J., Ford, Coal City, R. 1

TROXEL, F. C., Studebaker, Verona, R. 1

TWEDT, John, Maxwell, Gardner, R. 2

TYLER, Jas., Ford, Reddick, R. 1

ULLRICH, John U., Buick, Morris, R. 1

UNDERHILL, John, Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

UNDERHILL, John L., Ford, Morris, R. 6

VANDEN, F., Saxon, Morris, R. 1

VANQUALEN, H., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

VINT, M.O., Buick, Kinsman, R. 1

VINT, W. J., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

VOGEN, K., Ford, Gardner, R. 2

VOYTS, Henry, Ford, Dwight, R. 4

WAGNER, Edw., Ford, Verona, R. 2

WAKEMAN, Wm., Buick, Mazon, R. 2

WALKER, Chas., Overland, Morris, R. 2

WALKER, Edw. S., Ford, Morris

WALKER, E.W., Cadillac (2) and Ford, Mazon, R. 1

WALKER, Fred, Halladay, Morris, R. 6

WALKER, F.E., Cadillac (2) and Ford, Mazon, R. 1

WALKER, O.L., Cadillac (2) and Ford, Mazon

WALKER, O.R., Ford, Seneca, R. 1

WALKER, Thos. W., Oakland, Mazon, R. 2

WALLACE, A.M., Reo, Verona, R. 1

WALLACE, V., Allen, Morris, R. 3

WALLEY, Wm. C., Chalmers, Morris, R. 2

WALSH, J.E., Ford, Verona, R. 1

WALSH, J., Phillip, Ford, Verona

WALSH, M., Ford, Verona

WALSH, Pat, Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

WALSH, Roy, Ford, Verona, R. 1

WARD, A., Ford, Verona, R. 2

WARD, Geo., Ford, Verona, R. 1

WARD, Mrs. L., Ford, Verona, R. 1

WARD, S. W., Ford, Verona, R. 2

WARNING, C., Oakland, Morris, R. 5

WATERS, C. B., Marion, Gardner, R. 1

WATERS, E. I., Reo, Morris, R. 6

WATTERS, C. F., Buick, Mazon, R. 2

WEIR, C., Ford, Verona, R. 2

WEIR, O. H., Overland, Kinsman, R. 1

WELSH, Dennis, Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

WENNERSTROM, Aug., Reo and Ford, Verona, R. 1

WEST, Lewis, Maxwell, Gardner, R. 1

WHALEN, J., Ford, Morris, R. 3

WHEELER, V., Ford, Mazon, R. 1

WHITE, B., Studebaker, Morris, R. 5

WHITE, Jas., Ford, Morris, R. 4

WIBORG, A., Mitchell, Gardner, R. 3

WILDEY, A., Overland, Seneca, R. 60

WILDEY, A.C., Ford, Seneca, R. 60

WILDEY, H. W., Ford, Seneca, R. 60

WILKINSON, S. H., Ford, Mazon, R. 1

WILKINSON, S.R., Overland, Mazon, R. 1

WILKINSON, V.L., Ford, Mazon, R. 1

WILLIAMS, Geo. W., Stoddard-Dayton, Morris, R. 1

WILLIAMS, J. C., Buick, Morris, R. 4

WILLIAMS, J. E., Krit, Mazon, R. 1

WILLS, C., Stoddard-Dayton, Morris, R. 5

WILLS, Earl, Maxwell, Mazon, R. 2

WILLS, Jas., Buick, Mazon, R. 2

WILLS, W., Reo, Mazon, R. 2

WILSON, Chas., Ford, Gardner, R. 1

WINTERBOTTOM, R., Reo, Morris, R. 1

WINTERBOTTOM, Wm., Reo, Morris, R. 1

WIX, Martin K., Paige, Minooka, R. 2

WOOD, Henry A., Ford, Dwight, R. 2

YOUNG, F.B., Ford, Verona, R. 1

ZABEL, Fred, Ford, Dwight, R. 2

ZABEL, Louis, Oakland, Dwight, R. 2

Grundy County Tractor Owners' Directory

Name, Make, Postoffice

ADAMS, F., Heider, Gardner, R. 1

ASHTON, Jas., Jr., 8-16 Mogul, Morris, R. 4

BABCOCK, A., Waterloo Boy, Coal City, R. 1

BACHELOR, W. W., Ford, Kinsman, R. 1

BAKER, H. D., Waterloo Boy, Morris, R. 5

BARKER, J. H., Emerson-Brantingham, Mazon, R. 2

BARR, J. C., Heider, Mazon, R. 1

BARRET, F. P., Bull, Gardner, R. 1

BARRETT, B. G., Bull, Gardner, R. 1

BEASLEY, Edw., 12-25 Bates Steel Mule, Minooka, R. 3

BENNETT, L. W., 8-16 Mogul, Verona, R. 1

BENSON, E. B., Heider, Verona, R. 1

BRYANT, J., Heider, Mazon, R. 2

BUCK, J. A., 10-18 Denning, Morris, R. 3

BURGER, G. P., Waterloo Boy, Dwight, R. 2

BURGER, M. G., Waterloo Boy, Dwight, R. 2

COLLINS, C., 15-30 Rumley, Morris, R. 4

COLLINS, C. G., 15-35 Sandusky, Morris, R. 2

COLLINS, F., Big Four (35 H. P.), Morris, R. 1

CONSTANTINE, E., Waterloo Boy, Dwight, R. 1

CONSTANTINE, Mrs. M., Waterloo Boy, Dwight, R. 1

COSH, Ed., Mogul, Morris, R. 3

CROFT, F., 10-20 Mogul, Morris, R. 5

CROMWELL, T., Rock Island, Mazon

CRYDER, G. G., 8-16 Waite, Morris, R. 6

CRYDER, E. T., 8-16 Elgin Motor Co., Morris, R. 6

CUSHING, J. S., 9-18 J. I. Case, Coal City, R. 1

DENKER, Aug., Waterloo, Dwight, R. 2

DITTUS, Wm., Big Bull, Mazon, R. 2

FINCH, J. G., Moline Universal, Verona, R. 1

GLENN, J. H., Heider, Verona, R. 2

GLENN, R. J., Bull, Verona, R. 1

HARFORD, F., 10-20 Titan, Verona, R. 1

GORHAM, H., Avery, Verona, R. 1

GREENE, A. C., 8-16 Mogul, Morris, R. 2

HARTY, T. J., Minneapolis (20 H. P.), Kinsman, R. 1

HINTZE, F., Heider, Morris, R. 5

HOGE, B., 15-30 Bates Steel Mule, Morris, R. 2

HOGE, F. J., 5-12 Little Bull, Morris, R. 4

HOLLAND, E. C., Moline Universal, Morris, R. 6

HOLLENBECK, B., 8-16 Denning, Morris, R. 5

HOLLENBECK, C., Mogul (H. C. 16), Verona

HOLLMEYER, L. H., Heider, Gardner, R. 1

INGOLD, Guy, Waterloo Boy, Mazon, R. 2

ISHAM, E., Bates Steel Mule (Joliet Tractor Co.), Mazon, R. 2

JOHNSON, G. G., 6-12 I. H. C., Morris, R. 6

JOHNSON, H. E., 10-20 Titan, Morris, R. 6

KILMER, W., Reeves (20 H. P.), Dwight, R. 2

KONRAD, R., Waterloo, Dwight, R. 2

KRUG, W. C., Rumley, Mazon, R. 1

LEWIS, W. T., Heider, Mazon, R. 2

MADISON, A. B., Heider, Mazon, R. 1

MADISON, O. W., Heider, Mazon, R. 1

MAIER, E., Bates Steel Mule, Seneca, R. 61

MAIER, Geo., 10-20 Titan, Kinsman, R. 1

MAIER, J., Titan, Verona, R. 1

MALMQUIST, F., Fairbanks Morse, Verona, R. 1

MARTA, D., 10-18 Denning, Coal City, R. 1

MATTESON, E. W., 15-30 Bates Steel Mule, Morris, R. 2

MATTESON, S. J., 8-16 Mogul, Morris, R. 6

MATTESON, Wm., 15-20 Bates Steel Mule, Morris, R. 2

McDONALD, Chas., 15-30 Rumley, Gardner

McLUCKIE, R., Bates Steel Mule, Coal City, R. 1

MENAUGH Bros., Bull, Gardner, R. 1

MONSON, H., 12-20 Heider, Gardner, R. 2

MONSON, M. H., 8-16 Mogul, Gardner, R. 2

MORRIS, John, Bates Steel Mule, Braceville, R. 1

MORSE, W., Waterloo, Dwight, R. 2

MULHALL, C., 10-20 Titan, Morris, R. 1

NESS, J. L., 8-16 Mogul, Morris, R. 3

NEVILLE, T., Bull, Dwight, R. 2

ONDESCO, G., Bull, Gardner, R. 1

PFEIFER, Wm., Mogul, Dwight, R. 2

REEVES, E., 12-20 Heider, Morris, R. 5

RIEKE, A. R., 10-20 Case, Reddick, R. 2

ROEDER, B., 10-20 Parrett, Gardner, R. 1

ROSENDAHL, J., 8-16 Mogul, Morris, R. 5

ROSENDAHL, S., 8-16 Mogul, Morris, R. 5

SAMPSON, H. S., Titan, Morris, R. 6

SCHOFIELD, W., Titan, Mazon, R. 2

SEVERSON, S., 8-16 Mogul, Gardner, R. 2

SHEEHAN, B. J., Denning, Verona, R. 1

SJORSTROM, J. W., 12-20 Emerson-Brantingham, Morris, R. 3

SMALL, J., 30-60 International, Morris, R. 4

SMITH, D. J., Moline Universal (6 H. P.), Verona, R. 1

STEINBECK, W. L., Elgin, Morris, R. 6

TETER, A. R., Heider, Mazon, R. 2

THAYER, E. W., 8-16 Waite, Morris, R. 6

THOMAS, Mrs. M. L., 10-20 Heider, Mazon, R. 2

THOMPSON, C. O., 10-18 Denning, Dwight, R. 2

THOMPSON, L. E., Bull, Dwight, R. 2

THORPE, John M., Bull, Dwight, R. 2

THORSON, E. L., Avery, Morris, R. 4

THORSON, L. L., 36-60 Avery, Morris, R. 4

THORSON, T. M., Reeves Threshing Outfit, Morris, R. 4

TOMASTICK, M., Bates Steel Mule, Braceville, R. 1

VINT, M. O., J. I. Case Steam, Kinsman, R. 1

WALKER, E. W., Avery, Mazon, R. 1

WALKER, F. E., Avery, Mazon, R. 1

WALKER, O. L., 12-25 Avery, Mazon

WALLEY, W. C., Avery (18 H. P.) Undermounted

WALSH, J. Philip, Bull, Verona

WATERS, E. I., 15-35 Sandusky, Morris, R. 6

WHEELER, V., Bull, Mazon, R. 1

WHITE, B., 10-20 I. H. C., Morris, R. 5

WILKINSON, S. H., Bates Steam Mule, Mazon, R. 1

WILLS, Jas., Heider, Mazon, R. 2

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