Surname Researchers in Grundy County Illinois

The following individual researchers have requested that we place their surname and email on this website in order to exchange information with others who may be searching the same surname in Grundy County IL. To add your name to this list simply leave a comment below providing the surnames of the people you are researching who at some point in time resided in Grundy County. We will periodically update this list with those comments below, deleting the comment.

(Ira) Baker – Kathleen Groll

Bargo – Cynthia Kern

Beystehner – Tom Jorgenson

Blake – Dan Page

Briscoe – Coleen Handlon-Shaull

Burkhart – John Halterman

Camp – Dan Page

Carpenter – Cynthia Kern

Carroll – Peggy Graham

Cashen – Coleen Handlon-Shaull

Clayton – John Halterman

Cockeram – Kathleen Groll

Crane – Terri Clemens

DeVoy – Coleen Handlon-Shaull

Dix – Shanan Anderson

Dewey – Shanan Anderson

Dorgan – Vicki Reynolds Mazur

Doss – John Halterman

Downey – Tish Downey Reich

Egan – Coleen Handlon-Shaull

Faitland – Sallie Wald

Fatlan – Sallie Wald

Fatland – Sallie Wald

Faylor – John A. Faylor

Feeney – Coleen Handlon-Shaull

Flood (Will County) – Peggy Graham

Fowler – RC Collins

Goode – John Halterman

Graham (Will County) – Peggy Graham

Griggs – Cynthia Kern

Haake – Tom Jorgenson

Handlon – Coleen Handlon-Shaull

Handwerk – Richard Handwerk

Hanni – John Halterman

Henderson – Terri Clemens

Herbert (Will County) – Peggy Graham

Hogben – Don Hagstrom

Huff – Randall Huff

Iverson – Lois Weaver

Jorgeson/Jorgensen/Jorgenson – Tom Jorgenson

Jorstad – Tamara Jorstad

Keeler – Dan Page

Kemph – Dan Page

Kinley – John Kinley

Leach – Jean Logston

Longacre – John Halterman

Martin – Dan Page

Matteson – Cynthia Kern

McGowan – Coleen Handlon-Shaull

McGovern – Coleen Handlon-Shaull

McKenna – Marge Swanson

Miller – Dan Page

Ness – John Hofmann

O’Connell – Vicki Reynolds Mazur

Peacock – Cynthia Kern

Perry – Cynthia Kern

Provance – Terri Clemens

Ragan – Coleen Handlon-Shaull

Reinheimer/Rhineheimer – Tom Jorgenson

Severson – Sallie Wald

Straub – Denise Waterworth

Strivens – RC Collins

Thompson – Terri Clemens

Tinan – Marge Swanson

Tinsman – Kathleen Groll

Walter – Therese

Waterworth – Denise Waterworth

Winnemore – Kathleen Groll



  1. Wendy higgins

    I am searching the Kepplinger family. Some are buried in the Goodfarm Cemetery, Grundy Illinois. I am looking for Matilda (King or Koenig ) Kepplinger, late wife of J. Christ Kepplinger. I believe she died in 1883, born 1856. She would be th mother of my great grandfather Herman Atto or Otto Kepplinger. I can find her nowhere. I wonder if she is located the Goodfarm cemetery. it is said she was laid with her 4 months old infant. I don’t know if it correct.

  2. Hudson

    I am searching for information on my great grandfather who according to
    his obituary lived in Grundy County, Saratoga Township, Illinois from 1870-1883.
    His name was Austin Thomas Hudson. He is noted on the 1880 census as a boarder
    and his occupation is farm hand. He was on the S. Dawson farm. That is all I know
    about his time in Illinois. He moved to Minnesota in 1883. Nancy Fisch


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